Wednesday, May 06, 2015 

Classroom education potential

The LeHigh Valley Express-Times wrote about inker Scott Hanna's attendance at the Phillipsburg Comicon, and how he thinks comics make a good educational source for schools.


Tuesday, May 05, 2015 

Marz parrots the narrative of the MSM about the attempted jihad in Garland

This is one of those times where Marz really becomes a disgrace, as he makes his own comment about the attack at a Draw Muhammed contest in Texas:

So, he wishes that the AFDI and other such movements were craving to become martyrs or something? That sounds an awful lot like Ron Paul's mindset, to say nothing of what 9-11 Trutherists go by. I guess he also doesn't think Pamela Geller's still very attractive at 50-plus years of age.

He doesn't even thank the brave policeman whose actions prevented any potential disaster from occurring, nor does he even congratulate the attendants for their own bravery in sending a message to Islamofascists that they won't be intimidated. He's done nothing more than follow CNN's lead in victim-blaming, and must think Donald Trump makes a great politician. Of all the snide remarks Marz could blurt out, this is one of the grimiest.

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Joss Whedon was driven off Twitter by his own side

Coming just a few days after the huge box office opening for the Avengers sequel in movies, Whedon erased his Twitter page because of a stream of nasty messages he was getting from rabid feminists and such over some lines involving Black Widow in the film. The first one was:
The first issue is a throwaway joke during a scene in which the Avengers take turns trying to lift Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) hammer. When Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) makes his attempt, he says that as ruler of Asgard, he intends to re-institute Prima Nocta.

Prima Nocta is the right of kings to sleep with any woman on the night of her wedding. BuzzFeed’s movie critic referred to this as a “weird, old-timey rape joke” a week before the film was even released in the U.S. More recently the feminist site Feministing jumped on the bandwagon, criticizing the joke.
I don't know enough about how the Prima Nocta custom worked, but if it really was about demanding a woman who's about to be married to a different man have sex with the king even if she doesn't want to, then no, it doesn't sound like a very appealing joke. On the other hand:
The other issue which seems to have angered critics is the behavior of fictional character Black Widow (Scarlett Johannson) in the film. Again, spoilers ahead.

Late in the film, Black Widow reveals that she is unable to have a family because she was sterilized as part of her training to be a Russian spy. In the same scene she suggests that she, like Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo), feels like a monster. Some critics took this as a suggestion that those unable to conceive children are monsters.
Yeah, this might've been an overreaction, since what the screenwriters might've meant was that she felt like a monster for being a commie spy. If that's the case, then this was taken out of context.

That said, the sad thing is that, despite his personal record of past writings featuring female protagonists with strong writing, Whedon wrote the introduction for DC's misogynist screed called Identity Crisis, which conflicts with his standings on women's status. If he turns a blind eye to the content and structure of a book that features sexual assault only as a plot device, and willfully writes up an introduction without objections, then he's contradicting what he says he's in favor of.

So maybe Whedon's getting chewed out by his own side is something that was coming to him for a long time, ironically or not. There's other mistakes he's made too, like his attacks on capitalists, and anyone who supports the GamerGate campaign won't be pleased to know he's chummy with one of the biggest propagandists the campaign was criticizing. All this explains why it's hard to feel sorry for him now that his past missteps have come back to bite.

I do wonder though, if the feminists and other leftists mad at Whedon now over those lines and scenes in the Avengers sequel were aware of the ill-advised introduction he wrote for Brad Meltzer's abomination back in the mid-2000s, and if they find it as abhorrent as the lines they took issue with in the film, because that miniseries definitely makes for a valid argument about terrible treatment of women in comics, and whether Whedon should be associating himself with a writer who willfully pens an atrocity. If they're not worried about that, then their complaints about Whedon's current steps will ring hollow.

Also, in more about the new Avengers movie, one of the people who yelled at Whedon was outraged he screwed up the "only female superhero Marvel's allowed us to have". Say what? Didn't they already have some films with ladies like Storm, Jean Grey, Invisible Woman, and even Pepper Potts? I know that the 2 past FF movies weren't successful, but surely that still counts? And haven't they introduced Scarlet Witch to the new Avengers movie? It's pretty silly to say Black Widow's the only one Marvel "allowed", although one could probably make a similar argument about a few of the video games they licensed to Capcom to develop in the mid-90s: practically all the superheroines seen in those Marvel vs. Capcom games were from the X-Men, and none from Avengers, Inhumans or even Eternals, despite their being several female characters in those titles whose powers could've made them worthy candidates for a video game.

