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Saturday, October 05, 2013 

Dan Slott keeps up the rants against guns but has no interest in better education

Slott turned again to anti-2nd Amendment babble:

We also have people who can't admit poor education leads to gun violence, or any kind of evil.

Do I sense somebody hinting he's in favor of legalizing bad drugs?

Is that a downplay of knife violence? Because ever since remote times, there have been casualties of knife/sword/spear violence in ancient wars. In Britain, murders by knives rose to at least 6 a week by 2008. More recently, there was a murder by knifing in Birmingham, England, a Muslim woman was stabbed to death by her brother in Jordan, another one named Nasira Fazli was honor-murdered by her husband in Canada, and in San Francisco, a Dodgers fan was murdered. And let's not forget the Islamic honor murder committed by Muzzammil Hassan, who stabbed his wife Aasiya to death 40 times, and then beheaded her. What is Slott thinking? Of all these recent tweets he posted, the above really disgusts me. And even the victims of the stabbing in China did not deserve what happened to them.

Has he by any chance ever researched the crime statistics in Texas?

I think the guy he responded to made the point better than he did. The mother was clearly a crackpot and led to the tragedy by buying weapons and then shirking her parental responsibilities by not keeping them out of that filthy crackpot son's reach. She's the one to blame, not the guns themselves.

If he's saying that we'd rather be stabbed than shot, the answer is a firm NO. Knifings are just as painful as bullets. Neither is something we want to suffer.

Gee, that's odd. So he thinks it's okay for Batman et al to carry firearms but not people in real life? But then he's advocating what he's against! After all, Batman's not a policeman working for the government/state/city, but a costumed vigilante working outside the usual establishment. Doesn't Slott worry it could give children reading Golden Age Batman tales the idea that guns are great weapons, contrary to what he thinks?

He even said:

Alas, not all children understand the differences. Some have wild imaginations. Slott certainly does. That could explain why he's such a boilerplate leftist. Only with a proper education can children tell the difference.

Once again, Slott has explained perfectly why he's not a comics writer whose work needs to be supported.

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Slott is such a f***ing idiot. First he cries that because a law has been upheld by the Supreme Court, it's somehow beyond reproach. Never mind that the GOP House was elected precisely because of the law in question. Yet, with guns, Slott never resorts to these tactics ... because then they bite him right in the ass. Gun rights are a constitutional right, and were recently upheld as an individual right by -- yep! -- the Supreme Court.

So here's yet another elementary civics lesson for the idiot known as Dan Slott: The House has every right to do what it is doing currently regarding the ACA. If you want to ban guns, what you have to do is either get 2/3 of Congress or 2/3 of the states to propose such an amendment, and then get 3/4 of the states to ratify it if you succeed with the former.

Good luck.

More children drown in swimming pools than get shot. More children die in fires caused by adults smoking in bed than get shot. More children die in traffic accidents than get shot. But we never see any mink-coat liberals and salon socialists campaigning against cars or swimming pools (or even doing PSA's asking people to drive carefully and to use child safety seats, or asking people to install fences around their pools). And the harm done with guns has to be weighed against the lives saved with guns. But self-defense incidents are either ignored by the media, or are distorted to make the criminals look like victims and the honest citizens look like trigger-happy vigilantes. (A woman in Loganville, GA, shot a home invasion robber in self-defense, and msnbc reported that she "took matters into her own trigger-happy hands." And anti-gun activists are listing Trayvon Martin and Tamerlan Tsarnaev as "victims of gun violence.")

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