Monday, September 24, 2018 

Daredevil's the next victim of a tired stunt, and so are 3 Titans

Charles Soule's claim to "fame" was killing off Wolverine a couple of years ago. Now, he's repeating the same snooze-inducing gimmick with Daredevil, as if we hadn't already seen enough of this utter nonsense from Marvel:
He has previously killed off (and is currently in the process of resurrecting) Wolverine. Now, comics writer Charles Soule is setting his sights on Daredevil, with Marvel Entertainment announcing that Soule’s last storyline on the Daredevil comic book series will have the foreboding name "The Death of Daredevil."

"A lot of writers in the past have left Daredevil in terrible situations at the end of their runs," Soule said in a promotional video released by Marvel Friday afternoon. "Brian Michael Bendis put him in prison for Ed Brubaker to handle; Mark Waid, who preceded me, had Daredevil in San Francisco, his secret identity was blown, he wasn’t a lawyer anymore. I had to handle all of that. So, I wanted to carry on in the tradition of leaving Daredevil in the worst spot imaginable, and letting the next writer somehow deal with this impossible problem that Matt [Murdock] would never get out of. And I wanted to make mine the biggest one that has ever been done."
As I may have noted before, while resurrection is always possible within not too long a time for superheroes like these, mostly based on their rank-of-recognition status, it's still no excuse for what's become unintentional comedy at best, and a revolting insult to the intellect at worst. Who knows, this was probably even cooked up to compete with DC's Heroes in Crisis, which is supposed to come out soon too.

The notion a writer should make things difficult for a successor is also disturbing, as it may have even been done unwisely by Peter David before he left writing the Hulk in 1998, when he originally killed off Betty Banner. It was also the case when Kevin Dooley and Ron Marz turned Hal Jordan from Green Lantern into Parallax in 1994. And in one of the most notorious examples, if you think it counts, there's Joe Quesada's destruction of the Spider-marriage in 2007. Any writer/editor who goes out of their way to do stuff like that is not being helpful to corporate-owned superhero comics.

And since the topic of Heroes in Crisis comes up again, here's more about the needless new DC publicity stunt's confirmed character deaths:
Hotspot is one.

That’s Isaiah Crockett, formerly Joto, and Slagger, former member of the Teen Titans, created by Dan Jurgens for the second volume of Teen Titans. Half-alien, part Human and part H’San Natall, with powers over heat, initially increasing the temperature of anything he touches and using infrared vision. [...]

And, courtesy of Heroes In Crisis, no more
So that's a minor character, one whom I assume Jurgens is fine with doing away with. And now, here's the first major one:
Basically, it’s the one everyone expects, Roy Harper. Speedy. Arsenal. Red Arrow. This seems to be the automatic go to, when in doubt, kill a Titan.

Created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp in 1941 as Speedy, the teen sidekick of the superhero Green Arrow, he is a world-class archer and athlete, he became a core member of the Teen Titans. He later reinvented himself as Arsenal, and Red Arrow, with membership of The Seven Soldiers of Victory, the Outsiders, the Justice League, and the Outlaws along the way. He’s also known as a drunk and a heroin addict. And now targeted for the chop.
And then, in yet another show of disrespect for the Titans, one who's sensationalized curtain call was predicted:
Because as well as Roy Harper, Hot Spot, Blue Jay, Lagoon Boy and Citizen Steel is … Wally West. The Flash, recently brought back to continuity and numbered among the dead of Heroes In Crisis.

Intriguingly, despite initial reports, this doesn’t seem at the hands of a gunman. No bullets mentioned.
It makes no difference. What matters is that again, we have a case of any major/minor characters the publisher sees fit to sacrifice for the sake of their narrow visions turned into cannon fodder for no good reason. And now the former Teen Titans are the latest victims of DiDio and company's publicity stunts, just to service a tabloid approach for desperate short-term sales. One of the commenters noted:
Wouldn't shock me one bit. Didio seems to have a real issue with the Titans characters. He said way back around Final Crisis, when he wanted to kill Nightwing, that doesn't understand their place in the DC universe.
Instead he seems to see them as perpetual understudies to their mentors. Characters who, because of the way comics work, will never be able to step fully into the limelight themselves, and thus they're completely disposable to his way of thinking.
And another said:
Somebody with that much of a lack of creative thinking shouldn't be in charge of any kind of creative company.
You got that right. I sure hope people have woken up since the mid-2000s, and will avoid buying something that disrespects the hard work of veterans, and is basically offensive to boot. This is just a boomerang back to an abominable concept that should've been stopped along with company wide crossovers long ago, and practically gives crossovers/events a bad name. It's the same with Daredevil's current direction by Soule, and nobody should finance either story from Marvel/DC. The time's come to send a message via voting with our wallets that we won't accept these atrocities anymore.

