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Wednesday, September 20, 2006 

How Nightwing escaped death

I'm really surprised here. Newsarama (via Titans Tower Monitor) has an article up about how the very same writers who wouldn't come to the defense of Sue Dibny, Jean Loring, and perhaps most importantly of all, Stephanie Brown, actually stood up for Dick Grayson:
Q: Why didn’t you kill Nightwing in Infinite Crisis?

Waid: Because Geoff Johns and I took turns holding a big club over Dan once we learned he wanted too.

Perez: And speaking for guys who actually earn residuals off of Nightwing, we like him too.

Q: Why was it even considered?

Waid: Yeah Dan, why?

Wayne: And don’t say again, “Because Bob said it would sell.”

Busiek: Have you ever drunk a lot of Scotch? Dan has.

Waid: Yeah, what has he ever done to you?

Didio: We were looking for the big death in Infinite Crisis – the big moment. We were looking for something that would have equal import and merit and weight in this story. One of the things I’ve been proven wrong about is that I had felt that Dick Grayson was a redundant character – Tim Drake had filled his role as Robin, he would never be Batman, so where could he go?

My big fear was that Nightwing would get older than Batman. The thought was that if we removed Dick form the equation that would allow Bruce Wayne to stand alone as Batman, and to firmly establish Tim Drake as Robin. So now – Marv is showing us why we like him, his place in the DC Universe, and more importantly, his potential in the DC Universe.
Other questions that could be asked include, "what have Sue, Jean and Steph ever done to you either?" And DiDio's "fear" that Nightwing would get older than Batman is laughable, and misleading as usual - comic book characters generally aren't meant to age more than need be! Man, does that man really need help.

Of course, he fails to offer any explanation why people might like Sue, Jean and Steph as well, one more reason why he only makes me yawn at his words.

More importantly though, I'm really sad to see that the reason why George and Marv, among others, would oppose Nightwing's death is because they earn residual off of his marketing. However, that could also explain why DC may have been killing off some of the characters Chuck Dixon established when he wrote Nightwing's book: because they didn't want to pay him any residuals off of them. Possible? Maybe.

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