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Thursday, March 02, 2017 

Another creator bases convention trips on his politics, and Perez goofs again

George Perez isn't the only artist/writer who's making a terrible mistake of boycotting US conventions over political disagreements. Even the Australian writer Tom Taylor's making the same mistake (via Newsarama):
I want to start by saying this decision was incredibly difficult. I was really looking forward to this trip. I have traveled to the US regularly since 2009. This year, I have four different books with three different publishers, and a TV series to promote. Beyond this, I have fans and colleagues I was looking forward to meeting. I also have many good friends in the States, and I was looking forward to catching up with all of them. Truth be told, I’m missing them.

But America, through no fault of most of its citizens, doesn’t feel like a safe or welcoming travel destination at this moment.

There have been reports of interrogation, phone data downloads, requests for social media accounts, returns and five-year travel bans and everyone from children to the elderly being detained. All of this has many people I’ve spoken to reconsidering or cancelling their US travel plans.
It sounds like he's deliberately blowing everything out of proportion, or won't accept that in this day and age, the dangers of terrorism make it inevitable that even Australia's security would have to do do this. I do wonder why he won't identify the people he's spoken to clearly. Does he actually lack the courage to defend his positions, and that's why he won't? Oh, and who are "most of" the USA citizens he's talking about?
I don’t want to happily visit a country that is in the process of denying entry to so many, purely because of where they were born or what they believe. And so, I won’t. I truly hope things change soon. I hope America becomes the welcoming place it has been for me, and so many others, for so long. I hope I can again visit without trepidation, and I hope the country, once again, welcomes refugees who need America more than I ever will.
Ah, how fascinating. Forget where they were born, why doesn't he have any issue with what they believe? By that same token of logic, even adherents to nazism would be fully welcome into the US, no matter how dangerous they could turn out to be. Taylor's said to be writing All-New Wolverine, one of Marvel's diversity-pandering titles, and also DC's Injustice, so I don't think there's much reason to care whether he does visit the US or not again. Again, there were plenty of disappointed voices on Newsarama, and one said:
Wuss. I love his writing, but this is utterly ridiculous. If you actually listen to what Trump has been saying (and, BTW, I am, by no means, a Trump supporter), instead of what the mainstream media is saying. He is NOT against immigration or immigrants, he is against the ILLEGAL and CRIMINAL immigrants that want to come over here to this country AND DO US HARM. There is a difference.
And another said:
I'm sorry, I don't like Trump in the slightest (voted for Gary Johnson) but what "white" terrorism are you speaking of exactly? I mean, the guy is a douche, but in this instance he only temporarily banned travel from countries that are on the state department list of terror sponsors. He didn't put those countries on that list. There are literally dozens of other predominantly Muslim countries, and many other middle eastern countries that he did not ban travel from.
See, even people who didn't vote for Trump recognize it's not what Taylor's making things out to be. Another said:
It's certainly true that there are a lot of white leftists that have no problems using terror to silence people they disagree with too. Especially at our universities. But of course that isn't what you mean, right?
Except 1) Trump didn't ban all Muslims from entering the US and the left acts like he did and
2)when a mulism that was registered as a democrat goes into a gay night club and kills people saying he did it for Islam and the Democrat head of the department of Justice says a day later that she we might never know what the motive was and then a week later at the New York City gay pride pride is a massive banner saying that Republican Hate kills. Ridiculous? Totally yeah. Yet also true. And what would have happened if there was a Islamic Hate kills banner? Nevermind. Only those evil nasty republicans hate.
That's just the problem with Taylor's mindset. He's practically made up his mind and thrown even liberals under the bus. And then, another said:
These people need to get over themselves. I'm all for a protest, but when you bite the hand that feeds you… It's just demonstrates A lack of any common sense.
Exactly. Biggest problem is that he's politicizing his whole career.

And since we're on the subject of Perez as well, I'd hoped he would turn around, and he almost did...but then it turns out he's making just two exceptions, and using them as an opportunity to support corrupt leftist organizations:
I have not changed my decision, I will be attending conventions in red states this year but those were commitments I made last year, before the election was held. It would have been unprofessional to cancel on them if the organizers deemed that they still wanted me there. For those shows I am donating the money I earn at the shows to charities benefiting causes now in danger, like Planned Parenthood, several LGBT causes, Immigration and feminist supporters. After these prior commitments I will no longer be accepting invitations to shows in red states. I am sincerely sorry for any disappointment or enmity this decision has engendered, but this is my choice and my right.
Maybe so, but that doesn't mean we have to fund it. I've got a feeling far less visitors to the conventions will turn up at his tables if they don't want their money getting wasted on organizations that abuse dead infant bodies and profit from the same. Oh, and do the "feminist" supporters he wants to donate to include those who support terrorists and sharia? It's a terrible shame when such a fine artist throws away any past qualities to admire by upholding movements that only abuse their donors by taking the money and using it for all the wrong reasons. And on top of that, he's spoiling his reputation for the sake of politics by letting it all get the better of him, and forcing everybody who likes his past portfolio to take it all with a grain of salt. What if this is a reason why conventions may be losing out big time to movies, music and other mediums that have overtaken the presence of comics at conventions for years now?

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There have been a lot of accounts of "white terrorism" in the media lately. Beloit College, University of Central Florida, Bowling Green State University, University of New Mexico. And all were exposed as hoaxes.

CBS News reported on a cross-racial hate crime in Chicago. The handicapped victim was tortured by assailants who called him the N-word and who "repeatedly referenced Donald Trump." That's literally true-but the victim was white, his attackers were black, and what they repeatedly said was, "F*ck Donald Trump!"

There have been accounts in the news of Muslim women whining about how they are afraid to wear their hijabs in public. They are free to go back to their home countries, where they could be executed for not wearing hijabs.

CNN is soliciting sob stories from Muslims. They set up a hot line where you can call them and tell about how you and your family have been affected by the "Muslim ban."

So I called them and said that my family and I have not been blown up by ISIS.

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