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Sunday, September 23, 2018 

Why does Carol Danvers need that big a retcon?

"The Life of Captain Marvel", a so-called origin story for the real Ms. Marvel, didn't look very impressive when it first came out a few months ago, and this current retcon they're shoving into the 3rd part is no improvement:
To give some context, Carol Danvers' original origin included her getting her powers after being saved by Mar-Vell. He was able to get in the way of the Psyche Magnetron to protect her, but the radiation it was giving off seeped through him and changed Carol's DNA, resulting in her having powers. Her family and friends aside from Mar-Vell were still Earthbound, but it looks like that has changed now.

The mysterious warrior that is searching the source of the signal (which Carol accidentally unearthed in her father's things) arrives at Carol's house after she's already dealt with several robotic sentries. She successfully led them away from the house, but when the warrior shows up she tells her mom to go inside and says she will protect her. Marie asks Carol to let her help for once, but Carol refuses, telling her "You can't be out here! You don't get it, Ma!"

Marie doesn't listen though, saying "Stop sweetheart! I can handle it! Besides...she's here for me."

At that moment Marie takes off the necklace she's been wearing which if you look closely has a symbol much like the Hala star. It starts glowing when she removes it, and the last page shows Marie in full Kree armor, and pretty slick armor to boot. Carol's definitely shocked, and now the questions start pouring in.
So now they're changing her mother's background so she's an alien herself, implying Carol's powers were merely inherited? It sounds little different from DC's Millenium crossover of 1988, where former Kid Flash Wally West's father seemingly became an alien Manhunter, and a traitor to earth. Okay, more to the point, it sounds like Cebulski and company are ditching the original premise altogether, excluding Mar-Vell of the Kree from the origin, which is basically the problem with how they've handled things till now - there should've been a Mar-Vell movie first, but for modern Hollywood, the anti-communist metaphors the original was built on are apparently unacceptable, and the same goes for the idea of a woman supposedly getting her powers from a guy. Except that Carol didn't literally get hers from Mar-Vell, it was the penetrating radiation that gave her the set of powers she got.

While we're on the subject, The Week magazine wrote about Carol's history, and wouldn't you know it, they consider Kelly Sue deConnick's take the pinnacle definition of a heroine whose exact origins as Ms. Marvel curiously go unmentioned here:
After 10 years and 20 films, Marvel Studios has finally unveiled the trailer for Captain Marvel, its first movie starring a woman as the sole lead. It's a film that feels both wildly anticipated and immensely overdue after the small mountain of Marvel blockbusters with men in the lead role. But Captain Marvel is a special hero in the studio's canon, one with an unusual real-life story and a massive debt to the woman who helped tell it.

But first, Captain Marvel herself. Created in 1968 by Gene Colan and Roy Thomas, Captain Marvel was first known as Carol Danvers, an Air Force officer who would eventually gain superpowers and assume a number of superhuman identities. A complicated character with a convoluted history, Danvers was largely used as a supporting player in Marvel comics, despite arguably being one of its most powerful characters and one of the few female characters with a consistent presence in the books since her inception.
Fascinating. No mention of the 1977-79 solo book where she first took up her official crimefighting career as Ms. Marvel, as mentioned, and I'm not sure the claim of consistent presence is accurate either, seeing as she wasn't a big player after abandoning the Ms. Marvel identity to become Binary, and I don't think her appearances in the mid to late-80s were that frequent - they seemed mostly limited to X-Men titles, and a story in Marvel Fanfare #24 where she finds out about the death of Mar-Vell.
That all changed in 2012, when writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Dexter Soy relaunched the Captain Marvel series. In their version, Danvers inherited the title of Captain Marvel, donned a new, full-body costume (designed by artist Jamie McKelvie in perhaps the most iconic reinvention of a character's visual identity since Spider-Man put on a black suit), and shouted a rallying cry taken from the pages of the very first issue: Higher, further, faster, more.

While all of Marvel Studios films are works of synthesis, blending stories old and new to weave a fresh, definitive take, the Captain Marvel shown off in this week's trailer is almost entirely cut from the cloth woven by DeConnick, Soy, and McKelvie. That's a smart decision — DeConnick's tenure writing Captain Marvel is the character's high point, one that converted plenty of new fans and started one of the most recognizable fan movements to come out of comic books in the last decade: The Carol Corps.
As I mentioned, the article doesn't clearly reference her stint as Ms. Marvel, which makes the above paragraph all the more confusing. And seriously, what's so great about the full-body costume, especially when, not clearly mentioned here either, Carol was masculinized as deConnick's stories become more and more pointless. I can't say Spidey's black costume was all that iconic either, and besides, it was eventually abandoned after Eddie Brock became Venom.

