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Thursday, April 26, 2007 

Marvel Studios sinks into dhimmitude - and traitorousness

Marvel as a comics company has been doing some very disgustingly moonbatty things lately, but what about Marvel Studios over in Hollywood? If it's under the same ownership, then they too should be ashamed of themselves for giving academic internship to members of an enemy country like the UAE:
DUBAI - Young Arab Leaders (YAL) and Marvel Studios have agreed to the first ever Hollywood academic internship alliance, according to Mohammed Khammas, the YAL UAE chapter Vice Chairman.

Marvel Studios, one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, has agreed to allow sponsored internship students interested in film studio production, directing, editing, script writing, publishing, animation, marketing and back lot associated careers to work directly under Marvel staff in the full range of industry careers.

Mohammed Khammas stated "The alliance between Young Arab Leaders and Marvel Studios marks the first of its kind in the world. From our end, this partnership is a great honor and testament to our standing in the international community. Through this agreement we will be opening great opportunities for young students and professionals in the Emirates"

"It is our objective to build capacities in a number of industries in the Arab world. The entertainment, movie, publishing and directing careers are the new wave of career interests in our region."

"H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid's Al Maktoum vision is to explore all unchartered professional territories and excel in them, and with that vision we are preparing young Arabs to be professionally trained to manage these industries from all its aspects, with this great opportunity provided by Marvel Studios and its visionary chairman David Maisel."

This Young Arab Leader's initiative is fully supported by Marvel Studio Chairman, David Maisel and the board at Marvel Entertainment who lead both the studio and publishing empire.
So Marvel's plans to build a theme park in Dubai weren't even half of the abominable news. Now, they're even giving "scholarships" to people who could just as well be agents for a country that's really an enemy? Absolutely disgusting.

And here's a little something else from Debbie for people like me to think about:
Marvel Studios chief, David Maisel--is Jewish. Apparently, he forgot about the UAE's Zayed Center--a state-run agency founded by the UAE's late leader Sheikh Zayed--which sponsored speakers and published Nazi propaganda and literature, whose central theme was that Jews and America were behind 9/11.

Hath Maisel no shame? Apparently not.
I think Avi Arad, another one of their filmmaking supervisors, also said some moonbatty things in past years that turned me off. Put another way, Maisel and Arad don't speak for me.

Already, I'm getting very angry at them, mainly because they seem to be doing this deliberately. And what happens next when this kind of corruption starts turning up in the pages of Marvel comics themselves, as could happen?

A commentor at Debbie's blog asks:
I wonder What Stan Lee who helped create Marvel Comics would say?
You know what? I think that's right. Why exactly is Stan the Man being so silent on the issue or selling out himself by not showing the guts to protest? And this was the very same company that tried to rob him, the very one who practically created much of Marvel, of his share of the profits for the first Spider-Man movie. How can he just stick to the shadows now? I realize that he's old of age, but still...

Until that can be solved, I think that any true Marvellite is going to have to search for how to contact their business sources and give them a piece of their mind on this.

Update: this article from Fortune tells that while some of the Marvel movies produced in the past nine years may have made a profit, Marvel themselves haven't made much of anything. Towards, but only circa the end, does it mention how David Maisel went to Dubai. At the beginning though, it does mention that Maisel isn't happy to talk about how much money Spider-Man 3 made, because of how Marvel actually reaped little of it. Would it be fair to say that they may have been asking for whatever they've gotten?

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