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Tuesday, August 01, 2017 

Will any of Marvel's top brass get the pink slip for their bad conduct?

According to this news, it's possible that one or more of Marvel's executives could face dismissal for all the harm they've caused to the shared universe in their care:
[...] The gossip amongst comic book professionals, a number of whom work for Marvel Comics, that Marvel is about to lose someone senior. That Disney (with a little cajoling from Kevin Feige's people) are demanding a scalp over the negative publicity that surrounded the publisher earlier in the year, a mix between Nazi Captain America and Diversity Disaster. Someone like Ike Perlmutter is far too powerful in the organisation, is a major shareholder of Disney and is in with the President and other senior Republican figures – and with copyright laws coming up for discussion again, he’s very well placed to help Disney keep control of Mickey Mouse and Winnie The Pooh.

But I’m told a sacrifice is demanded. Mind you I can’t think of anyone at Marvel who wouldn’t be instantly snapped up by the competition. So any golden handcuffs are going to have to be very will-gilded indeed.
Somebody at Marvel is definitely guilty of bringing them down to where they are now, and will have to be removed from management, but will they actually recognize the guilty ones? Specifically, Joe Quesada and Axel Alonso together, for some. It may not have begun with them, but they have long been part and parcel of the problem. When it wasn't ruining continuity and characterization, it was politics and publicity stunts. They reached a real nadir when they forced the erasure of the Spider-marriage down everyone's throats, topping it off with the faustian pact with Mephisto.

And there's several writers/artists who have to be distanced from Marvel too, like Brian Bendis, Dan Slott, Nick Spencer, and even Ta-Nehisi Coates. And that's just for starters. All those stunningly leftist hack writers with nothing but contempt for the audience have no place in comicdom, and their continued presence at Marvel will only be as much a liability as Quesada's long been. I'd think it vital to note they don't appeal to women.

At while we're at it, if somebody at Marvel has to go, shouldn't some of DC's own staff be on their way as well? Dan DiDio and Geoff Johns are two of the most obvious names who have no place in that company either, and the former's already turned off so many people in his own way, he too would only come as a liability. If we're hearing about industry pros discussing a Marvel employee waiting for dismissal, shouldn't we be hearing about somebody at DC facing the same, for all the right reasons? Among contributing writers, Greg Rucka is another whose stories are not worth the paper they're printed on. Not to mention DC's had their own share of SJW-pandering that won't cease so easily unless somebody reminds us why we have to keep speaking up.

If any and all of the rotten apples clogging up Marvel were dismissed, it could prompt DC's owners to follow suit, but audiences and such would still need to speak out and make clear they don't approve of the latter's rotten apples any more than the former's. Then, there's a possibility the Big Two's reputations could one day be salvaged.

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Slight update from that, as Executive Vice President and General Manager Peter Philips and Vice President of Digital Products Kristin Vincent were let go, this past weekend:


So, it's already begun. As for the rest, we'll see, but wishful thinking. There's an embarrassment of riches there, especially over Quesada, Alonso or Amanat alone.

Just one question: where do you expect to find enough people qualified enough to replace those getting fired?

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