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Wednesday, March 16, 2011 

Bendis may be attending his last convention for a while

Newsarama is reporting that overrated Brian Bendis has announced C2E2 may be his last convention attendance for possibly years now.

Let's hope so. I'd wager nobody going to these conventions cares about him anymore, with good reason. After all, he's been so disrespectful of the audience, I can't see why anyone would want to attend any lectures he gives. I don't know if this signals he'll be leaving the Avengers soon, but even if he does, Axel Alonso will no doubt see to it that the Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Marvel continuity continue to lie in ruins with another bad writer.

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Alright, I'll bite: anyone have any good "Bendis Went Wild" con stories? I don't normally go to the cons for the comic writers/artists, anyway, just for the stuff. Although, I did meet Mark Waid, once. Specifically, I met Wizard's Jim McLauglin for a contest, or something, and I got my question right. Huzzah for me. Waid was kinda just standing there. Weird, but fun times.

I hate how so many of these shows are all crappy new people anyhow. Wizard, the Borg of comic shows, is the worst. HI BILLY MAYS HERE, COME TO WIZARD CHICAGOHOUSTONDALLASNYCON AND SEE MARK MILLAR, MATT FRACTION GARTH ENNIS AND JUDD WHINICK 576 TIMES!

I used to go to Heroes Con in Charlotte before the owner proved himself... less than honest, IMO (long story).

I checked out this year's guest list when they sent me an invite. About a quarter the size I remember it being, with no names I recognize. They apparently couldn't even get Matt Fraction, who used to work in the owner's store, to come in for it.

Seems to me all but a handful of comic cons are dying out.

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