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Thursday, July 21, 2011 

Lois Lane gets new boyfriend. Big deal

Not only is the Man of Steel's world being rebooted and the marriage erased, but Lois Lane is getting a new boyfriend:
Lane's new paramour, a Lothario who can't seem to keep his shirt on, is a never-seen-before co-worker at the Daily Planet, Jonathan Carroll, the Daily News has learned.
And we're supposed to care why? Over in Spider-Man, both Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson have been given new girlfriends and boyfriends who've been mostly forgotten by the abandoning audience, and this news for the sake of it will likely pass on by the end of the year.
The move is meant to make it easier for new readers to jump aboard without being scared off by decades of back-stories, but some changes -- like Clark Kent's sudden bachelorhood -- have been hard for longtime fans to accept.
I think this argument falls flat on its face too. We've only come 25 years since Crisis on Infinite Earths, when a lot of back story was retconned away at the time. Or does DC think today's audience doesn't care about their archives? And why wouldn't today's audience appreciate Clark and Lois being married?
"It seems very strange that you would get rid of them being married, since it's been an established fact in the comics for 20 years," says Ron Hill, manager at Jim Hanley's Universe, a comic book store in midtown Manhattan.

"I feel bad for the new boyfriend, though. At the end of the day Lois and Superman are supposed to be together."
And the sad part is that DC is likely to act just like Marvel's been doing with the Spider-Marriage here - they'll shut out all disagreement and say this is what they're doing and that's it. But they're right here about something: not many are going to care about the new boyfriend Lois has.

Even Supergirl is going to undergo the reboot, and the following description of how in this interview doesn't sound very impressive:
Supergirl #1 will introduce readers to this new teenage Supergirl from Krypton as she begins her journey toward becoming a hero. But not only is she unsure she wants to be a superhero like her cousin Superman — she doesn't even know if she likes humans well enough to want to help them.
Isn't that brilliant. They just have to resort to an angle where she's reluctant to take up the same career, and thinks being Kryptonian is better in any way than human. I'm not impressed.

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Oh, goodie, Supergirl thinks humans suck, now. Lovely. Ragnell had a good rant about that with the GL Guardians, which should make for a fun coda.


Lame. And what's the point of the new guy, if he'll be reduced to love obstacle? Or, worse, end up dead.

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