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Wednesday, November 01, 2017 

Are leftist creators saying as much about the Weinstein scandal as they are about the O'Reilly scandal?

The news about movie mogul Harvey Weinstein being discovered to be a serial sexual harasser/rapist has been making headlines for at least 2 weeks now, but when I tried to see if any comics writers/artists had anything to say about it, all I could find was two talking about former Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly's own atrocities. For example, Gerry Conway, who'd worked in Hollywood himself, does mention Weinstein's name in the 2nd example posted here, but seems to downplay it for the sake of attacking Fox:

To which I'll simply say: who says Fox is conservative in every sense of the word, or, more importantly, innocent? They are most definitely not saints, and Conway comes off sounding little more than resentful and vindictive anybody would pan his oh-so precious liberal culture, one that also produced Gerard Jones.

Umm, don't be too sure of that. Women aren't incorruptible either. Then, responding to a Talking Points Memo item about O'Reilly's pathetic lamentation the NYT's "out to get him", Conway says:

But are liberal men like Conway out to get Weinstein for the damage he's wrought to their carefully crafted image and culture? I haven't seen many creators talking about Harvey's revolting backstage behavior, which puts their sincerity in doubt, as usual.

Besides Conway, one other veteran I found concerning himself only with O'Reilly and conservatives was Steven Grant, who'd scripted a Punisher miniseries in the mid-80s:

But what about Weinstein, whose first wife was nearby when he tried harassing French actress Florence Darel at a hotel? Grant didn't mention Weinstein at all, in effect canning all balance that would've made his complaint about O'Reilly more effective.

Here's one more member of comicdom who's talking about the topic, Bill Sienkiewicz, and he's a lot more candid, and willing to address the Weinstein affair with clearer condemnation:

He states he recognizes Weinstein committed a huge wrong, but also says in his first Facebook post, noting that he'd seen Weinstein hang out at a Connecticut bar:
My recollection of Harvey is of him standing - (and he was an imposing guy; everyone keeping their distance, even those who had zero clue as to who he was-) while he pointed at the bar's tv, which was often dialed into news programs, deriding the day's dose of right wing political idiocy.
If nothing else, I admired his political p.o.v.
How can you admire it when said movie mogul makes it look bad by committing serial harassment and sexual assault? This is hardly the time to say you like somebody's political leanings when he only made liberals look quite evil. And then, in the third Facebook post by Sienkiewicz, after he says he was tempted to draw Weinstein in the same vein as he drew Steve Bannon, he says:
But besides being too 'on the nose', Weinstein Is an easy target and obvious borderline waste of energy, energy that might best be used elsewhere.
Evidently, we'll never see him drawing Bill and Hillary Clinton in a negative sense, despite their own terrible deeds. Wow, is that cheap, to say Weinstein's an easy target, and only conservatives could possibly be hard and challenging ones! Pathetic. Besides, I'm wary of the fact he considers German premier Angela Merkel worth supporting despite her own grave mistakes, which does not make me feel confident he understands most of this stuff properly.

I tried looking further for examples of leftist comics scribes addressing the Weinstein case, but had no luck. They evidently don't recognize the seriousness of the issue, and if they won't address the Weinstein record, it only suggests we can still never expect them to convincingly condemn comicdom's insiders who commit felonies. Though there were a few who indirectly addressed Eddie Berganza's own lewd acts, they otherwise skirted around the subject, and have since tried to abandon it altogether. Their silence - to say nothing of their double standards - will only ensure that, whenever sexual abuse occurs in comicdom, it'll never be tackled properly.

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The SJWs chant the "Bill O' Reilly" to divert attention from the scandals in Hollywood, and at NPR, NBC, and Rolling Stone.

And the woman who made the complaint against O'Reilly has been prosecuted for perjury in another case. That does not prove O'Reilly is innocent, but it does hurt her credibility, and it raises a reasonable doubt.

And innocent defendants often settle lawsuits out of court, because going to trial would cost even more time and money.

There is a president-sized hole in this discussion. The fact is that we have a guy in the White House who was known for his sexual proclivities long before he ever talked about running for office, and who has normalized sexual assault. His first wife wrote a book in which she talked about how he raped her. He has stated on tape that he sexually assaulted women, and his defence is that he lied about it, boasting about sexual assaults that he never actually committed to make himself look like one of the boys.

No one has nominated Trump for sainthood. Many people who voted for him considered him to be the lesser evil.

Leftists seem to think that Trump's supporters have the same kind of mindless, cultish devotion to him that the leftists had toward Obama and Hillary Clinton. But most Trump voters see him as a flawed person who may be able to push the country in the right direction on key issues. Tax reform, welfare reform, immigration reform, and national security.

IIUC, O'Reilley's accuser called the cops on her boyfriend in 2015, and accused him of pistol whipping her. She later admitted to lying about it, and was charged with making a false police report. The charged was eventually dropped.

She also accused O' Reilly of calling her "hot chocolate," but that turned out to be her own nickname for herself.

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