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Saturday, December 08, 2007 

Eilis Flynn's Sonika

Every once in a while, I get a press release by e-mail, the latest being on a new publication by a former DC Comics staff member, Elizabeth (Eilis) Flynn, who's written a new comic-related e-book called Sonika. I may as well publish the press release over here:


Former DC Scripter’s “Introducing Sonika” To Be Published As A Cerridwen Press E-Book on December 13

( Seattle , WA – December 6, 2007) Fans of super-heroes -- whether in comic books, graphic novels, television, movies, or the Internet – will get a chance to meet a new super-heroine — Sonika, who can convert sound into solid form — in a new medium —E-Books — on December 13, 2007.

They’ll learn something else, too — that even super-heroes fall in love.

Sonika is actually 28-year-old Sonya Penn, a Gen Y gal working hard as a physical therapist in order to pay off the enormous medical bills that remained after her parents’ deaths. Like so many of her generation, her career has left her no time for romance. But unlike so many others like her, the medical bills she’s working hard to pay off were incurred when her super-hero parents were killed by their arch-nemesis, Gentleman Geoffrey.

Sonya could hardly know that when she met her newest client, he would not only turn out to be John Arlen, the heir to an engineering fortune, but that he, too, was injured by a super-villain.

In order to keep the brilliant scientist from getting himself killed in his misguided quest for revenge, Sonya travels down two paths she never expected to — she’s becoming the super-heroine she swore she’d never become... and she’s falling in love.

About E-Books

Introducing Sonika is available as an E-Book from Cerridwen Press for $6.49 at www.CerridwenPress.com. It is available for desktop and laptop computers through MS Reader or Adobe Acrobat; for handheld computers through Mobipocket plugin; and for E-Book readers Franklin E-Bookman, HiE-Book, and Rocket E-Book. Cerridwen Press recommends purchasing the HTML version of its titles for these e-readers. Cerridwen Press sells instantaneous downloads 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Its E-Book delivery system is 100% automated, meaning orders are filled as soon as they are paid for.

About Eilis Flynn

Introducing Sonika is Eilis Flynn’s third book for Cerridwen Press (following The Sleeper Awakes and Festival of Stars). She began her career as a writer of super-heroes during her college years at the University of Washington , writing as Elizabeth M. Smith. On Saturdays, she would meet her doctoral-candidate brother for breakfast and sleepily plot stories later sold to DC Comics for its line of Superman stories. She has also written “30-Day Guarantee,” an online graphic novella, for MyRomanceStory.com. Eilis was recently featured in a Seattle Weekly article about romance writers of color (while her surname is Irish, her ancestry is Japanese).

Readers are encouraged to sign up for Eilis Flynn’s monthly newsletter at www.EilisFlynn.com, or write to her at EilisFlynn@aol.com.

News organizations may request a higher-resolution image of the cover by e-mail to EilisFlynn@aol.com
Strangely enough, the name of the villain, Gentleman Geoffrey, reminds me of one of the villains from the New Gods, who called himself G. Gordon Godfrey during Darkseid's attempt to take over Earth in 1987.


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