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Wednesday, January 13, 2010 

Unlikely to be a real "Brightest Day"

DC has announced their next superfluous crossover, Brightest Day, a followup to Blackest Night (via Speed Force). But if the following news about the Titans tells anything, not to mention what plans Geoff Johns has for Barry Allen, this won't be anything to look forward to. It's just more dangling the carrot in front of the audience, which doesn't help much if the same writers and editorial staff are behind even this.

Also, the interview Johns gave to IGN has the following:
IGN Comics: Dan and Alex hinted there are other titles involved in Brightest Day besides the main series. For instance, we know you're upcoming Flash series with Francis Manapul will carry the Brightest Day banner.

Johns: The whole concept behind Brightest Day is that it's an extension of the end result of Blackest Night and where Blackest Night will take the DC Universe. Out of Blackest Night you have the Brightest Day book, which is the anchor of the whole Brightest Day storyline and concept. But there are other books that will carry the Brightest Day banner that thematically and literally tie into what the Brightest Day story is really about. Books like The Flash, Justice League of America and Titans.
Well if Blackest Night determines the direction, and not Brightest Day, then I guess there's not much new here, is there?
IGN Comics: How did you arrive at the cast of characters in Blackest Night, particularly those you chose to give rings? Because they are rather unexpected choices, especially Mera. When and how did you decide these certain characters would play such a prominent role?

Johns: As I started planning out the story and as the scenes came up, after Hawkman and Hawkgirl died and the Atom tries to contact them, it made sense to me that the Atom would get more involved and become the figurehead for compassion. Because he still feels for Jean Loring despite everything she did. He still feels for Ralph and Sue. He's devastated by everything that's happened.
Um, is this supposed to tell us that he's going to fix this grevious error, or is he still going along in complete lockstep with DiDio? I'm afraid the latter is the answer.

On top of all that, there's the serious mistake of making this all a crossover between tons of different titles/series, and with sales declining thanks to the crossovers, that's just not how to handle things.

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I'm afraid you're right, Avi. This seems to be the non-too-subtle way of saying that they're bringing Jean Loring back as a Black Lantern. The Atom can get all angsty and then kill her again, because the bitter divorced MRAs like to make her a punching bag stand-in for their ex-wives.

There, I've just saved all the Atom fans 20 bucks.

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