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Wednesday, July 26, 2017 

When creators block fans on Twitter, they risk losing audience and sales

Here's a recent video commentary on how Kurt Busiek blocked the video's recorder on Twitter because he couldn't stand criticism of his SJW stances and such. A good point's made how quite a few writers/artists are such a touchy bunch and can't handle disagreement. To the point where Kurt actually responded:

Umm, what if it turns out Kurt just unblocked him and pretended it never happened? That would make him pretty dishonest.

At this point, the best answer to that query is "no". Even before he left, there were traces of his specific politics turning up, and it wouldn't shock me a bit if today, he'd be willing to inject them full force into whatever he's writing. Not to mention he'd surely go along with the incoherent "continuity", to say nothing of the retcon to Spider-Man's marriage with Mary Jane Watson.

We're not blaming him per se, but considering he's been an apologist for Peter Parker's deal with Mephisto, for example, even if only indirectly, one could argue he had an indirect effect on their sales as well, if he won't lament how awful they've become ever since he left the titles he was scripting, like 2 years worth of Iron Man (subsequently taken over by Joe Quesada for one), as well as Avengers and Thunderbolts.

I thought it was the other way around. If he thinks they're "conservative", even though some Gamergate supporters are leftists and libertarians, then he all but shuns them. Could be ironic, but there you have it; he doesn't care about his liberal fanbase either.

Hey look, the acronym was coined as an allusion to those who believe in "being inclusive", but in reality believe Thor, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, Captain America and the Hulk should be replaced by protagonists based on race/gender/religion, all at the white protagonists' expense (DC's also guilty of this, as seen shortly after Identity Crisis was published). It also alludes to disgraceful "moralists" who believe decent displays of female sexuality are an abomination. They even have issues with people who correctly state the sexes. Did I mention a lot of these dimbulbs don't seem to buy the comic books and other products in question, regardless of whether they reflect their Orwellian viewpoints or not?

I'm glad to see there's vloggers out there who're shedding light on the sad case of comics creators wallowing in rabid leftism, and succumbing to social justice at the expense of a lot of the ideas that brought them success in the yesteryear.  The vlog commentary is just as valuable as what the simpler bloggers have to say on the same subject. And if writers like Busiek are going to block dissenters instead of just respectably disagreeing or taking their views with grace, then they can't be surprised if somebody's going to speak up about the harm they do to the comics medium.

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The terms "SJW" and "politically correct" began on the left. They became pejorative because of the excesses of people who self-identified as such.

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Politically correct is a much-used term that refers to being so absurdly concerned about offending sensibilities that you use mealy-mouthed language or become overly-obsessed with cultural appropriation and forget about more important issues; it is always a sarcastic term, whether used by liberals or conservatives.

SJW has a nastier history. It originated in the alt-right/neo-fascist on-line world; the word warrior is used sarcastically, and the acronym was also meant to evoke Single Jewish Woman, like a personal ad or dating site abbreviation; there was a hint of bigotry and demeaning sexist talk to it, like putting a name in (((triple-brackets))) to indicate that the person is Jewish. It has migrated onto populist propaganda sites like Breitbart and from there to MSM news sites like Fox and the commentators for some of the populist tabloids. It is always used sarcastically, a derogatory reference to people who advocate for civil rights, like the Southern Poverty Law Centre as an example. Mainstream liberals and left wingers woild be more inclined to talk about Social Justice Wash-outs!

If anyone can find a non-ironic use of the acronym SJW by any left-leaning person before, say, the last presidential election, I would be happy to acknowledge that I am wrong, but somehow I doubt it.

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