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Saturday, November 11, 2017 

Buzzfeed covers the case of Eddie Berganza's sexual abuse acts

As the coverage of sexual harassment and abuse in Hollywood continues, it figures the comic book industry would likely be the next place investigating journalists would visit, and Buzzfeed's just run a big item focused primarily on Eddie Berganza, whom DC never fired even after he committed several offensive acts:
Liz Gehrlein Marsham had been working at DC Comics for less than three weeks when she said a veteran editor named Eddie Berganza cornered her, stuck his tongue in her mouth, and attempted to grope her.

For Marsham, who was 29 at the time, a foot in the door of DC had been a dream come true. “I was so excited,” she told BuzzFeed News. “I ran around the office the first week taking pictures of things and sending them to my parents.”

But the six years after that 2006 encounter were a “period of slow heartbreak,” Marsham said. Berganza’s actions and DC’s response would change the course of her career — and become fodder for the rumor mill surrounding Berganza and the increasingly open secret of his misconduct. Marsham would be forced to choose between working under Berganza, who she said made her feel profoundly unsafe, or avoiding him at the cost of advancing the career she'd been so proud to start at DC.

“By the time I left,” Marsham said, “I was really demoralized. I was physically ill from being stressed all the time and trying to hide it. I just felt like I needed to get out, however I could.”

Within an industry that has created some of the most influential American fiction serving as the basis for blockbuster films, TV shows, and video games, Berganza has become notorious for the contrast between his personal conduct and professional success. Professionally, he’s moved through the ranks at DC from group editor to executive editor and back again, shepherding properties like Superman and Wonder Woman — properties that grow more valuable by the day as superhero movies dominate box offices and define pop culture. Berganza has become a quintessential company man at a big company inside an even bigger company; DC Comics is part of DC Entertainment, which is owned by Warner Bros., part of Time Warner Inc.

While Berganza’s misconduct is alleged to have occurred years ago, with no fresh accusations suggesting he continues this behavior, the recent reckonings of powerful Hollywood figures like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey have emboldened more victims across more industries to tell their stories. Now, for the first time, three women who say Berganza targeted them in the past have come forward to BuzzFeed News. Five people, including two of those women, confirmed that they spoke to higher-ups at DC about Berganza’s behavior.
Yet this article has a few faults, such as Dan DiDio and Diane Nelson's lack of mention. After all, they're pretty high up on the corporate ladder at DC, so they should surely have responsibility to shoulder for allowing Berganza to not only continue employment, but also to get enormous promotions. Why then don't they warrant mention, nor the former's own oversight of Identity Crisis, which could explain in part the initial tolerance for Berganza's perverted behavior?

It's worth noting that early in his career, one of the first books Berganza was assigned to edit was Green Lantern, at the time Gerard Jones was writing it, and earlier this year, let's remember, Jones was arrested for illegally storing child porn on his computer equipment, and suspicion of committing an even worse physical crime in Britain. Is that an eerie coincidence two scum worked together on the same books?

And while it's good Berganza's been exposed by a major news outlet, one has to wonder what the situation is over at Marvel. It was alleged some time ago that at least one employee for Marvel committed felonies, yet that appears to have been swept under the rug and not reported again for a long time now. Any chance Buzzfeed's willing to tackle the mystery of whether Marvel's protecting sex offenders like DC's executives have?

Update: since we're on the topic of sexual harassment, I've noticed Ty Templeton has testified that Julius Schwartz, in the years after he'd retired as editor and was making appearances at conventions, engaged in lewd behavior, if anything. However, seeing as this was at a convention, I'm honestly skeptical, mainly because most industrialists usually go after those in the same professions, and don't usually target "outsiders". Only 2 women whose allegations I read on Facebook once sounded credible: Jill Thompson and Wendy Pini.

I notice that Martin Pasko's also addressed the case, and while there is one person on the thread whose response may seem credible enough, namely, Pini, I'll have to note that Pasko cites a certain reporter named MacDonald whose allegation I was skeptical of because she acted as apologist for Identity Crisis, and anybody who's going to excuse such a revolting "product" does not rate high on my trust list. There are a few others on the thread who may be more believable, but MacDonald? How do I put this any simpler: nope. Come to think of it, Brian Augustyn and Stephen Bissette aren't either, and Templeton, again, may be exaggerating.

Update 2: and now, here's some alarming information regarding MacDonald explaining why these allegations should not be taken seriously at all: she once acted as apologist for a CBDLF manager. After discovering the news, I'm fully convinced Schwartz, if anything, is not guilty of the offenses these betrayers claimed he was, and am hugely disappointed with her for sowing seeds of division to suit her PC agenda. If the "witnesses", whose claims are pretty superficial and say nothing particularly revealing, were deliberately in on an attempt to smear the reputation of a man who's no longer around to defend himself, they should be absolutely ashamed of themselves too.

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