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Tuesday, March 24, 2015 

What 3 writers are saying about Ted Cruz

Republican Cruz has announced his bid for presidency, and at least a few comics writers aren't happy about that. We'll start first with Ron Marz, who as always makes a sorry case of himself. First, though, here's some tweets he wrote that might allude to the case of Chris Sims being called out for his trolling:

Yeah, it'll be interesting alright. Will Dan Slott be rejected by Marz for trolling against women online? Will Scott Lobdell be turned away for his own grave mistakes? Will Marz even bother to apologize for any mistakes of the sort he performed? Don't bet your savings. The difference between Sims and the rest of those people are that he hasn't even begun a career, while a couple of other names like Slott and Lobdell have been around for years already and are more established. Hence, it's easy to shun Sims for all his dumbing down of comicdom, mainly because it actually made headlines. But uncertain if Slott and Lobdell will undergo the same scrutiny so easily, because people like Marz are just too chummy with them.

Then I hope he has the guts to say Slott's a bad lot for his own trolling. Come to think of it, I hope he'll have what it takes to admit Identity Crisis, Avengers: Disassembled and even his own work on Emerald Twilight are insulting to women as book stories. And that Brian Bendis' characterization of the women in his Marvel books is very poor. But don't bet on that either.

In that case, play with some right-wing neighbors, please, and get to know them before you go miles out of your way to say they're filthy.

I wonder if Marz has a mirror to look at himself in and be ashamed of himself for behaving so terribly towards conservative peers?

Judging from sales for his own work, few give a damn about Marz's comics. Now, about those Cruz tweets:

Sad that Marz can only think to declare Cruz "intolerant" when he's so despising of conservatives. I mean, has he even asked Image to offer Chuck Dixon some gigs on the same books he's written? Doesn't look that way. Perhaps Marz should take a look at this photo posted by Charles C. Johnson:

Gee, Marz, how come you didn't take note of that? Tsk tsk tsk. Resorting to cheap stunts as usual, I see. All Marz can think of saying is that every conservative is only what he wants them to be. What a head-shaker.

Marz is so quixotic, he think he's fit to comment on everything and anything about conservatives.

I can't decide if Marz is just another loonybin, or another charlatan succumbing to his basest obsessions.

All this from somebody who must've thought Obama was a messiah back in 2008. As is clear by now, he wasn't.

But he never intended to. Phonies like Marz aren't too difficult to figure out.

Just look at him go on, acting like Cruz couldn't possibly interest any Blacks, Latinos and Asians. And using the junior Paul as just an excuse for superficial villification.

Now, since we're on the subject, here's also what Gerry Duggan is saying:

I can't tell the difference between sincerity and 1-dimensional dislike. Now, here's G. Willow Wilson:

And I guess we should be outraged Superman co-creator Joe Shuster was born in Canada rather than the USA before immigrating? Tsk tsk tsk, what a cheapie excuse from somebody who's not exactly outraged over Islamofascism. So "foreigners" from outside the USA cannot possibly qualify as talented politicians? It all depends what the color of their personal character is, and these leftards aren't basing their judgement on that. Even the New Republic, which has been pretty awful for years now, said Cruz shouldn't be ashamed of being born in Canada. If Cruz has been honest about his background, then there's no point in criticizing him over that. Also note that Cruz's mother was American-born, so that gives him clearer qualification citizen-wise.

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You could do a fun blog with only the stupid things Ron Marz tweets and call it "Marz attacks"

You would have enough material for decades.

Senators and presidents start to look alike to me after a while: all talk, no action.

Thank you for sharing this blog Ron! I might not have found this great blog without you!

I am an conservative, I have many friends. Let's see who has real friends, this year I had my water heater replaced for free by a friend, driveway plowed free by a friend, electrical work done free by a friend.
I helped a friend move, I helped a friend with financial advice, helped a friend get a job.

Wow who knew.

Fortunately, Marz's insurance covers treatment for paranoid schizophrenia. Thanks, Obamacare!

Ron's own twitter friends set him straight:

Shows once again that Ron is clearly showing a lack of logical thought towards anyone that is conservative.

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