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Monday, September 01, 2008 

Wonder Twins get slaughtered by Wonder Dog

In the latest sign that the current Teen Titans volume was a huge mistake, the Wonder Twins, who were recently reintro'd...get massacred by Wonder Dog. Brought to you by Sean McKeever, writer, and Dan DiDio, who's been the title's very own editor of recent.

I only saw a little of the old Superfriends cartoon where they'd been orignally featured when I was a kid (I also saw a little of the live-action Capt. Marvel and Isis series produced around that time too), and while it's too long ago for me to remember now, I do know that some people better acquainted with the cartoon show than I was years before did not like Wendy and Marv, whom they thought were annoying detractions.

Uh, can we be clear about something here? It's the writers - the freaking WRITERS of the animated show - who are to blame for any problems had with Wendy and Marv. If you didn't like the personalities they'd been given, you should've complained to the studio and demanded that they replace the scripters with some who can offer a much better characterization, and even threatned to boycott the series unless they fulfilled your wishes. While as for the comic books, if they're to be featured there, my above advice on hiring better writers is exactly what can be done. Or, no need to use them at all, if Wendy and Marv are really that much of a problem.

So here's yet another grevious error made by DC ever since Identity Crisis, and proof that any talk of actually returning to the Silver Age was a most disgusting lie.

And in response to what The Beat is saying:
...let’s face it, if Grant Morrison or Alan Moore had written this issue, we’d all think it was genius.
WRONG. It doesn't matter who'd be writing, this would be an offensive stinker at anytime. "Introducing" the Wonder Twins into the DCU proper just to "get revenge on them" for something that wasn't even their fault to begin with is one of the most unpardonably cheap errors that could possibly be made. Here, they had a chance to turn them into a pair of decently characterized protagonists with personalities and other traits easier to appreciate than what a Saturday morning matinee could ever offer, as the cover for the issue might suggest. Instead, they threw it away for the sake of a bottom of the barrel "revenge fantasy".

I think this latest misstep should be another important lesson for everyone and anyone about why you can't judge the characters, you can only judge how they're written/characterized. Only that way will good writing ever be found. It certainly won't be with writers and editors like McKeever and DiDio in charge though. This just hammers home the point anyone wants to make that even series starring teen protagonists are not suitable for children, not even for teens.

Update: in old Superfriends cartoon, the actual Wonder Twins were Zan and Jayna, a pair of alien teens, who came into the show a short time after Wendy and Marv made their appearances. One can only wonder if they'll be the next victims to go through with this kind of awful treatment.

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