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Sunday, December 25, 2016 

Why does it matter that WW defeated fellow crimefighters?

Since we're so on the subject of Wonder Woman lately, here's another item, an article from IO9/Gizmodo telling about moments in very recent, 21st century history where WW whupped several superheroes who got her pissed for trivial reasons. And it begins with:
It’s amazing that anyone would ever dismiss Wonder Woman. She’s a better fighter than Superman, and more powerful than 99.9 of most other DC characters... and she’s got the fight card to prove it. [...]
Umm, I don't think that's very easy to say about a fictional character. She's only as good as she's written, and it's the same with Black Canary, Supergirl and Zatanna. Only as effective as the writer depicts them too. Besides, I don't think it's advisable to say she's infinitely more powerful than a guy who's invulnerable to bullets, blades and explosives.

But that's probably nothing compared to the plot of Greg Rucka's WW: The Hiketeia. Guess what Diana does there?
Let’s start big, shall we? In Greg Rucka’s The Hiketeia, Wonder Woman swears an oath to protect a woman who also murdered someone in Gotham. [...]
Hmm, I must be missing something. At the same time, this could explain how we later wound up with a story circa Infinite Crisis where WW was made out to look bad after breaking Max Lord's neck to save Superman from mind control.

When they turn to a Justice League story where Diana struck down Green Lantern, they say:
WW can break any Lantern construct she wants with sheer force of will [...]
By that logic, Superman should be able to do the same. So what's their point? And then, to make matters worse, they turn to that insulting story from WW #219 with the neck-breaker matter:
[...] In the real DC universe, whenever Superman and Wonder Woman fight they tend to reach a draw—because they come to a truce so they can team up to defeat actual bad guys, or because one of them is momentarily evil and the other doesn’t want to hurt them.

The latter was the case in Wonder Woman #219, where Maxwell Lord tricks Superman into thinking that WW was Doomsday, and has killed Lois Lane. Superman goes all-out—why wouldn’t he?—not only punching Wonder Woman into outer space, but punching her back to Earth, too. He blasts her directly in the face with his heat vision. He crushes her wrist in his hands. And not only does Wonder Woman get up every single time, she holds back, because she doesn’t want to hurt her friend. She eventually finds a (rather controversial) solution, but the fact is she takes the absolutely worst punishment Superman could dish out, and she’s ready for more. [...]
Including Kal-El's rejection of WW because she stopped Lord in the only best way she could find, no matter how dangerously close Supes was to costing innocents their lives? As loathsome as it was to see Lord turned into a villainous tool in that tale, the notion Superman would just flat out condemn her because she was trying to avert disaster is even worse, and makes him look ignorant.

All that aside, these stories they cite were all published post-2000, so again, I don't see what's so significant about them. Mainly because they're all about a heroine who beat down other heroes, and that's hardly what I consider news compared with the times she defeated villains. Still, what can you expect from such a pretentious site that was once owned by the awful Gawker network.

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