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Sunday, June 09, 2013 

Spider-Man's rogues gallery becomes inferiorized

Previews interviewed Nick Spencer about the new spinoff title he's writing called the Superior Foes of Spider-Man, which draws from the current direction the other inferior title is taking. Spencer says:
...in terms of dumping on Peter Parker, in his first appearance, Peter Parker’s uncle was killed and it was sort of his fault. Stan Lee’s been dumping on this guy since day one – it’s his fate in life. We’re just honoring that tradition!
Suuuuurrrre they are. They're only insulting Lee along with his famous creations under the secure feeling that he won't issue a whisper of complaint because he feels he should be on good terms with the company no matter what they do (several decades ago, there was a belief that you shouldn't speak poorly of the businesses you're working/worked for). It's a shame, but that's how some veterans feel they must conduct business on their part.

In any case, that's very disrespectful of them to say that Lee spent 50 years "dumping" on Spidey, not just because he stopped writing the series regularly after a decade and rarely worked on it afterwards, but also because he and his successors did work out some very good steps like the now obliterated Spider-marriage in 1987, and Peter got jobs like college instructing along with his freelance job as a photographer for the Daily Bugle.

At the end, they say:
PREVIEWSworld: What recent events in Spider-Man continuity do you keep at the forefront of your mind when you write about the character in the story? How will it play into how he handles new threats in The Superior Foes of Spider-Man?

Nick Spencer: From a villain’s perspective, Spider-Man’s more dangerous than ever. He’s willing to brutally beat his opponents – even kill them if he has to as we saw when he finally took out Massacre in The Superior Spider-Man #6. The Avengers aren’t the only ones who took notice. In the back of their minds, these villains are probably thinking it’s better to stick together right now. Spider-Man’s a huge presence in this book but he won’t be stopping by every issue – this isn’t Spider-Man and his amazing evil friends, this is much more exploring what it’s like to be a villain in The Superior Spider-Man world. Spoiler alert – it gets pretty dangerous. It’s getting ugly out there.
Is it ever. Obviously, the situation with Doc Ock possessing Peter's body still holds, and there's nothing fun about that. I get the feeling this spinoff was intended to make the readers feel sorry for the villains, which is equally mind-numbing, because Peter is the one we should really feel sorry for. Mary Jane Watson too.

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The speed with which Superior's story arcs are moving should make it obvious that the status quo's going to be restored and that this was the intention all along.

Also, let's make this clear: when Peter Parker's life isn't shit, the book's dull. That was a huge impetus behind OMD even if Quesada was projecting his own marital failure on Petey.

If you're not enjoying Superior, I feel bad for you.

Nah, I feel bad for you, acting as an apologist for Superior Spider-Man. And for OMD as well. You must not like the thought of a superhero actually being happily married. Typical fanboy, in other words.

It's just another pointless "death and resurrection" publicity stunt that isn't doing as well as its creators want us to think. Well, duh, of course he'll be back. It's all too predictable.

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