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Wednesday, August 03, 2011 

Flashpoint features an Obama tribute cameo

Well how about that: 2 decades after DC decided to refrain from featuring real life figures like Reagan or Oprah in the pages of their books, all of a sudden, they're injecting a cameo by Obama into the penultimate issue of Flashpoint:
Even in an alternate universe where iconic superheroes are wrecking the world, pizza, juice boxes and President Obama help ground DC Comics' event series Flashpoint in reality. [...]

And on the first page of the new issue, President Obama calls for everyone to pitch in just as the superheroes don't seem as if they're going to save the day.

With so many characters and events a little different in Flashpoint, [Eddie] Berganza feels that grounding the series a little bit in realism in that way echoes for readers in the midst of everything being so fantastical.

Plus, he says, Obama's appearance points out that the stakes are high and the danger is very real and happening — something that will get pushed as DC prepares to relaunch its superhero line with 52 series come September.
Is that so? I'm not sure what they mean. I doubt they mean how, in real life, there's al Qaeda terrorism that's posing a danger. More likely what they mean is the war waged between Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

And if McCain had been elected president, there's a very strong chance they'd never do the same. This is more likely to be liberal worship, and a later attempt to catch up with Marvel's tribute cover from nearly 3 years before.

On a related note:
Someone readers have spent time with in Flashpoint will die, an old favorite returns and — naturally, for the last chapter before the finale, in stores Aug. 31 — a monumental cliffhanger.
I quite honestly disapprove of the death factor here. If the old favorite they speak of is an effort to repair a past mistake, that's good. But if not, and if the character they're going to put to death is one who wasn't broken in the first place, then that's simply reprehensible.

And I doubt this'll be a classic cliffhanger.

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Let's Face IT
modern American comics are dead, they have become the playthings of uber-liberal retards and idiot manchildren.

i cannot find ONE series or book to enjoy, nothing out there looks or reads interesting.

Hard to disagree with Kr0w, I think. Heh.

I kinda liked that DC tried to avoid all the potential politics drawing a President would do (barring the President Luthor arc). However, yeah, we do live a very political age and every little thing has become political, so what can you do? Although, Marvel's version of Obama seems to be a bit more, oh, incompetent or too naive if you're going to make Norman Osborn your SHIELD-lite director. Heh. We'll see if DC will follow suit.

"Obama's appearance points out that the stakes are high and the danger is very real and happening"

Well, yeah. Every time I see him on TV, the stakes are very high and the danger is very real.

Of course, Barry 0 is invariably the source of that danger...

"Obama's appearance points out that the stakes are high and the danger is very real"

Yeah, he might make a bad situation worse. Get him out of that series pronto!

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