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Friday, May 15, 2015 

Bustle thinks House of M is famous, not Scarlet Witch and Vision's marriage

The Bustle website wrote about how the Avengers movie version of Quicksilver dies at the end of the film, asking if it happens in the comics too. What follows does not cast Scarlet Witch in a flattering light for the average outsider to superhero tales:
The answer to “does Quicksilver die in the comics” is not black and white. Yes, he does die in the comics, but he also lives to fight another day. How is this possible? Well, when your sister has the power to alter reality to her liking, anything is possible. Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch is a bit different than her comic book counterpart. Instead of telekinesis and mind manipulation, Wanda Maximoff wields chaos magic that allows her to warp reality. It’s a very unstable power that has caused a lot of problems in the comics. To understand Quicksilver’s comic book death, you must understand Scarlet Witch’s famous storyline, House of M.

With her abilities becoming increasingly more difficult to control, Wanda inadvertently kills three members of the Avengers, including Hawkeye and Vision. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and the X-Men attempt to figure out how to handle such an untamable force. When Quicksilver discovers that a likely option is to kill his sister, he convinces Scarlet Witch to change reality into a world where their family, including Magneto, rule the world. One by one, the Avengers and X-Men regain their memories and go after House of M. Amid the battle, Magneto also has a revelation and goes after his son, angry that he used Magneto’s name in a plan to warp the world. In a rage, Magneto uses his power of magnetism to squash Quicksilver with a bevy of rubble. Sensing her brother’s death, Scarlet Witch rushes to his side and uses her magic to resurrect him.

So, yes, technically Quicksilver dies in the comics, but only for a couple of pages. If only Scarlet Witch had her original powers in the movie. Sigh…
More like groan. Though it's cited a tad confusingly, what they're talking about is the retcon Brian Bendis made to Wanda's powers when he took over the Avengers in 2004. Before that, it was only the power to affect probabilities and track items she could use to her advantage, as well as simple energy bursts. And it makes little difference whether Wanda allegedly couldn't control her power in the Disassembled story; what Bendis wrote happening makes her look more like an unstable madwoman with blood on her hands. Quicksilver and Magneto fare no better. Yet Bustle considers that story, along with House of M, famous tales, not Wanda and the Vision's marriage in the Bronze Age. What makes a story where a lady is turned crazy-cliche more enjoyable than one where she romances a sentient android?

To make matters worse, Joss Whedon is quoted from a podcast telling what appears to be another lurch to the cliche of attacking fictional characters:
It’s disingenuous to make, as I refer to it, a war movie and say there is no price. In this movie we’re saying, ‘prove to me that you guys are heroes.’ And [Quicksilver] is the guy who is the least… the most arrogant, the most annoying — if you watch the DVD extras, an incredible pussy hound — and Hawkeye genuinely hates him and that’s the guy who saves him. I knew that it would be resonant and it would make everything work and matter more…
It's a bit confusing, but I think Whedon was saying that Pietro is just some irritating jerk - not how he was characterized - and this justified wiping out his movie counterpart? If that's the case, it's making me feel even less sorry for him after the trouble rabid feminists caused him. He's only proven he does not have what it takes to recognize the potential of any fictional character, nor does he seem to value Mark Gruenwald's argument about every character being somebody's favorite, and why you shouldn't kill the characters off lightly or ruin their appearances in retrospect.

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"Shocking" is the new thing to look for, not characterization, in news.

To be fair, Whedon's Wanda is far, far closer to the character of the Bronze Age. She's troubled but rational and selfless. She has all the little details; the shyness, introversion, temper, and formal manner of speaking.

Bendis pretty much ruined Wanda by removing vast chunks of her character, making her entire character revolve around Magneto, removing Chthon entirely, completely ignoring Django and Marya, and missing the point that Wanda is a truly self-made woman.

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