Unsurprisingly, the superficially informed writer chooses the leftist feminist writer's stories over even the most questionable stories from Brian Reed's previous rendition of Carol in her Ms. Marvel role. And if deConnick's writing really inspired such a huge following, how come it hasn't translated into stratospheric sales over the past 5 years? There's been probably 3 different volumes since, mainly centered on the notion of depicting Carol looking like a man and dubbed by real fans as "Carl Manvers", laced with SJW mentality and ultimately no real story in sight. Plus, what're the moviegoers going to think if they open up a deConnick book and discover a bizarre masculine hybrid instead of a woman who's as lovely as she's powerful and brave?
It's bizarre and a little unsettling that the business of comic books — the extremely low-cost breeding ground for what will become billion-dollar film juggernauts — remains an industry that so rarely rewards creators, largely because that's how things have always been — and because monthly superhero comic books of the sort published by Marvel and DC are a drop in the bucket compared to films, with sales numbers that rarely break five figures. It's hard to drum up concern for an industry that so few pay attention to.
And it's hard to care when an article like this is so slapdash, and doesn't care about history in its entirety. Because for somebody who laments creators unrewarded, he left out Chris Claremont, who surely defined the character 4 decades ago, yet is just one more important name curiously omitted from the puff piece. For somebody talking about the ignorance to comicdom, he's surely doing just that after he turns in his draft to the editor for publication.

And CBR's no better:
The Life of Captain Marvel #3 effectively establishes that Carol’s run-in with Mar-Vell and the Psyche-Magnitron was not her first time encountering the Kree. This is a major departure from the hero’s original origin story, which saw her effectively stumble into her powers as a well-meaning citizen just trying to do some good in a weird, alien situation. The new issue may hint that Carol was always predisposed to become a hero, and that her Kree-human hybridization might not be the result of the Psyche-Magnitron at all, but rather a matter of simple genetics — if we are assume that her mother is, in fact, Kree and her father was human. Now that’s a comic book coincidence if there ever was one.

The revelation also has the added effect of fleshing out Marie’s character even more. Up until this point, Marie Danvers has been portrayed as a woman who was cheated on years ago and simply doesn’t want to address it, much like she doesn’t want to address the fact that her husband was an abusive jerk. The reveal that she is a Kree fighter (we have to assume she’s a fighter, as she claims she can take care of the Kree clone, who doesn’t seem receptive to the diplomatic approach) adds a layer of complexity to the character, putting her on the same power level (or greater) as Carol, but casting her in the tragic light of someone who knows a relationship is bad but won’t leave. “I thought could save him,” Marie says. For a Kree warrior, she’s certainly swamped in a very human, and relatable, drama.
Oh please! If anything, this makes the matriarch seem less human, and more contrived. If you have to have alien/humanoid characters as cast members, create new ones instead. This doesn't do anything for a character who, despite what some news sources might claim, was sadly never made use of as successfully as they want to claim she was.

I've seen some argument that, until now, the movie promo footage available of Brie Larson in the role doesn't show her smiling. It's beginning to sound as though this is a film where a woman can't display a real sense of humor either, and that doesn't help what may be a botched promotion campaign for the movie, which the Life of Capt. Marvel seems written to either give the screenwriters what to go by, or, was written up to reflect the movie's premise, at the expense of the past developments. None of which matters to press propagandists with no respect for or investment in history.

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Saturday, September 22, 2018 

Saladin Ahmed's nasty attacks on Spider-fans

Novelist Saladin Ahmed, whom I recall Kurt Busiek seemed to adore through retweets, chose to lash out at Spider-fans by insinuating they're all racists, following his hiring to write both a Miles Morales series and a flagship Spidey annual:

Good grief, just what is this slop he's written? Let's be clear: nobody cares about his racial/national/ethnical background. Artist Michael Netzer's last name was originally Nasser, and he has some Lebanese ancestry, and there were some impressive stints he had for 3 decades before he moved to Israel and did most of his art here more. And if nobody cares about his racial background, then Ahmed shouldn't act like his matters either. It's just the victimology he's resorting to here that does. No way to sell a book.

And to think people like Busiek (who probably helped get him the jobs on Exiles, for example) actually consider this man some kind of genius! Nope. Ahmed's just one of the reasons why the entertainment medium is collapsing today.

