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Thursday, August 04, 2011 

Despite GL movie's failure, a sequel might be in the works

But according to Movieweb (via Big Hollywood), if another Green Lantern film is approved, it'll be - surprise surprise - dark and edgy. The WB studio head, Jeff Robinov, said:
"To go forward we need to make it a little edgier and darker with more emphasis on action.... And we have to find a way to balance the time the movie spends in space versus on Earth."
Granted, they could have a point that the movie would need more space-based adventure than what this year's disaster boasted. And they should also avoid turning scenes like saving a falling helicopter into jokes by speeding it along a racetrack like a sport car, which could easily have made Tim Robbins' senator feel worse than he did when the aircraft was about to plummet. But darkness and especially edginess have lost their flavor long ago, and if that's how they'll do it, then they're risking taking the problem from bad to worse. Mainly because I wouldn't expect them to keep a decent balance of both optimism and bleakness, what comprised GL's approach years before, but rather, they'd go overboard into depression.

If they do make a sequel, or reboot the story like the Hulk movie was a few years ago, they should at least keep Geoff Johns far away from the project and not allow him to taint the story with his bombastic approach to writing. The main scriptwriters who were responsible should be dropped too, ditto any excessive CGI effects, and the story should be written by just one person. Yet even then, I've seen enough to be pessimistic about WB's ability to make a good movie out of the source material anymore.

Update: Total Film clarifies that a sequel hasn't been decided upon yet, and the CEO of TW admits the current one didn't live up to their expectations.

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What they needed to do was simplify. They tried to cram dozens of characters into the movie (including inventing a few new ones) and wasted millions on a CGI suit.

And then [SPOILERS!] concluded it by having the "ultimate evil" be too stupid to realize he can't fly into the sun.

Sound and fury, signifying nothing.

Oh god, not every super hero movie has to be The Dark Knight.

I thought the movie wasn't that bad, but you're right that there were way too many subplots.

I really hope they don't rehire Geoff Johns as a screen writer though.

I guess if it ain't Johns, it'll be some other doofus that braindead still-fanbois-after-all-this-crap love. All 8 of them.

You could pee on a paper and those morons will buy it.

I wasn't impressed with the movie one bit, mostly because I can't stand Ryan "I Play the Same Smartass Character in Every movie i'm in" Reynolds. With that said, I don't think it should be rebooted nor should it have a sequel. Just leave it alone for a while and give it a few years before people can remove the bad taste from their mouths, kind of like what Marvel did with the Hulk movies. And keep Geoff Johns as far away from it as possible; that guy is an overrated hack.

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