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Friday, September 29, 2017 

Witchblade's being revived, this time with a lady writer/artist

Top Cow's decided to relaunch the Witchblade series, this time with a lady writer and artist assigned to helm the storytelling:
The announcement that [Caitlin] Kittredge and [Roberta] Ingranata will be helming the Witchblade reboot marks a first for the series, which centers around an artifact that only offers its power to women but has never been led by both a female writer and artist.
For a product like Witchblade, having a lady writer could certainly be a first, as I don't recall any others before (though if memory serves, one of the early co-creating artists was Christina Z, and another lady artist named Laura Braga also filled the illustrator's role several years ago), although talent and skill should obviously be crucial if they want this revival to succeed.

But you know what else could be a good first? If Marvel were to assign a talented lady writer to Spider-Man. I don't think Spidey ever had a lady writing to date, not even Ann Nocenti or Louise Simonson, and if not, maybe it's high time there were some, but again, skill would have to play a leading role in the assignment, ditto restoring Spidey to a tasteful status, like before the Clone Saga and the "Final Chapter" from 1998.

Unfortunately, it's pretty apparent at this point Marvel's not going to let go of Dan Slott, he who's done more than enough to alienate plenty of female audience who'd surely want to try out the web-slinger's books. Another reason they'll surely never bother at this time to hire a lady writer is because she may want to restore Mary Jane Watson as Peter Parker's wife, and no decent writer should want to go into an assignment at the Big Two so long as they're stuck on terrible mandates, and crossovers that could boomerang back on them. There are a lot of advantages for female contributors in having the creative freedom to use Mary Jane as Spidey's wife and co-star, but the Quesada mentality is obviously making it impossible.

The awful Tom Brevoort's also confirmed in an interview they're keeping Slott around:
Are the creative teams on these books for the long haul?

TB: I think that depends on what you mean by the long haul—some of them, such as Dan Slott on Amazing Spider-Man or Jason Aaron on Thor have already been on for a very long haul, and will continue to be. Others will cycle through when the storylines that they’ve set into motion come to their natural conclusion—both Dan and Jason, for example, will one day no longer be writing Amazing Spider-Man and Thor respectively, though that time is still a ways off. This is one of those questions to which every title has a slightly different answer, and even what the fans want varies depending on who you ask: you want your creators to stick around, but not for too long where they begin to get stale, etc.

So, short answer: barring the vicissitudes of fate and business, the creators doing these various titles should be there regularly—though not necessarily the same “regularly” in every case.
Somehow, I find it hard to believe he actually cares about business, because no matter how many copies they're selling at store level, it's not being bought much in turn by the consumers with those kind of awful writers around, not the least being Brevoort himself. Point: Brevoort's part and parcel of the problem, and if he's around, so too will be many bad writers like Slott, Aaron, et al. And their work was stale from the start. If they're going to base their choice of writers on clannish beliefs, not on what fans really find appealing, then they're not being responsible business executives. So long as Spidey's in such disarray, they'll never regain any larger readership.

As for Witchblade again, the lady assigned will hopefully be more deserving of the assignment than Ron Marz. But, if Top Cow intends to pander to SJWs and/or ultra-leftist politics as Marvel's been doing, and can't be expected to cease doing so easily, then they're only going to damage the series when they have a chance to set a better example by getting back to the kind of fantasy writing they were known for at least 2 decades ago. Entertainment comes first, not partisan politics.

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