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Friday, September 21, 2018 

Grand Rapids comicon reinvites Mike Miller after he apologizes

Well it looks like, after artist Miller offered a mea culpa to anybody who took issue with his past arguments, the Grand Rapids convention was willing to reverse their banishing. First, there's Miller's statement:

And then, there's the convention manager:

Honestly, I don't think Miller should have to apologize over his politics. But I'm willing to give the convention manager some credit for letting go of his earlier decision and reinviting Mike. However, they're going to have to cut out all the identity politics and if it really matters, just interview the creators behind the scenes before deciding if to invite them. That way, a lot of needless drama can be avoided. They should also stop letting Twitter troublemakers influence their opinions for them.

Since we're on the subject, a retailer in Australia took issue with one Miller's worst opponents, Mike Deodato, after he resorted to such crude, judgemental language, and provided the following statements:
“To clarify, we will still fulfill subscription orders for titles that Mr. Deodato is on but we will not actively promote or push his books to customers after his recent posts. We strongly believe that creators who are being overly political and are fighting with other Creators/Fans via FB and Twitter are causing great damage to the Current Comics Industry. This is reflected in subscribers dropping titles that these creators are on. This affects retailers like us and our bottom line, and a growing number more going by the amount of private messages I’ve received from fellow retailers stating the same. We are in The Comic Retailing business to make money but it’s getting harder to do that when customers are being turned off by politics in their books and arguments over politics by the creators.”
On this note, given how Deodato hasn't much lately to care about over the past decade (books with titles like "Dark Avengers" sure aren't my forte), I'm sure there won't much to miss anyway. He really has gone downhill in terms of ethics. The store manager added more on whom these policies have had to apply to:
John Layman is one, Mark Waid another (Which is hard personally as I’ve always been a big fan up until the last few years) Robbie Rodriguez, Gail Simone, and Bill Sienkiewicz as well. When any creator blocks fans or runs block chains it hurts the industry and trust me we take notice. Those creators are the ones we tend to not actively promote and push their books hard. It’s easier to sell books by creators (like Sean Murphy) who go out of their way to promote their work on Twitter and FB instead of pushing political rants and feuds. They understand that comics is a commercial art form and sales matter, thus they act in a professional manner. It’s not smart business to actively offend or ostracise potential customers but that seems to be lost on a number of current creators.”
On Waid, I can agree based on that his Flash work circa 1992-2000 was good, but still one of the few books he really did well in a bygone era (I think the last time he worked at DC was in the late 2000s, and in his return to the Flash, he didn't manage so well), so naturally, it's a shame when a once well regarded writer goes downhill becoming a terrible troublemaker, and I may have spotted signs that he caused trouble for Crossgen's original publisher, Mark Alessi, as well. I think it's mentioned in this podcast interview (and over here) that Waid insulted Alessi at the time of closure, and the details are pretty disturbing. Some of the others don't have enough on their resumes to care about, so it's not like I'm desperate to try out whatever they have now.

But the point is, when you start taking alienating actions on social media and such, you're taking divisive steps that not only cost one their fanbase/customers, they also cost retailers even more. To be sure, mainstream bookstores are also hit hard, if they keep the paperback collections around and can't sell them due to the creators' social media antics. Sooner or later, somebody will have to contact the upper echelons at the conglomerates who own the Big Two, tell them about the embarrassments on the lower floors, and demand something be done to put a stop to it. One way is to set a policy for creators signing contracts for freelancing making clear they expect them to avoid all politics and just stick to promotion (which Waid actually seems to be doing lately, having reopened his Twitter account). And if they don't cooperate, simply don't renew the contracts; few seem to care if they come and go at this late stage. It's the same with interns who make fools of themselves online to boot. As the old Spidey adage goes, "with great power comes great responsibility". A fact that must be made clear to the chief staffs of the companies, if they really don't want to lose sales and business.

And if the Grand Rapids comicon is smart, they won't trouble any right-wing creators ever again over partisan politics.

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Thursday, September 20, 2018 

The socialism of Marvel editor Jordan White

Marvel's got an editor named Jordan White who disliked the wealth factor in this season's huge movie success, Crazy Rich Asians, based on the novel by Kevin Kwan. He said:

"Fine" and "cute" both sound like he's trying to come up with the mildest forms of praise possible, so in order not to overly contradict his positions on socialism. And yet he's working at a company where he's making money as an editor! So his stand is contradictory all the same, and, IMHO, unfair to Asians in successful positions. Tsk tsk tsk.

