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Thursday, July 27, 2017 

Feminists enraged at actor in Supergirl TV show who made joke they hated

The Daily Caller's told that there's feminists angry at actor Jeremy Jordan for a goofy song he played about assumed lesbianism between the Maid of Might and Lena Luthor:
The popular superhero TV series, Supergirl, is at the center of such a controversy. Over the weekend, the show’s cast talked about the relationship between the show’s main character, Kara Danvers, and a new character named Lena Luthor (Lex Luthor’s daughter).

Katie McGrath, who plays Lena Luthor, said in the extended interview that neither she nor the show’s star Melissa Benoist, expected to be “shipped” as a couple, but added that it was up to fans to have their own take-aways of the show.

Actor Jeremy Jordan had other plans, and sang a song about how Kara and Lena are only friends and nothing more to riff on the “Supercorp” relationship. “They’re only friends! They’re not gonna get together! They’re only friends!”

Fans of the show who enjoy the idea of Supercorp were offended by his performance, calling it “gross” and “unnecessary.” On Supergirl, Kara has been romantically involved with several male characters and is undeniably heterosexual.
But apparently, there's jerks out there who want to go to the next rock bottom level, and even if Kara Zor-El's not subject to the degradation of practicing homosexuality, the show's obsession with both that in the guise of guest casts and various other aspects of leftist agendas is dooming it.
Feminist vertical The Mary Sue took their offense at Jordan’s joke to the next level, claiming that his decision to make light of the “relationship” displays a “fundamental misunderstanding of why shipping is so important to LGBTQIA fans.”

Writing for the site, Vivian Kane says that representation of such minorities is “severely lacking on television” and that it’s important for fans to be able to dream up queer relationships between otherwise heterosexual characters to make up for it.

“And the very last thing those fans need is to be laughed at by someone on the show,” she says.
Truly, who's laughing at them? I for one just feel sorry they're making such a big deal out of the ideology and won't ask for anything else, like characters discussing the Armenian Holocaust of WW1. Or how to make Thai meat dishes and goodness knows what else they're missing out on. If anybody had to laughed at, it could be the Mary Sue writers themselves in their whole self-appointed spokesperson mode. But in the end, even they're people to pity for their own obsessions. Besides, if those SJWs really value their sick fantasies that much, even Mr. Jordan's song won't keep them from doing so.

I guess we might as well focus on a few of the reader comments now, like this one:
I stopped watching Supergirl because of the awful two lesbians they highlight in every show. these homosexual shows usually don't last. This is what killed Dr. Ken on TV recently - they kept showing the two gays guys kissing --- that's when my family turned off Dr. Ken. And we have turned off Supergirl as well.
It'll be interesting to see what the exact Nielsen ratings are for the series now, because there's every chance they've tumbled pretty low on the TV charts. Somebody else also said:
Turned off Gotham as well.
And I won't be shocked if it's just as obsessed with forcing the same agendas down everyone's throats. It reminds me of the time Greg Rucka was writing a Batman spinoff, Gotham Central, and he turned Renee Montoya into a lesbian out of the blue. And he never apologized for it. And there's more in the comments about another DC-adapted series:
Same here this last season just turned me off. Same when the crap started with Legends. These idiots are pushing this on our children is why they stick it in comics. Seeing anyone straight couples or same sex making out doesn't enhance the show. But this is done 4 political reasons. Notice how they in advanced shot many of the current series playing before the election and the show has the First Female POTUS in these series. They honestly thought Killary would win. They set out to help her look strong via a contemporary fictional character
Yup, as I'd noted earlier, the Legends of Tomorrow show has become more like Left-Wing Legends. And without a doubt, if you know where to look, you'll find the comics proper features quite a few of these SJW examples too, putting the notion Dan DiDio and company are sorry for what they did years before in doubt. If any of these TV shows based on DC creations are cancelled, it'll be for the best. It's regrettable live action's taken precedent over illustrated entertainment too, IMHO.

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