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Friday, December 14, 2007 

Brubaker is writing a series connected with the Truth miniseries

I just don't like this, considering how race-baiting The Truth: Red, Black and White was to begin with. Ed Brubaker went and spoke with Newsarama about a Young Avengers miniseries he's writing that'll focus on Patriot, the grandson of the main character who appeared in the abominable 2003 miniseries that tore down on Captain America's origins and was filled with stereotypical artwork:
Each of the issues and characters will be handled by a different creative team, with Captain America writer Ed Brubaker and artist Paco Medina tackling Elijah Bradley, the grandson of Isaiah Bradley, the black Captain America from Truth. The story catches up with Patriot after the death of Captain America, and sees the young hero searching for the Winter Soldier in the hopes of finding some guidance.
A pity that Brubaker is going out of his way to waste time on such a badly written premise. And I think I'm getting more than a little disturbed by what he says in the following:
NRAMA: We really can’t get into Elijah without touching upon Truth, the story of the “black Captain America.” It was one of the most controversial Cap stories in years – well, prior issue #25 – but in your Cap-view, is Truth consistent with how you see the larger story of Captain America within the Marvel Universe and in Cap’s history?

EB: I don't know. I'm a little conflicted about it, personally, because some of the timing of it was off, which is a nerdy complaint, I know. But I certainly have no problem with the basic idea behind the storyline, and I like Eli and his grandfather as characters. I think now that Eli has become a more prominent character in the current Marvel U, that helps make it integral to the history, actually. But, the idea that the Super Soldier Serum was tested on black soldiers first seems fairly honest with the times it was set in, even if it is controversial. Bad things were done in our history, and in the history of a lot of nations. Hell, bad things are being done right now all over the world, that we don't even want to know about, really.
Man, am I getting mad now, at how he seems to literally buy into the leftist propaganda that was used to market that awful 2003 mini. From what I researched, I cannot find anything to link the Syphilis virus study that took place in the 1930s with what the Truth miniseries claims supposedly happened during WW2. It's true that there was platoon segragation, which was humiliating and sad, but apart from that, I cannot find anything to indicate that there was literal exploitation of soldiers at the time, when a major emergency was taking place. Which leads me to point out one of the biggest problems with the Truth that Brubaker is ignoring here: that it was trying to discredit the United States for some of the good things it did, and to make it seem as though the US was what, exploiting minority groups as tools? I don't even want to think about it.

Brubaker's response here is very weak and self-conscious, and no matter how he writes this planned miniseries, he's not doing a favor for the Marvel universe and Captain America in private if he's going to go along and script something that involves a basic smear tactic. This certainly doesn't encourage me to read most of his work.

The stereotypical artwork that plagued that 2003 abomination was one of the biggest offenses about the book, and that Brubaker has nothing to say about that is what really bugs me.

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