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Thursday, April 03, 2014 

The Inhumans are misused in a new series

USA Today wrote about a new series Marvel's publishing where ordinary humans gain powers similar to the Inhumans:
The Avengers saved the universe — as they're apt to do — from the threat of the Builders in the Marvel Comics event series Infinity. But something a bit more earth-shattering was happening down on the heroes' home planet.

To save Earth from Thanos, and forward his own agenda, then-king of the Inhumans Black Bolt triggered a bomb that set off a huge mist around New York City, causing it to envelop the globe and turn ordinary people into new members of this superpowered race.

The aftermath of this is central to the new series Inhuman (out Wednesday) by writer Charles Soule (She-Hulk, Letter 44) and artist Joe Madureira, and it will follow those affected by the "powering up" process (called "Terrigenesis") as well as existing Inhumans such as Black Bolt's wife Medusa who have to deal with the fallout.
I'm guessing the Inhumans are being blamed for this. It brings to mind a storyline from Superman several years ago, where Metropolis was pointlessly filled with tons of Kandorians.
Meanwhile, as all these "NuHumans" come to the fore, the Inhumans' sky city of Attilan has been destroyed, Black Bolt is presumed dead and Medusa is left to rule the remnants of their once great kingdom.

"The backbone of the story has Medusa trying to hold things together in this changed world, with her power base all but gone," Soule explains. "She — and many others — recognize that the NuHumans are huge source of strength, and it's almost a race to 'collect' or recruit them. Many factions get involved — some we've seen before, many we haven't, and sparks begin to fly.

"Ultimately, it's a massive expansion of the Inhuman mythos, with new characters and concepts all over the place," the writer adds. "I'm treating it like my opportunity to write a doorstopper fantasy/sci-fi novel, and the great thing is that Captain America or Thor can show up, too — and they do!"
All he's saying is the story isn't self-contained, and today that's a pretty big problem. As learned earlier, they're even tying in the Muslim Ms. Marvel with this mishmash, another embarrassment.
Soule feels that Inhuman could go much deeper than a normal Marvel series with its mythology and have the same epic feel as Game of Thrones. "This is my opportunity to do one of those — huge scope, 'Holy crow!' moments, really memorable characters — and I'm loving it."
It's unlikely they'll accomplish anything epic with people like these running the store, and there's no chance the characters will come off very memorably. Besides, by wrecking the city of Attilan, they've only deprived the story of one of the more imaginative elements the Inhumans were built on years before.

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Sheesh. Wasn't this the basis for the "X" Universe, as in Earth X, Universe X, and Paradise X?

Weren't the Inhumans ruling the Kree Empire all of 5 minutes ago?

I think it was, Hube... ugh. Wasn't that intended to be an alternate reality story, separate from everything else? Well, I guess they're only following DC's lead, as they decided to tie in "kingdom Come" to the rest of the DCU. It's still stupid, though.

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