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Monday, July 27, 2015 

Creator comments on Louisiana theater shooting

Here's what a couple of writers/artists - nearly all familiar names - are saying about the terrible shooting that took place last week at a theater house in Louisiana:

What I want to know is if he thinks arguing for better education is sane talk. I just don't see why nobody complains about poor educational curriculum in public schools that could enable crazies like those to spawn.

But what about innocent civilians in urban areas?

Umm, hasn't that been painfully obvious for centuries? What is the point here? To say only firearms are the problem and not mindsets?

Remember that according to men like Marz, gun-free zones aren't a problem.

Can we go any length of time without hearing leftists blabbing on about gun control?

Hey, that's a good point! Maybe he should tell his buddy above that. Sage advice.

I wonder why nobody, not even this man, cares about education.

Out of curiosity, does he at least respect all the women and minorities who make up a big chunk of the buyers for guns? I'm sure he may realize a lot of the women who bought guns did so for self-defense. And on that note, I don't suppose he might at least be willing to argue that more women should learn karate for self-defense? All these cheapie complaints by these creators solely about guns are not helping. And isn't it weird that they're willing to comment on this incident, but none save but one ever commented on the shooting in Tennessee at a navy base a few weeks before?

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Let's say concealed firearms will become a necessity, how will the average person with said concealed firearm handle a high-pressure/unexpected situation compared to the practice range?


It's illegal for mentally ill man to get gun.

Mentally ill man acquires gun anyway because of bureaucratic incompetence.

Mentally ill man engages in mass shooting in "gun-free zone."

Mentally ill man commits suicide when he meets resistance.

Anti-2nd Amendment crowd thinks the answer is more power for the incompetent bureaucrats and fewer rights for the law abiding.

Silly Ari. You don't give a woman a gun to protect her. You give her a whistle, because we know rapists hate the sound of whistles. It's in their DNA. That or it's supposed to summon a big strong man to save her. Alone. In an empty parking garage. At night.

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You'd think if these good "progressives" were so concerned about human life, they'd be tweeting like mad about the Planned Parenthood videos.

Hube, A lion is more important to them. Remember only Black lives matter.


Speaking of Planned Parenthood, whatever happened to the concept of "abstinence"?

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