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Monday, April 05, 2021 

Connecticut cartoonist promotes LGBT propaganda

Here's an atrociously oozy article recorded from the New Haven Register, where a cartooning specialist who's presenting himself as transgender says the comics medium is his "most fluid language":
Local cartoonist KC Councilor owes more than just his livelihood to comics — they’ve gifted him a significant part of his identity.

“It was through drawing, and not until I was in my 30s, that I realized I was trans and wanted to transition. Now both of those things are a fundamental part of my identity,” he said.
Translation: he read all about the science fiction notion of changing one's gender, and decided he wanted to make a political statement for what Andy Warhol described as 15 minutes of fame. This is what's really dismaying about these people from far-left establishments, they see this "fad", and decide they immediately want to be part of it, without any consideration for whether it does little more than alienate anybody else away from them, including liberals themselves. And we thought the punk subculture of the 70s and 80s was bad enough.
About a decade later, Councilor believes it is important to share his experience. He said he did not personally know any out queer people growing up, and representation was limited to small bits of media, such as the episode of the sitcom “Ellen” in which the lead character played by comedian Ellen DeGeneres comes out as a lesbian — an episode Councilor taped on VHS.

“It would have made a big difference to know any out queer person growing up, and I didn’t,” he said.
How does he feel about the sex abuse scandals discovered at deGeneres' studio? Some workers even alleged she herself acted reprehensibly towards them. I don't see how that's somebody to admire. Yet this guy seems to think he's some genius for what he latched onto and whom he considers a "great" influence. Which is another problem: whether or nor they knew other LGBT practitioners in their neighborhood, they certainly were influenced by the worst Hollywood has to offer.
Last week, during which Trans Visibility Day fell, Councilor and his partner spoke with a support group for parents of trans children — many who worry that their children will never be happy or find love amid a national environment rife with transphobia. Despite those threats, Councilor feels it’s important to demonstrate examples of trans adults who overall are doing fine.

Too often, Councilor believes, the narratives around trans people involve a universal experience of instantly recognizing their own gender identity from the moment they have conscious memories. Despite his choice of two-dimensional, linear comics as a medium, Councilor hopes through art to give more definition to the sometimes ambiguous nature of being trans.

Councilor said he was presenting himself as a “butch” lesbian when he was a graduate student and took a course with the famed comic artist Lynda Barry in 2012. He said he was comfortable with “discomfort,” having a suspicion for about 10 years he was not “a little blonde girl” as many had known him in his adolescence but being unable to say it with words.

Comics changed that.

“I really feel like comics is my most fluid language. It takes a lot of time and practice, but it’s something that is approachable and accessible to a lot of people,” he said. “Being trans is a very complicated thing to move through the world; I find it’s one of the best ways to communicate that experience to others.”
From what I could tell from a picture in the article, this appears to be a biological male, whatever's being told here, but in any event, what matters is that he's most regrettably an ideologue who couldn't give a damn what anyone thinks of his identity politics. It's a shame any medium is exploited for pushing this unscientific, petty embarrassment, yet that's what this guy's doing, right down to delegitimizing women's rights to privacy:
Councilor said he believes it’s important for there to be trans people in the public sphere to counterbalance anti-trans narratives in politics and media that are consumed by queer youth.

“The messaging is that you don’t belong,” he said. “You can’t use the public bathrooms or play on the teams, like where can you go? It’s a squeezing-out of public life.”
Ahem. If men like him were to just recognize their own biological gender, join with men's sports teams and use men's bathrooms, they'd be part of public life, and not shunned by women rightfully offended that some male's acting like a creep, using a "protected class" status as a weapon against them. It's the same when it comes to women pretending to be men. And it's a terrible shame people like these are so monumentally obsessed with ideologies and issues. Obsession can be a very dangerous and unhealthy thing. Now, the ideology in focus is making it difficult for women to function properly in public life, and to make achievements on their own terms, because men who couldn't give a damn what women think (and obviously don't comprehend how women usually think, nor were they taught to) are using Orwellian tactics to erode their privacy and dehumanize them, in example.

And it's terrible when the comics medium is exploited by such propagandists with narrow, self-serving interests to further their ideological standings, mostly because compared to film and television, it's pretty cheap to produce by comparison. Basically, what this oddly named propagandist is doing is carrying on the concept of political cartoons, something which, if you know where to look, can be employed for purposes quite negative, unfortuntely.

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Got any posts condemning trans-women or do you have a fetish for them?

Does this one really grind your gears considering this is where you were born?

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