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Friday, September 23, 2022 

Fluff-coated article about Geoff Johns' return to Dearborn, Michigan

The Press & Guide of Dearborn wrote about a visit the awful Johns made to the Arab-American National Museum, where he gave a predictably sugarcoated conference, which references "multiculturalism" and "inclusion":
Comic book writer and TV showrunner Geoff Johns is a bit of a superhero himself. His superpowers are dedication, perseverance, the ambition to follow his dreams and the chance to inspire others.
After all the cheap sensationalism his writings of the 2000s built on, I wouldn't consider him a superhero, so much as a trojan horse like Brian Bendis, who's the closest in similarities to Johns, since his work, too, built on much the same at the time. That's why it's insulting to the intellect to say he's "dedicated", unless it's to deconstructing much of what corporate-owned superhero comics were built on in the first place. And that's why he's just so uninspiring to most others.
The acceptance and celebration of multiculturalism and diversity of characters both in graphic novels as well as in TV shows and movies motivates Johns to want to develop more characters that are representative of the culture that surrounds us, he said.

[...] “Justice Society,” “Shazam!,” and “Green Lantern,” for example, are all DC Comics properties that Johns reincarnated with more modern, multicultural heroes to better reflect what the world really is.
Yes, he was, to some extent, one of the early advocates of wokeness, and the politically motivated premise he wrote in GL a decade ago, was definitely an early example of where one could say he stands now. It's mentioned in this article as well:
The last time Johns was in Dearborn at the AANM, it was just prior to the release of the first issue of “Green Lantern” to feature Simon Baz, who at the time was a new member of the Green Lantern Corps., and was a Muslim from Dearborn. He was introduced that week, as a car thief, selected to become a hero.

Since the beginning of his creative career, Johns’ hallmark has been writing heroic and inclusive characters, [...]
I think his dedication to "heroism" is questionable at best, since he went along with the direction taken at the time Identity Crisis was being pushed as the path to come at DC, at the expense of established white heroes. That's the main reason why, much like the time Hal Jordan was replaced with Kyle Rayner as GL, replacing Firestorm, Silver Age Atom and 2nd Blue Beetle with Black/Asian/Latino protagonists in the costumes didn't work. Yet this was the early example of DC race-swapping established white characters several years before Marvel did the same, and anybody wondering where all this laughable woke propaganda began should take a good look at what DC was doing back then.

Also notice how it's told, without irony, that the Baz character was presented as an auto thief, in a story building on some very insulting cliches, as though that's not a questionable way to characterize a man we're meant to view as heroic. It's also strange how a writer who may not be of Islamic background himself doesn't want to introduce an Arab protagonist of non-Muslim background, whether a Christian adherent, a Judaist, or even a Buddhist. So what's that they're telling about "inclusivity" again? Because Johns sure didn't think very big, and pretty much turned his back on all the non-Muslim Arabs out there, like Nonie Darwish, to name but one example. And that just proves Johns is not very inclusive at all.

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