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Wednesday, March 25, 2015 

The MSM wants a female Thor to become the norm at the male's expense

So much, they won't provide any clear statistics to back up their new sensationalized spin that it's "outselling" the male Thor, whose own fate goes unmentioned here:
Well, strike us down with Thor’s hammer. Here’s some good news.

Marvel comic’s new female Thor is outselling the old male version by 30 per cent.

[...] Now, it seems, it makes good business sense, too.

According to distributor DC Comics, the first five issues of the new female Thor series have outsold the same issues from the previous ‘God of Thunder’ series in 2012, featuring a more conventional male Thor – some by up to 36 per cent. And those figures don’t include digital copies.
Hold on, what this? I don't think DC distributes any of Marvel's books today. Where do they get off saying that? If they meant Diamond Distribution, who've been in charge of Marvel's books for many years, they goofed royally.
Sadly, there’s currently no audience breakdown available and no way of telling whether the new Thor is attracting more young female readers to comic books.

But with estimates suggesting that 46.67 per cent of comic fans are women, it seems likely that the new Thor has won a legion of fangirls.
Not if real sales charts have a say in this. Last month's results yielded only 69,513 copies published (some of which may never have been bought at the stores), which is not the success story they want it to be, and I think it's safe to say less than half of those who did buy it are women. In that case, why are they acting like this is something to celebrate?

However, it's clear that these mainstream clowns want a female Thor to be canon, and have no interest in the famous older tales started by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby with the male one. No questions asked in the Telegraph article how it makes sense for a woman to bear a name as masculine as Thor happens to be, nor why Sif and Valkyrie couldn't be spotlighted. It's like they never had any gratitude for all the fun Lee/Kirby and company offered in the Silver Age, and come to think of it, they don't.

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Even if the sales are up, it could be because of speculators buying multiple copies as an investment, not because of new readers.

And still no explanation for why they had to swipe the name from an existing character, instead of creating an all-new one. Or, better yet, building up an existing supporting character (Sif and/or Valkyrie) and starring her in her own solo series.

I've heard the argument that Sif and Valkyrie (and Luke Cage and the Falcon) are not as "iconic" as Thor and Captain America. Well, why not? Thor and Cap would not be iconic, either, if Marvel had not built them up into major stars.

And the Telegraph writer evidently doesn't know DC from Marvel.

On a side-note, how do you think the Quran should be read: like holy scriptures passed down from divine vision, or a badly written piece of fanfiction for a power-trip fantasy?

Comics must be purged of neckbeards without mercy.

Unsurprisingly, after Swcret Wars, Marvel will have a new Avengers team mostly filled with the politically correct replacements of original Avengers.

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