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Tuesday, February 13, 2018 

Marz makes another negative comment about Trump, and attacks the Comicsgate campaign too

Wouldn't you know it, Marz is going against the campaign whose goal is to help save the industry you'd think he loved. First though, here's a more political tweet he wrote:

Good grief, that is just so disgusting what he wrote. And I don't think we need R-rated Star Wars movies either; I just think we need more entertainment that isn't littered with stealth politics that take away entertainment value. He's probably trying to put words in other people's mouths, and make it sound like the subject is about something totally different. Anyway, here's where he answers another writer/artist's query involving the Diversity & Comics videos:

It's always possible to just log out and look at the Twitter page manually, so what else is new? He continues to justify his visions:

But the important goal is to conceive a story with elements and merit that'll entertain the audience enough to buy and read the books. Otherwise, how will they make money? This would surely apply very well to creator-owned products, because the writer usually hopes everyone will buy his/her story, right? And if they don't put a lot of good work in development, then it's no surprise when it doesn't succeed in the end.

I've heard that some more comics stores have been closing recently. If nobody buys the products in the store, the managers won't be able to maintain a fully operating one.

So Stan Lee wasn't working for the readers when he introduced all those famous heroes in the Silver Age, was he? My, how fascinatingly biased. But no surprise for anybody familiar with Marz's run on Green Lantern.

And Marz feels good to be part of something - the establishment! Comprised of the very people who thought it fully acceptable to turn Hal Jordan into a murderous monster, in a precursor to the SJW activists of modern times.

And this is a prime example of a "creator" insulting the audience. He doesn't appreciate any dissent, and can only think to respond with the utmost cynicism and contempt. What a shame.

Oh, and since we're still on the subject, he replied to a right-winger posting a picture of a conservative he admired with the following:

Spoken by one. I think he should ponder those the Democrats have had in their ranks, whom the party only began recently to turn against. And maybe he should also consider refraining from being so negative towards the Comicsgate movement that's recently begun to pick up steam. Otherwise, he can't be surprised when the industry finally collapses under all the serious errors it made, not the least being Emerald Twilight in 1994.

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The public buys the merchandise. Without them, the retailers will go out of business. Without retailers, the publishers (and wholesale distributors) go out of business. Ultimately, the buying public are the most important link in the chain.

Marz is whistling in the dark when he predicts an upswing, and when he says that the business is cyclical. The comic book medium is obsolete. Kids now are into computers and video games. And the adult collectors and fanboys are too few number to support a medium.

DC and Marvel exist solely as IP, to be mined for more profitable media and merchandising. Sales figures are a fraction of what they once were. And even those figures are artificially inflated, because collectors and speculators buy multiple copies of each issue.

Speaking of "choosing your own reality," Marz and his ilk call ISIS Trojan Horses and MS-13 gangsters "Dreamers," and they call honest, hard-working, tax-paying citizens "deplorable."

At this point, I believe that the Direct Market needs to implode. I've never publishers and their employees care so little about their product or customers. I wonder where Marz thinks the upswing in sales for comic books is going to come from. Does Marz think that the upswing is going to come from the sjws who aren't buying anything now?? Does Marz think the librarian-driven "Young Adult" for graphic novels is going to replace the Direct Market? What happens if funds to libraries are cut and the k-12 market Scholastic market for Graphic Novels dries up?

"Sales figures are a fraction of what they once were. And even those figures are artificially inflated, because collectors and speculators buy multiple copies of each issue."

The industry is pinning its future on academia replacing collectors and speculators. Librarians and mandatory leading lists from teachers will be doing the inflating of sales from now on. Academia typically embraces things that fallen out of favor with the public, like classical music, jazz, and now comics. Marz might be right about who creators answer to. In academia, content creators create for publishers.Publishers produce what educators, "critics", pundits, and politicians want. The market of academia is elitism at its finest.

If there wasn't a decadent culture of deconstructing the intellectual foundations of Western society, permeating among the elite and the Intelligentsia , comics being absorbed by academia would not be such a bad development but we have an intellectually bankrupt intellegensia that can no longer defend any artistic standards it is worried that artistic standards would exclude someone.

If academia does to comics what it did to Fine Art, the medium will fade into oblivion because no one would be able to describe what it is because descriptions, rules and conventions are discriminatory.

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