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Monday, May 04, 2015 

Two panels from Avengers vs Thunderbolts story

Since we were on the subject of Kurt Busiek's ultra-leftist politics the other day, here's also two panels I scanned from the 3rd issue of an Avengers vs. Thunderbolts miniseries from 2004 he co-wrote with Fabian Nicieza (if it was paperbacked, I think the subtitle was "Best Intentions"), one with a flattering reference, but the other irksome. First, there's this:
In this one, North Korea is cited as a hostile country where the Thunderbolts might be operating in, as part of their ostensible quest to cripple despot governments. It's flattering this was brought up, because after that flap with The Interview movie being censored by its own studio, one can only wonder if Marvel would allow even the remotest negative reference to North Korea today. We've seen how far they've come in terms of censorship, after all.

Now, here's the part that spoils everything:
"Al Jazeera"?!? If they needed to cite a cable channel originating from a foreign-language country, just what makes Al Jazeera worth a mention and not TV channels like TV5-Monde (France), RTV Castilla-La Mancha (Spain), or Rai-Uno (Italy)? Those European outlets aren't saints either, but Al Jazeera is one of the worst conveyors of anti-American and anti-Israel propaganda around. They've even sided with terrorist movements, and once excluded two women from a mail project out of gender bias. Cliff Kincaid once noted that the Qatar-based company has also been suspected of ties with al Qaeda. This was a TV channel Busiek/Nicieza thought was worth slipping into the script? Sigh. Very easy, very irresponsible, and very insulting to the intellect.

But even if that hadn't been put in, what I read of this 6-issue miniseries was already pretty slow and mediocre. Even Busiek's earlier work on Avengers (and Thunderbolts) was better paced than what this turned out to be. Obviously, this Avengers vs Thunderbolts story must've been a victim of the written-for-trades padding mandate that overtook mainstream comics at the time, more than ever before. But, with a citation of a bad TV company lurking within, it's also an early sign of Busiek's leftist leanings turning up, and could explain why he's become as dreadful politically as he is now. The same goes for Nicieza and Tom Brevoort, who was still an editor on these titles at the time.

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Sunday, May 03, 2015 

Busiek attacks Mike Huckabee for the wrong reasons

Man, does Busiek ever seem to enjoy turning himself into the kind of writer whose art you need to separate from the artist. Now, he's attacking Huckabee for all the wrong reasons, quoting him defending Christian dignity, and then claims he's quoting Hitler:

Umm, Busiek, you might want to read some of the degrading statements Hitler made about Christianity before you start contriving arguments. This was a monster who also hated Charles Martel. Since we're on the subject, Kurt, I don't suppose you'd be willing to tell us all who said the following horror circa WW2: "Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?" Challenging question, Busiek: if you really despise nazism, then do you abhor what the Fuhrer said about a race and nation whose citizens largely adhere to the Orthodox Church? Did you even make a solidarity attendance this past month to memorial services for victims of the Armenian Genocide in 1915? As a Massachussetts native, I'd assume you have some understanding about this; the Boston area has a significant Armenian community.

Back in the late 80s, Roy & Dann Thomas wrote an Hourman story in the DC Secret Origins series (issue 16, July 1987) where it was brought up in a dialogue that Hitler didn't even celebrate Christmas. Let that serve as a reminder that even some past comic book writers had an understanding of the Nazis' anti-religious viewpoints.

As for Huckabee, the sad part is that there are some things he did in the past that warrant criticism. For example, he once insulted Pamela Geller's intellect by defending Islam and maligning a teenage girl who fled from a Muslim family because she feared becoming a victim of an honor murder for converting to Christianity, and Michelle Malkin once reported that as a governor in Arkansas, Huckabee granted clemency to a violent felon who shot some police officers. Note that these are mostly conservative-leaning women who brought up these issues, but not liberal-leaning men like Busiek, who thinks a contrived issue makes more sense than a valid one.

There's more Busiek's written that's just as bad:

So if I can figure this out, his next straw-man argument is that conservatives accused him of being a sharia proponent? We may not think he's actually in favor of doing that, but he certainly is complacent about those who are advocating and want us to think it's only "peaceful" while never offering any quotes from inside the Koran that we can ponder to determine if they make sense or not.

In that case, stop blaming conservatives for everything too, and recognize that even liberals make mistakes. At this point, it's clear Busiek is an utter disaster, and whatever great work he did in the past will have to be taken with a lot of salt. How the mighty have fallen.

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Saturday, May 02, 2015 

Marz defends Miller? Or does he?

With the news Frank Miller is going to write up a third Dark Knight installment, it looks like Marz might be defending a guy who got shunned for doing something not all that different from what Will Eisner did in his last year, but I could be mistaken. Here's the tweets in point:

You could say that easily enough about Marz after he attacked Orson Scott Card for cheapie reasons. He didn't want anything to do with Card despite his past credentials as a Democrat, and doesn't want him in the comics medium, yet curiously seems to defend Miller, even though Frank's done stuff that could madden Marz's ultra-leftist sensibilities. Let's go on:

Odd. You'd think after Miller penned Holy Terror and wrote in the book intro that it's dedicated to the memory of Theo Van Gogh, Marz might reject Miller in almost the same way he rejects Card. But how about that, he's defending him, at least in a manner of speaking. Indeed, it's not really all that clear if Marz is on Miller's side, even though I don't remember if Marz ever condemned Miller for slamming the Occupy movement 4 years ago. I suppose at best, Marz is...ambivalent about Miller? Maybe this would be a great way for Marz to admit Miller was a better storyteller in some ways, if not all, than Marz will ever be.

