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Thursday, August 06, 2015 

Greg Capullo gets in hot water by retweeting sick joke about Cosby

The Outhousers presented a list of tweets from a whole row that cropped up after artist Capullo retweeted what looks like a crude joke about the disgraced "comedian" who's been unmasked over the past several months as a rapist who harrassed, drugged and assaulted at least 3 dozen women going back as early as 1965 when the adventure series called I Spy was first broadcast on TV.

Thinking about Capullo's act, I honestly think what he retweeted is insulting, and besides, this was a guy who once took the wrong side in the Ferguson riots, which doesn't make me confident he knows what he's doing here either. Let us consider: murder and rape are NOT funny subjects, as I'm sure many targets and victims of the latter can attest, and it makes little difference whether the meme's writer was mocking Bill Cosby. What he deserves - especially now that key portions of the investigative transcript were released - is angry and disgusted condemnation.

The site's got screencaps of a list of the tweets. I looked up some of Capullo's conversation on his page, and decided to post a few of the tweets direct so we could see what he says:

If it was, I think it was a filthy joke. What was the idea, joking about a martial artist being supposedly invincible, and needing quaaludes to paralyze her?!? The more I ponder this tommyrot, the more I think it was in poor taste, and I think everyone would be even angrier if jokes like those involving Stephen Collins were made. So why do it with Cosby? I'm sure some of his victims would say it's repellent. Capullo made a very poor choice for something to joke about. If he's working for DC right now, he might also want to consider that the company he's contributing to once published a very reprehensible miniseries in 2004 called Identity Crisis that made light of sexual assault, and the script made it look like "magical lobotomies" to change the villain's personality were of far greater importance than what the villain did to the civilian woman he anally raped. One of the most jaw-droppingly disgusting scenes I've ever seen anybody have the gall to illustrate into direct view of the readers.

And was Gail Simone defending Capullo? Well if she's doing it within the context that he didn't make a mistake, that's galling, and does nothing to improve the knee-jerk image she's earning now.

After the deposition of Cosby's testimony from 2005 was publicized, I was petrified with horror. This was NOT some kind, caring father-figure at all. This was only some ice-cold fraud with a bizarre personality disorder who saw nothing wrong drugging a woman against her will, all so he could force himself upon her far more easily. One of the most alarming violations he committed had to have been his assault on Victoria Valentino, whom he violated after she suffered the tragedy of losing her son in a swimming accident. Another was his more violent attack on Barbara Bowman. The man is pure evil. By the end of the day, after reading the account of how stupefyingly icy Cosby had been, I was mad as hell, far more than I felt back when the news made official headlines in October. And now he's paying a very heavy price for his past sins. He's lost his talent sponsors, more performers are withdrawing their support, the Disney Corp. removed a bronze statue from the Hollywood Studios theme park, and Philadelphia's municipality removed a mural from Glenwood Avenue/North Broad Street with his drawing on it. I'll shed no tears over his downfall. A whole segment of my childhood experiences turned out to be nothing more than an insulting facade that wasn't worth all the celluloid it was filmed on. I will never waste time on his products again.

And as for Capullo, he might want to think more carefully about what "jokes" he wants to retweet involving serious issues. Similarly, Simone might want be more careful about defending creators with poor taste.

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As usual, Marz has been tweeting obnoxious things about republican candidates. Dude's such a moron.

Sensitivity only works in one direction for leftists. Hell, Ron Marz once made a homophobic "funny" about Doug Ernst and I because -- gasp! -- we share some political beliefs. HAHAHA! But I Doug or I had tweeted it, we'd never hear the end of how hateful, homophobic, bigoted, etc, we are.


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