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Saturday, August 13, 2011 

DC's push for diversity becomes desperate

In this Newsarama posting, we discover that DC is really going to ridiculous extremes for the sake of diversity:
These stories introduce a more diverse DC universe, with major characters with diverse ethnic backgrounds, including Cyborg, Static Shock, Blue Beetle, Batwing (aka the Batman of Africa), Firestorm, Mr. Terrific, the Atom and Voodoo, and LGBT characters like Batwoman, Apollo, Midnighter, and Voodoo taking center stage.
Oh no. Not only are they once more tossing out Ray Palmer for the sake of this forced tactic, they're even shoving Wilstorm's Authority players into the mess! I'd heard they may have lost the rights to some onetime Archie-owned heroes they never made much headlines to begin with, so I guess this is their latest desperate resort, by pushing the whole WS line into the DCU proper, all because they don't think it could stand a chance on its own now. Let's be clear, what may have worked once with the Capt. Marvel family is not going to work well this time.

There's also a comment on the topic that makes a good observation:
This isn’t new news. I have nothing against Ryan (and disliked how he was killed off), but I’d much rather see him in his own identity. I mean, what kind of message is this sending out that minority characters can only work if they affirmative action a white legacy heroes identity? I know as a Cuban fan, it doesn’t make me identify with the new guy no matter what race he is, but rather feel sorry for the character that took the hit because he was white. Maybe DC should work on diversifying their writing staff?

And as a Ray Palmer fan it sucks too – first he’s gone, then he’s replaced, then he comes back, and now he’s benched again. I know he’ll be a supporting character in Lemire’s FRANKENSTEIN series, but it’s not the same if he isn’t the Atom. Ray Palmer was a labor of love between Gardner [Fox], Gil [Kane], and Julie [Schwartz] and deserves more respect than this.
Well said. All they're doing is trampling upon the works of yesterday's better writers, without doing anything to genuinely respect their past contributions.

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The New Coke DCU is poop.

I can't imagine that anyone would shell out $3-4 a pop for such garbage. Then again, a fool and his money...

As if the de-aging of Ray in the mid-90's wasn't bad enough. Oy...

However, I'm glad for that one comment you posted, as there is hope. And, frankly, it's one of the better arguments I've seen against race lift or, as the poster rightly nailed it, affirmative action. I'm not completely familiar with Dwayne MacDuffie, but wasn't this what he wanted to avoid during his time in DC, or am I wrong?

On a personal note, I'm glad you're taking this with the right amount of serious ness and nuance. We need it more than ever, these days.

I still don't understand why white people aren't allowed to keep their culture and heroes. Everyone else is.

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