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Tuesday, February 09, 2010 

Ed Brubaker forces Captain America to crash Tea Party

Once again, Joe Quesada, Ed Brubaker and their left-wing company at Marvel spare no expense in abusing Captain America for the sake of attacking contemporary conservatives and America, as Brubaker does in a story called Two Americas (Hat tip: Hube at Newsbusters). And yes, it's Bucky who's subject to this, but it really doesn't matter whether it's Bucky or Steve Rogers, it wouldn't be acceptable with either of them. Opposing people for objecting to government run heathcare, or any kind of big government lunacy, is just utterly tasteless, as is exploiting established characters for awful politics.

I've come to realize for a while now that Brubaker was bad news, and this has to be one of his foulest acts yet, for a writer who's as much a kneejerker as any of Marvel's other current contributors. This is truly awful, and for this, he should be avoided.

I've also been pondering that maybe the book publishing divisions of Marvel and DC should not be under corporate ownership. If Warner/Disney want to maintain the rights to movies, toys, and games, that's fine. But maybe the book publishing divisions should just be under the ownership of something like Macmillan. But definitely under an ownership that isn't so vast, and with more responsible overseers. That way, this kind of nonsense wouldn't take place so easily.

Here's more from Publius Forum (via Hot Air).

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The Captain America in the story is Bucky.

Thanks, I'll correct that part. I was having difficulty telling who it was in the drawings. I'd written the post in the evening, and that could tell why I was confused.

Pretty ignorant and offensive stuff from Bru and co. Then again, from Joey Q's Marvel, we've come to expect no less.

Brubaker says some of the most objectionable stuff wasn't him. It was some anonymous person in lettering or editorial. Probably. Maybe. Most likely.

Yeah, right.

Amusing how the Mystery Letter Man (ooh, intrigue!) has the protesters using 'tea bag' epithet, when it was actually Brubaker's kindred (Andy Cooper, MSNBC-bots, et al) who started throwing that one around.

From Robobucky to Nomad's BS offing to Captain Olbermann, boy has Eddie pissed all over this title.

Okay, I can't stop myself.

"It's very similar to other things we've done in the comic, showing leftwing protest crowds back during the election season in 2008."

Oh, and did you include them in a story arc, featuring murderous leftwing terrorists and an insane Communist Cap impostor to murder police and overthrow the government? We're not just talking about some background art here, you twit.

"I didn't think so, personally."

I can't read minds, so can't be 100% sure, but have to confess to some skepticism here. Sorry Eddie. Cry wolf enough and folks just ain't too eager to believe you.

"Memo to Bachman and the rest of the tea crowd -- We had a revolution already, it's called an election."

Yeah, and it turned out to be a big S.O.S. (Same Old S%*$). Some revolution. Oh yeah, Obama has, like, totally changed everything and did everything he promised, man. /passes bong.

"But Brubaker was adamant that he did not intend to imply that the group of protesters in the comic book were Tea Partiers."

So you didn't write the 'anti-tax, anti-government' stuff? Hard to imagine you're talking about anyone else here. A glance at the mob and the dialogue doesn't make me think 'Rachel Maddow Fan Club Meeting '10' or anything.

Absolutely hysterical. Next Qrapsada will be telling us Civil War had nothing to do with Gitmo and the Patriot Act, and Craption will disavow any connection between his X-Men themes and the whole gay rights bit. Come on.

What Degu said. :-)

I have no love for the teabag crowd. That said, Captain America doesn't need to be infiltrating the Tea Party any more than the Teen Titans needed to be infiltrating the peace movement.

1) a political story automatically alienates a big chunk of your potential audience.

2) "Torn From The Headlines!" dates what should be a timeless story.

3) Supervillans need superheroes to keep them in line. Ordinary people already have the police, the FBI, the CIA, etc. Good grief, the tea party's keynote speaker couldn't even remember the three main talking points without checking the notes written on her palm. What's Cap going to do? Give her some hand lotion and tell her to memorize better next time?

Good grief, the tea party's keynote speaker couldn't even remember the three main talking points without checking the notes written on her palm.

Yeah, really! And then Cap can go after Obama's teleprompter! Obama can't remember even one talking point let alone speak off the cuff for a sentence or two!

Here, Hube; have some tea and calm down.

Besides, I presume Spiderman is in charge of the teleprompter. Pity Peter Parker wasn't whispering in his ear, or Obama would've done better in the debates.

But seriously, while I have no particular love for Obama either, I think putting superheroes in on either side of contemporary issues is a big mistake.

After all, my favorite candidate hasn't palled around with Spiderman OR been targeted by Captain America. My side gets ignored. *sniff*. ;-)


"Originally Posted by Mistress' Gimp View Post
Brubaker views Captain America as a liberal, if I recall correctly.

No. I always said he wouldn't be one of the other. He was raised during the Depression, he saw the good the New Deal did. He loved FDR. But he also spent most of his adult life in the military, which is hardly a place for liberals.

I always saw him a moderate guy who would see all sides of any issue. And most people in the military I knew thought all politicians were asshats, and were not too interested in politics. I kind of thought Cap would be that way.

How killing Cap is part of our "liberal" agenda, I just don't understand. Unless the Red Skull is meant to represent Karl Rove, and a bullet is meant to represent lying."


"QUESTION: Some writers (such as Englehart and Gruenwald) have protrayed CA as a political liberal, and others much more conservative (such as Jurgens and Kirby), and others don't think his personal politics matter (such as Waid). What are your thoughts?

BRUBAKER: Steve is his own man. I think he's seen enough of the world in all his years to know that both sides are highly flawed. I see him as more of a progressive (which is both different and better than a liberal) like FDR, because he grew up under the New Deal, but I think he'd agree with the more conservative Eisnehower's warnings about the corporate military industrial complex and its involvement in Government, as well. Like I said, he's his own man. I don't think he's a partisan in any way, though, because then he wouldn't stand for the people of his country, or the truth."

You know, in the "Death of Captain America" story arc, there were protestors screaming outside the White House, and one of them had a peace sign (the broken cross thing) tattooed across her face. I just noticed that, but it would imply the protestors were left wing.

Now, those left wing protestors are part of a plot by a Nazi who wants to take over America from the inside. And at one point, when SHIELD agents (under the Nazi's control) fire on the crowd, one of the good guys mutters something like "those maniacs must have driven them to it."

A liberal looking for an axe to grind could, frankly, construct a much more plausible story of "Captain America politically motivated!" out of that than the conservatives have done with this little episode - being associated with Nazis is much worse than being associated with militias, and a character saying in essence "these crazy people deserved to be shot" is much worse than calling anyone "angry white folk."

Yet I don't recall any outpouring of left wing outrage or any attempts at creating a phony scandal, like there was after this. Jesus Christ, you guys have the thinnest skin in creation. The Tea Party protestors, like the anticorporate protestors of the "Death of Cap" arc, were there as background to make the comics fit into the present day. Brubaker is not on a personal crusade to humiliate you, or subvert your children's minds. Man up, would you?

Political views have to color a writer's tenure, why?

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