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Saturday, April 16, 2011 

Nobody does events as shamelessly as Marvel's editorial, or Matt Fraction

Broken Frontier has an interview with pretentious Matt Fraction where he sugar-talks about Fear Itself, and goes all boasty about it. For example:
BF: You don't want the readers to read it and say “nothing happened in this big event”.

FRACTION: Exactly. I guarantee you you won't think that about Fear Itself. Much like Civil War, when it's done you'll be able to look at each issue and put a pin in some shock, some twist, some revelation, it's a doozy of a story. There's some huge stuff that pops in every single issue.
Did he say that part accidentally? Because by now, plenty of people could estimate it'll be a doozy. And they'll also be spooked by the price, which may still be nearly $4. And it's not a matter of whether they'll say nothing happened, it's a matter of whether anybody cares what'll happen, since everyone's been increasingly tired of their blatant events for the past 7 years.
BF:So, there's going to be lasting changes to the Marvel Universe because of Fear Itself?

FRACTION: Yes. Yes. Sincere and profound changes. We have a roadmap, a gameplan, creatively that's what we do. Much like the way we had a plan coming out of Civil War, we have a plan for the aftermath of Fear Itself. Our readers and our fans have said again and again “we want the stories that matter, we want events that matter”. Well bro, sit down and buckle up: this matters. This is the Marvel mothership right now. This sets the tone, timbre and tempo of where we are going for the next year, two, or three to come.

BF: Like how Civil War led into Secret Invasion and Dark Reign?

FRACTION: Yeah, there's a massive roadmap that we're starting to work towards. I can't wait for it to get out into the world and for it to stop only existing in my head.
If only it did just exist in his head, but unfortunately, the crossovers he's alluding to have been commonplace for 7 years now. That's the lasting change they're talking about, and the giant roadmap.

If anything does happen in Fear Itself, it'll most likely be a lot of unpleasant leftist political allegories. Blogger Douglas Ernst guessed a few months ago that it would be that bad, and found at least one very galling example of Fraction's own leftism, worn on his sleeve. That's what makes him all the more dismaying.

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He's just a sorry, no-class piece of garbage. He wouldn't have progressed beyond underground self-mimeographed cartoon strips in the old days.

Thanks for the link (it brought me to your blog, which I now have the pleasure of checking out!)

Cash is tight on my end, so I haven't had a chance to sink into Fear Itself, but as soon as I have a bit more disposable income I'll be writing on it.

You're welcome.

Erm, aside from Marvel doing it's usual "killing off the token black guy," what in Civil War has had a lasting effect?

And even that's not all that lasting. Haven't they just replaced him with his nephew or some such?

I believe it refers to the cloud of lameness that Civil War unleashed upon the world, which has been responsible for over 500k deaths from boredom in the US alone.

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