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Saturday, March 24, 2018 

SJWs throw Dan Jurgens under the bus after all the pandering he did for them

I've noted before some of Jurgens' pretensions - certainly in modern times - as a writer. How he wrote stuff that could be just what SJWs were delighted with. But now, that pandering personality of Jurgens has worn off with them, as one of Bleeding Cool's crummiest writers attacks Jurgens for being critical of overweight people taking up room on an airline. He apparently erased his comments from Twitter proper, which read as following:
Immense fat guy shoehorned into the seat next to me. Seriously, these folks need to buy two seats or first class.
And responding to others criticizing him:
When the belly fat pours over the armrest Jabba the Hutt style it gets ridiculous.
Nobody seems to realize obesity that bad can pose a problem in a tight space, and certainly not the clown who went after him on BC. His own statements are as follows:
Of course, a First Class plane ticket can cost 10 times as much as a regular ticket, and even buying two regular seats can be expensive depending on the flight. And the problem with airline seating seems to be one of the airlines’ making, as airline seats have continuously gotten smaller and smaller, even as the average size of Americans has gotten larger, part of a general trend to cut costs and pack more travellers onto a single plane. Even for an average-sized person, a trip on most modern airlines is far from comfortable. For a person of above average size, it can be a nightmare.

Given all of that, reactions to Jurgens’s tweet were negative, accusing the writer of fat-shaming, lacking empathy, and contradicting the principles he writes about, amongst other things. But Jurgens followed up by doubling down.

It looks like Jurgens hasn’t yet reconsidered, even though several followers have responded by telling him he’s lost them as a fan. Maybe he’ll have a change of heart by the time he lands? Perhaps he even talked with the “immense fat guy” who was unfortunately seated next to him and gained a new perspective on the issue? If this were a comic book, that would be the ending we’d expect to see.
So, they're accusing him of "fat shaming", are they? No matter how unfortunately wide it can make a person, to say nothing of unhealthy and at risk of cholesterol and cancer inside? Sigh.

One of the commenters defended Jurgens' criticism thus:
I'm a fat guy and I support Jurgens 100%. If someone is causing you discomfort in a tight, claustrophobic space, at the very least you should be able to vent about it on Twitter. He didn't give names or post a photo of the dude.

Many years ago, I tried to get on a coaster, but I couldn't fit in the seat. To make matters worse, several park hands tried to help me fit. They were respectful, but it didn't make it any less embarrassing. People in the line were upset, but I don't blame them. They waited an hour and a half, and I was holding everyone up. They had a right to be mad. Anyways, I used that as motivation and slimmed down. Two years later and 75 pounds lighter, I went back to the place of my shame and rode it 20 times (it was the winter. Best time to go to the boardwalk).
See, it's not like most fat men and women want to be that way. It has its unhealthiness, as noted, and there are fat people who've suffered heart attacks, including my own father in 1994; he was lucky to survive.

All this aside, as I'd noted before, Jurgens is anything but a conservative, and in the past year, he even wrote a story in Superman where illegal immigrants and and Islamists were made to look like victims of white supremacists. Even earlier, he may have been the first writer to abuse Obsidian from Infinity Inc by changing his sexual orientation; some way to respect the hard work by Roy and Dann Thomas alright! In other words, he was doing exactly what SJWs of today would like, and doesn't seem sorry about it.

Which makes this a case of those same SJWs deciding he's no longer useful to them and betraying him, as I'm sure Lenin betrayed some of his "useful idiots". I don't approve of what BC is doing with Jurgens, but at the same time, considering this is a guy who's been involved in projects that hurt the DCU more than helped - including the story in Superman where Cat Grant's son was killed by the Toyman in 1993 - that's why I can't just go out and support his modern work at all costs. I do own some of his work as an illustrator on Green Arrow when Mike Grell was the writer, and even some back issues of his runs on the original Booster Gold run from 1986-88, Captain America and Thor in the late 90s, but beyond that, I find it difficult to support the work of a man who aided and abetted the dumbing down of the DCU and/or MCU. Catering to bad SJWs who won't even read his books won't ensure they'll give him their eternal backing.

Update: it gets even worse. Jurgens just congratulated the scribe of Identity Crisis for a book ranking as a best-seller:

Wow, as if he couldn't make things galling enough, now he has to associate himself with Meltzer, while Orson Scott Card, presumably, isn't somebody Jurgens would converse with. This is truly sad.

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Liberals are allowed to disagree with each other. Liberals who don't like what Jurgens says about his fat seat mate aren't betraying him by having a different opinion. It is not a club with a creed that members vow to adhere to. Just like not all conservatives are white nationalists.

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