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Saturday, January 09, 2016 

Conway sells out on Marvel creations, and only blames "right" for Oregon takeovers

More of Conway's hugely disappointing leftism in motion. We'll begin with a comment he made about Marvel's diversity propaganda:

Oh, that's a good one there. Biggest problem is that it's all flash but no substance. Another is Conway himself - he's pretty much made clear he doesn't care for much of the past body of work he did for the Big Two, or any company, for that matter. And that's hugely disappointing. In that case, why did he bother working for them years before, if he had no faith in what he wrote for them and the hard work he did? What's ironic here is that last year, he was complaining about DC's payment policies and other credits for contributors, a valid issue in itself. But then, he apologized to the top staff when they honestly don't deserve any, and neither does Marvel. What's the point of complaining about how they throw past creators under the bus when his worries are superficial at best?

Besides, how does he know new readers (and there's very few of those today) even find it cool? What if they ultimately find it all dreary?

Next,here's some apparently political conversation he had with a reviewer:

Part of Conway lives in an alternate dimension himself. Apparently, all his news comes from left wing propaganda, and he has no ability to consider how a left-wing news source is capable of saying/doing something dishonest. If he can't come to terms with that, there's no point in attacking right wing sources that may do the same.

Next thing you know, we'll find out he's gloating over the notion that "righties" may be doing something illegal in Oregon, just so he can celebrate right-wing bashing (and look at the hashtags he's using too). Which would make him the opportunist.

So there we have more examples of a guy who has no compass, artistically or politically.

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If everyone you know is a limousine liberal, and all of your news comes from PCNN and MSDNC, then Obama, Sanders, Clinton, and Kerry sound normal. Even when they are saying that ISIS is "contained" (the day before the Paris massacre). Even when they say that terrorism has "nothing to do with Islam" (after the Paris massacre, and the day before the Mali massacre). Even when they call for increased Muslim immigration (after the San Bernardino massacre). Even when they promise to violate the First Amendment and "take action" against anyone who says anything that could be considered "anti-Muslim rhetoric" (after a San Bernardino resident admitted that he noticed that Tashfeen Malik and Syed Farook were acting suspiciously, but he did not report it, because he was afraid that he would be accused of racism and Islamophobia).

And leftists live in some alternate reality (Earth-PC, or more like Bizarro World), where a stand-off in Nevada or Oregon, in which no one is killed or injured, is "terrorism," while riots in Ferguson and Baltimore are "protests." And an attack on a US consulate is a "spontaneous protest," and a fanatic yelling "Allahu Akbar" while shooting unarmed victims in an Army hospital is "workplace violence."

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