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Monday, April 15, 2013 

Dan Slott thinks a car commercial is worse than Marvel's own contempt for Spider-fans

Hube found Slott piling on with more disastrous political opinions again. Besides those tweets where Slott slid off with more leftism, he also posted another bizarre tweet:

I'm not sure why a writer who irritated the audience with similar - and possibly worse - acts in Spider-Man thinks that car advertisement is worse than what he's writing. I assume he tweeted that one to divert attention from the second cover for Superior Spider-Man, but he's failed horribly.

Speaking of which, while doing some extra research on this, I found The Outhousers site wrote a very insulting "satire" about Newsarama's review and the coverscan. The writer says:
Head on over to Newsarama and read the article for yourself so you can learn about how it's totally cool to feature a superhero forcing a sexual advance on a woman as long as you're only doing it on the cover to fool people into buying the comic. Hopefully, you will learn to be more reasonable in the future.
Even if that was intended as satire, since it's marked under the "news and satire" category, I don't think it's a laughing matter at all because of the seriousness of the subject, so whatever "joke" he's trying to make crashes to earth and shatters. Even if it's just a cover, that too can be very grave and repellant. Especially since they did it so obviously to get on the nerves of Spider-fans.

Also, as noted on this site:
Eventually, Otto decided that he didn’t have to seduce Mary Jane. He had access to all of Peter’s memories, so he could enjoy those experiences vicariously, without going through the effort of maintaining a relationship with MJ. He then decided to start hitting on other women, because those experiences would be new.
If Doc Ock's going to keep his mind-switch a secret, then he's still in a position where he's taking advantage of other women while posing under the identity of an honest man. Can't say Otto's been exonerated at all. He hasn't confessed to Mary Jane about what he's done to Peter and who he really is, and above all, he doesn't seem very sorry he ever switched bodies with Peter in the first place. It may all eventually change back to normal, but by then, it's clear that this is going to be running on for a very long time, just so they can explore all the Mary Sue fanfic ideas they have in store as much as possible. And by the time it's done, it'll have been another year wasted in storytelling.

Again, I can't see why Slott's so worried about a commercial for cars that he'd probably buy anyway.

Update: well what's this here: Slott even said:

Oh, isn't that just so easy an assumption. Like NY doesn't have its own black market. In fact, according to this report on "Islamberg" in the Catskill mountains upstate, there were gunshots heard coming from the compound. What if they had weapons there and were selling them under the counter, and where would they get them from too? I guess even that never occurred to him. Why, here's something from last month about an illegal gun seller arrested in Silver Creek, right within the state. The whole notion that illegal gun runners just get their arms outside the state is just skimming the surface.

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God, Slott is a dolt.

Hit men from out of state go to New York City to buy "cold" guns (i.e., black market guns that can't be traced). Of course, the whole "New York has high crime because the gun laws in Vermont and Maine are too lax" argument is typical of the Left. That is, my problems are always someone else's fault. BTW, it's illegal to buy a handgun outside of one's home state, and illegal to transport it across state lines. So, if the problem is availability of guns, New York and Chicago should be crime-free, and Vermont and Maine should look like war zones. But the truth is almost the opposite. That is because Vermont does not produce the kind of people (sociopaths) that NY and Chicago do.

Slott is just an idiot. I think he spews this crap just to get attention. I dare anyone to challenge him you will see a pattern.
Sly remark
You sent him straight with facts
Slott will try to twist your words
You prove him wrong
He runs (unless it is in a forum, the moderator will pull your posts in order to support him).

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