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Sunday, March 27, 2011 

7 years, and DC Comics still won't move away from Identity Crisis

Now they're publishing an edition called Absolute Identity Crisis, and promoting it with a gushy statement by the author:
“IDENTITY CRISIS changed my life. It truly did. And it let me be a part of something that was so far bigger than myself. I’m honored that it’s being given the Absolute treatment and that we’re adding so many extras. And I just want to say a special thanks to every single person who told me that IDENTITY CRISIS was the book that got them back into comics.” – Brad Meltzer
Did it? When you look at how low sales numbers are today, even in paperback sales come to think of it, his sensationalized quote couldn't be more laughable, though given how horrific the miniseries was, that's why it's really not funny at all. It's just repulsive.

The really sad thing besides the prejudices the miniseries has is that here, it's been 7 years since they published it, and still, if this tells anything, they just won't let it go, nor the directions they've been setting with it.

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To quote Crow from MST3K, "Part of me is laughing -- the part hates life."

If I had to pick the one series that made me renounce modern DC, it would be this. Hasn't been the same, since.

Well, my week just started off badly. Heh.

Oh for the love of the gods WHY?

I'm with Killer Moth here it was this and later hearing about the tripe known as Cry that made me renounce modern DC Because there is nothing more sexist then those works.

also can I be the feminist of this board.

Hey, I think that's my job. Heh. ;-)

Me three for Killer Moth and Crow's MST3K's quote.

Word verification: Ditiness. As is "IC is a big pile of ditiness."

I'm in the process of putting together a pre-Crisis chronology of the DC multiverse (although I am planning on noting certain events that were written afterward, provided they fit and can actually add something (the JSAers capturing the Spirit King, for example).
Having said that, IC will NOT be a party of it. Which is just as well, because I'm afraid if I try to read it again I will fwow up.

Of course, what BM doesn't say is that "the people" he brought back to comics are usually bitter MRAs who like to think all women should be silent submissive slaves or else evil harpies who must be punished as much as possible. Not quite the readership most folks are going for.

That should have been "the part that hates life." Whoops. Oh, well, it was still made of 'winning,' to quote Charlie Sheen.

Anyway, Blue Jean raises a good point in that, "who is IC supposed to appeal to, anyway?" Rapists, prisoners, sociopaths?

And for a disclaimer, No, I don't believe all women should not be silent submissive slaves or evil harpies who must be punished as much as possible. However, I don't want the male characters margalized or femmnized, either. I'm sure a mix of the two is possible, but we need some writers who actually know subtlety. I just don't care for the ham-fisted and dark form of storytelling -- call me crazy.

I gotta agree with you - this guy have no idea what he's talking about

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