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Friday, October 12, 2018 

Bendis criticized for a book line lacking women's involvement

Looks like more SJWs are turning against their once precious representative, Brian Bendis, as he launches a special line of books at DC called "Wonder Comics":

So this guy, who's worked as a reviewer for the AV Club, is concerned that there's no women working with overrated Bendis - whom he actually admires - but not with the poor story quality of modern superhero writing, which Bendis has to shoulder some blame for, yet none of that matters to him. Why is he taking notice now, years after Bendis didn't really work with any women on his Marvel projects, wrote stories that were insulting to women, including the superficial restoration of Scarlet Witch's "craziness" from 1990, the scene where Tigra gets bashed up by the Hood, and even the tasteless misuse of Jean Grey? All that said, there's a certain fascination in seeing the SJWs turn against Bendis, their stated fandom notwithstanding.

Since we're on the issue, the dreadful IO9/Gizmodo's got more on this line of books he's overseeing, which includes a new take on the Young Justice series originally written by Peter David in 1998-2002, and it involves another writer who may have already drawn attention for the wrong reasons:
While Bendis will “curate” the line, he won’t be involved with every book in the initial roster. He’ll co-write Naomi with David Walker, featuring art from Jamal Campbell, a new series based on a new young hero. Meanwhile, Mark Russell and Stephen Byrne will lead a new reboot of the Wonder Twins, the first time Zan and Jayna will be seen in DC’s post-Rebirth continuity. Sam Humphries and Joe Quinones round out the extra teams with a new take on the classic Dial H for Hero book, described as an “updated take on the Silver Age classic” about a magical dial that could let ordinary people temporarily become superheroes in times of crisis.

That leaves the heaviest hitter of Wonder Comics, the new Young Justice book. It doesn’t build on the animated series (which got its own short-lived comic series in 2011); rather, it’s the original Teen Titans continuation after that team was aged up and rebranded as simply Titans in the late ‘90s. The new Young Justice—written by Bendis and with art from his Action Comics partner Patrick Gleason—will reunite the original team. Given that it’s in-continuity with DC’s current comics, that makes for some interesting returns. Tim Drake’s Robin and Donna Troy’s Wonder Girl will be reunited with both the Connor Kent version of Superboy and Bart Allen as Impulse, as well as a new character for the series dubbed “Teen Lantern”—a young girl who hacked a Green Lantern Corps power ring to use for her own.
Say, is that the same Walker who attacked conservatives during his Nighthawk writing, and exploited Avengers for Occupy Wall Street propaganda? Some of the people Bendis' working with do seem to be recruits he brought over from his Marvel days, and that could explain how they now turn up working on some of the books under his new imprint lines too.

As for a revival of Young Justice, I don't expect it to retain the same tongue-in-cheek humor David gave his incarnation before it was cancelled by editorial fiat, all for the sake of Geoff Johns' take on Teen Titans, which was illustrated by the morally bankrupt Mike McKone, who's since made a PR embarrassment of himself. And that series had the additional problem of being overshadowed by joyless darkness and a forced sense of humor that stunk of desperation by phonies trying to prove their work was worth every dollar wasted. Even Bendis' humor is very weak, and the notion a man whose past work was "adult" in a very immature way would be suited to work on books spotlighting young teen protagonists is simply dismaying. There's a reason why no sensible woman should want to work on comics alongside Bendis. Something that's lost on the AV Club writer, I guess.

Also, Comics Beat ran a fawning interview with Bendis and artist Nick Derington over their current DC work, and this annoying part came up about Green Lantern:
Dar: That’s really funny to hear because you’ve been playing with Green Lantern’s friendship with Superman in those books.

Bendis: Green Lantern doesn’t have a normal relationship with anybody. And I got to the point where he just realizes it. He goes, “You’ve never been to my house!” And Batman goes, “I’ll come to your house.”
It sound juvenile already, and since when doesn't GL have normal relationships with anybody? Or, what makes GL's relations and interactions with anybody so different from many of his fellow superheroes? Hal Jordan didn't have good relations with women like Carol Ferris and friendships with Tom Kalmaku? I'm not impressed with what Bendis says, which implies Hal Jordan is a real person, and doesn't specify this is a fictional character who's had either simple or wacky relations with anybody in past decades of his existence, and what he thinks is the best rendition overall. If that's how he runs his business, that's precisely why he was never suited to write superhero comics at all.

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" Why is he taking notice now, years after Bendis didn't really work with any women on his Marvel projects..."

He did create the Miles Morales Spider-Man with Sara Pichelli, so Worked with a woman on one of his most significant projects.

Why don't they criticize him for lacking real dialogue?

If women were involved in the project, then SJW's would complain about the lack of gays, Muslims, African-Americans, or undocumented immigrants.

Professional SJW's need an issue to justify their sinecures. If there were no racism or sexism, they would invent it.

I suppose there are others who would complain about the lack of far right white males.

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