Since we're on the subject of Miller, let's see what the IO9 writer said:
This... this cannot possibly go well. Even if you ignore the fact that Miller wrote All-Star Batman, in which Batman had sex with Black Canary on a filthy pier, called Robin “retarded” and had Wonder Woman refer to men as “sperm banks” — or his Holy Terror comic, in which a faux-Batman beat and tortured countless Muslim extremists, The Dark Knight Strikes Again was... really, really not good.
If he doesn't think the Dark Knight sequel was much good, fine. But the way he references Holy Terror, it's not hard to tell the clown who wrote this piece doesn't resent it based on storytelling quality, but rather, on the notion it would attack Islamofascism at all. In that case, he's not going about this well himself. Criticizing the Dark Knight miniseries based on the writing quality is one thing, but lambasting Holy Terror over its premise is another. 4 years since it went to press, and some leftists still haven't forgiven Miller for taking up a position they despise.

While we're at it, here's a few more items Marz tweeted:

No he's not "blocked" from viewing Crowley's page. If he logs out, he can view it. He's just blocked from speaking to her, is all. And assuming he's not pulling our legs, what if it turns out she blocked him because he insulted her for being a right-winger or something?

But what are the odds Marz isn't critical of Bush's middle eastern policies like granting legitimacy to the PLO and the ties he led with the Saudi autocracy? In other words, what if Marz isn't critical of Bush Jr. for valid reasons? Then there won't be much point in his dismissing Bush's positions, which I don't take at face value.

We never learn how liberal lenience leads to these kind of disasters.

What about the rioters themselves? Don't they have responsibilities of their own? It figures Marz could overlook them. No word on whether that came up in conversation.

Yes Marz, take that junk at face value, please. And here I thought this Gjoni guy said he was mad and wanted to split because he felt Quinn wasn't faithful and manipulated him. According to this guy, Quinn lied in testimony and even tried to get him "swatted". That's whom Marz thinks is worth siding with?

All that aside, as I've said before, and will say again, I'm not sure why charlatans like Marz have a beef with a campaign movement whose politics are pretty much the same as his, as I discovered over the past couple months. That's why it comes as near amusing to see him turning against fellow leftists, and acting like nobody's grateful to fine ladies like Dona Bailey and Carol Shaw (when I was a child, I played with Activision's River Raid, which she was a top designer for). You have two sides, Marz and the GamerGaters. Both support LGBT issues, for example. Despite this, the former despises the latter. So now suddenly, even support for LGBT propaganda isn't enough to satisfy Marz. No wonder his beef with Orson Card feels kinda...phony.

And his failure to call out creators who make fools of themselves in the comics medium isn't coincidental, is it? There he goes with more anti-self-defense balderdash yet again. The man lacks a compass, and has no idea where he's going.

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Friday, May 01, 2015 

Pittsburgh's ToonSeum

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote about an Avengers art exhibition on display at their local ToonSeum, along with some of the title's history.

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Thursday, April 30, 2015 

Mark Waid doesn't like the taste of Badger Honey

Waid once quarreled irrationally with a feminist, and he does no better in his meeting with one of the women from Honey Badger Radio, whose exile from the Calgary Expo he supported full force. Here's a few from the exchange for starters:

I think he was just straw-manning at first, and didn't want to give a serious or reasonable answer.

It makes little difference; he still backed expulsion regardless and was hostile to the woman's bunch. His defense here proves little.

But he did support her being thrown out just because she didn't agree with a form of feminism that take a victimology stance, yet must have no qualms over the Big Two's potentially bad attitudes towards women, compounded by their closed shop mentality.

So he's calling her a liar all the same. As for GG, I'm not sure why wants to think a group with politics similar to his is anathema to his beliefs after what he's either done or turned his back on in the past decade. Yes, seriously. And a reminder:

They paid for their space, so why's he still calling her a liar? Also:

Yeah, where's his proof? The man doesn't even have the courage to say he dislikes her.

Yawn. He's just finding an excuse to stick by his tunnelvisioned opinion. Although he did say in reply to this exchange:

In that case, I don't suppose he's willing to be louder in his condemnations of anti-GG activists who've spouted obscenities? He's done very little to prove he wants to turn over a new leaf, and I don't see that changing in the future.

Here's more about the exchanges on The Outhousers.

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