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Saturday, April 03, 2021 

Newsarama/Games Radar gushes over the "best" Muslim Ms. Marvel tales

Here's Newsarama/Games Radar making such a forced fuss over a character who's only been around several years, all because she's written as a pious Muslim, though as expected, they don't acknowledge that part openly:
It's only been a handful of years since her debut, but Kamala Khan (aka Ms. Marvel) has become one of the new faces of modern superhero comics. She's embiggened herself to become a star of the recent Marvel's Avengers video game, as well as both the Marvel Rising and Avengers Assemble cartoons. Later this year, she'll make her MCU debut in Disney Plus' Ms. Marvel TV series, followed by a supporting role in 2022's Captain Marvel sequel.

So what makes her such a big deal? A few reasons. Kamala Khan is the first Pakistani American superhero to star in her own comic book series, and has also been a member of prominent Marvel superhero teams such as the Avengers and the Champions. Through all of it, her character is down-to-earth and relatable - must-haves when you're dealing with some sometimes mind-bending elements as superheroes and space aliens. That, combined with her own coming-of-age story, makes her a star.
First of all, her being of Pakistani background is not the issue. In fact, it's quite a welcome idea. But making her an Islamist and normalizing the belief system most definitely isn't. And that's what they don't seem to get into clearly in this puff piece, though when they discuss the origin story, they say:
Kamala Khan is a sixteen-year-old girl from Jersey City who is a massive nerd with strict parents. While sneaking out to a party, the Inhumans' Terrigen Mists descends on Jersey City and causes Kamala's polymorphic powers to awaken. Initially, she is unable to control her abilities and unconsciously shapeshifts into the blonde-haired version of Ms. Marvel to try and fit others' expectations of a superhero.

It is only after a talk with her best friend Bruno Carelli and her father Yusef Khan that she decides to be herself. This decision is solidified with Kamala's unique take on the costume that honors both her civilian identity and her cultural heritage with a burkini featuring a lightning bolt, gold bangles, red scarf, and mask.

Almost everyone has a moment in their life when they feel pressured to be someone they are not. Kamala Khan's origins as Ms. Marvel show how these feelings don't go away easily just because you now have superpower powers. Although Kamala Khan is a legacy hero that shares the title of Ms. Marvel with others such as Carol Danvers, Kamala demonstrates that you can use your special abilities to become a better version of yourself.
That's the closest they ever get to referencing the Islamic religion in itself, and confirmation they realize this is such a hot button issue, they don't have the courage to say why they believe it's acceptable to exploit a superhero codename employed before for the sake of an ideological agenda. And if she's to better herself, I don't think adherence to a religion that advocates the worst a person can do will ensure improvement. Predictably, they only speak of her leading role in the disastrous Avengers game superficially, ignoring how badly developed it was, nor do they provide any sales figures for her own book.

If there's anything else peculiar about the ensuing stories, it's the following from a tale called "Damage Per Second":
While playing a session of her favorite online game World of Battlecraft, Kamala discovers that one of her guild members knows her real identity and where she lives in Ms. Marvel: Damage Per Second. Upon investigating further, she discovers the culprit is Doc.x, a sentient computer virus that is fueled by negativity on the internet. Doc.x then blackmails Kamala to upload them into S.H.I.E.L.D's computers or risk them outing Zoe as gay and telling the world Ms. Marvel's secret identity.
First, this seems to represent a dishonest narrative in how Islam approaches homosexuality, in ways far worse than Judeo-Christianity ever have. Second, in this day and age, the idea most anybody else is going to care whether the character in question is a lesbian is hopelessly silly. And above all, it sounds like yet another theater of the absurd preachfest.

I guess that sums up just how poor a news source Newsarama really is, and this was evident even before they merged with Games Radar. They're little more than a tabloid news source now.

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You really can't think up any decent insults about Khan, can you? Believe me there are a lot more inventive and accurate things you could criticize about her if you'd step away from Islam for two seconds.

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