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Wednesday, January 03, 2018 

Busiek blabbers about white privilege

Here goes Busiek arguing with other tweeters again, and not coming off very impressively. Here's where it begins:

There's much better stuff one could wish for, but Busiek's missed every chance. What we could wish for is that Busiek would just let it all go, or that his editors/publishers would tell him to knock it off with stuff we'd rather not hear.

Umm, if the discussion is about lesbians, they do have it harder than men, if we take Andrea Constand's case at Temple University as an example: the board of trustees under Patrick O'Connor didn't take any action against Bill Cosby when he was first accused of assault by Constand, her lesbian leanings notwithstanding. And she's white. Oh, must we mention that this is a mostly liberal establishment in focus here at Temple? So what's his point anyway?

Busiek didn't try to discuss anything seriously. Nor does he consider the notion a ladies' room where men are allowed in under the basis they're allegedly transgender will be all peaceful is pure imagination at its worst.

So only heterosexual white men have privilege, but not homosexual white men like Harvey Milk, Kevin Spacey and Bryan Singer? I fail to see the logic here. But, since he's so concerned about straight rich whites, how about liberal white men like Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein? If he hasn't even brought such loathsome left-wingers into discussion, nor how the latter was a donor to the campaigns of the former and his wife, there's no use complaining about privileged white guys, I'm afraid. Say, and what about Eddie Berganza, who, from what I've learned, was a native of Guatemala? He was protected by the higher echelons at DC, and one could say he had his own privilege provided. That doesn't count?

Then it'd have to be there regarding the other type of white men too, wouldn't it? Even non-whites like Bill Cosby, who exploited his background for violating dozens of white women, and black women too.

So let me get this straight. He's trying to say whites all have advantages in the health industry, but not blacks? Sorry, does not compute when you consider all the not-so-rich whites out there who aren't faring as well. Like, for example, my own grandmother from my mother's side of the family, whose doctors didn't do a good job and ultimately failed her health by the time she'd passed away in 1986. There's also an aunt and uncle of mine who once lived in Broward County, Florida, who're far from wealthy, and the healthcare they got was very iffy. But hey, if he wants a white man who's got a most unfair advantage in the health industry, how about Jean-Marie Le Pen, who seems to be rolling in dough at his advanced age, and has lived as long as he has just to undermine France's efforts to stop Islamofascism properly, along with his daughter Marine's own political campaign? I have no doubt the establishment there was quite fine with having him around just for that reason.

Including individuals like Busiek!

It also makes no sense to differentiate based on racial background.

In that case, he'll have to acknowledge privilege exists among the left. Later, when one guy points out how there've been disparaging comments about Ben Carson, possibly by "woke" SJWs, he says:

Wait a sec. Does that mean he's minimizing any grave issues involving the hostility Carson's facing as a conservative? I'm afraid that's just boomeranging back to one-sided attacks on the right again, all the while ignoring any errors made by the left. Bad deeds exist on both sides of the political spectrum, and if Busiek's only interested in one, then nothing will ever be solved.

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Kurt is "woke" now that he's made his mark on comics. He never would consider giving up HIS privilege to allow a woman or a minority to take HIS job -- then or now -- because, for a well-to-do progressive white guy, just being down with the "cause" is good enough.

Kurt is resisting because he wants to keep getting assignments in comics and wants his books ordered by librarians, who are considered the future customers for comic books. Since librarians are overwhelmingly socially liberal, he has to display that he is an acceptable kind of white man, a white man who is self-flagellating himself for his "Whitness".

What people have failed to notice is that the gatekeepers in comics, the administrative staff of comics and journalists that cover comics, in the last eighteen years has been staffed by people with social justice degrees. Womens Studies', African American studies, etc. Axel Alonso, the recent sjw EIC of Marvel, had a sociology degree, which is practically a degree in Critical Theory. I had a sociology teacher in college, back before sjws were a thing, who said that falsification of data within sociology was rampant--which means people with strong political views coming out with social justice degrees will lie and smear as much as possible to push an agenda--These people, who earned useless degrees did not all go get McJobs, they were hired for administrative and journalist positions--and although they earn much less money than administrative staff and journalists did in the past--and less money than their peers who choose more sensible majors in college--they revel in the fact that they can destroy people who are more successful than them with lies and smears.

Kurt is well aware that a someone with clear and obvious mental disabilities like Daryl Ayo can destroy him on social media and so he treads carefully.

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