The film's already proven a remarkable success for one with a cast of nearly %100 Asian background, and still doing very well last time I checked the box office news, with over $150 million domestically. And I'll bet another reason why Marvel staffers like White don't like it is because it's not "woke". For all we know, he's surely not the only Marvel employee who detests the positive view of wealth in the movie, so why'd they want to go? The chances are high the two sequel books will be adapted as well, and I'll try to see them if and when filmed, but if people like White can't appreciate capitalism, I can't help feel amused they'd actually attend. This could explain why they have such a problem with Spider-Man becoming a success and being married to Mary Jane Watson.

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Mike Miller thrown out of Grand Rapids comicon to the approval of anti-Comicsgate moonbats

It's very disturbing to find out that artist Mike S. Miller, now working on a crowdfunded book called Lonestar, was banished from the Grand Rapids comicon because the manager hated his Christianity-influenced beliefs:
Mike S. Miller took to YouTube to report that the Grand Rapids Comic-Con cancelled their contract with Miller.

Miller notes, “Even though they invited me, signed a contract for me to go there, were going to pay me an appearance fee…They apparently decided I was a xenophobe. Xenophobe is the word used because of our friend the Nigerian prince.”

Miller also references cosplayer and Twitter user Renfamous calling her Notfamous believing she is behind Grand Rapids canceling Miller’s contract, “Apparently it’s from Notfamous on her little tirade to make sure none of us can make a living in our chosen profession.” Miller explains his reasoning, “Someone said they did a Twitter search of me, my name, and Grand Rapids Comic-Con, and the only connection was that blue-haired bimbo, who shall go unnamed on my channel.”
Before we get to more about the unpleasant sounding "cosplayer" he refers to, let's take a look at the letter he got, because there's some very ambiguous statements here that give me the feeling the manager's accusations are just made up, manufactured outrage:
On the podcast: “Marvel: The People Are Revolting” published by you on Youtube on August 29 you interviewed a Nigerion national as VKTR on Twitter about the Comicsgate issue. I found several of the remarks made in regards to VKTR after he left the podcast to be quite disturbing:

A couple comments were made by you in regards to him being a Nigerian prince and the money scandals in that country, which I found to be stereotyping and incredibly inappropriate as you had zero evidence of his involvement in those crimes; and

The final comment that “he probably doesn’t know who his father is” was downright unprofessional, a blatant disrespect to his national heritage, and a stereotype based on his skin color. I also found the excuse that you continually posted on Twitter that U.S. Democratic policies created single parenthood in African-American community in this country to be a cop out and completely irrelevant, considering that he is not a citizen of this country.

We have also noticed several comments over the last couple months directed at women that I found to downright rude. Since our leadership staff is 65% women and our ownership is 50% women, I feel that these kinds of comments have no place in an event that gears specifically towards families and has a high female demographic.
It sounds more like Miller was accusing the king of being a monetary crook, just like some politicians in France were putting their own hands in the public's till, and it so happens Nigeria also unfortunately has had problems with corruption that outraged the public.

As for whatever Miller supposedly said about women, what if they happened to allude according to color of character arguments against some of the worst left-wing feminists and SJWs around, like Gail Simone? If that's the case, and he was simply panning their poor viewpoints, then the comicon's manager clearly pretended to be offended, and should be ashamed of himself.

It's important to note that Miller's of Asian background, and this basically confirms these socialists can't stand having a conservative-leaning POC around. Now about that weirdo called "Renfamous", here's what she (he?) told Bounding Into Comics when asked about whether leftists who made inciteful comments count:
I then asked her if she would also warn conventions about people like DC Comics artist Ramon Villalobos and CBR writer Kieran Shiach. Villalobos made a number of racist comments recently including stating he wanted to put white people in FEMA camps. CBR writer Kieran Shiach has led a number of campaigns against comic book creators and has also intimated he wanted to execute people via guillotine.

Renfamous answered:

No I won’t. I’m only one person who has elected to advocate in a certain niche. I encourage anyone who feels as strongly about Villalobos and Shiach’s statements to engage their own awareness campaigns if they deem it appropriate.”
In other words, this "cosplayer" is not being altruistic, just agenda-driven against conservatives. And then, to top it off, the moonbat said:
“As a final statement I’d like to say that it’s a travesty that we’ve reached the year 2018 without a trans Spider-man arc and I encourage Marvel to remedy this ASAP.”
Okay, I get it. A transvestite who's running obsessive agendas stemming from self-centered interests. If that's what he/she cares about, it's ALL he/she is going to care about. In its own way, it's a form of religious fanaticism.

Most galling about the Miller affair is that would-be professionals like Mike Deodato have applauded the move by the convention, and as you'll see in the following screencap:
Jeff Lemire, the same guy who also accused Comicsgate of being "xenophobes" in classic limited-vocabulary Orwellian parroting, is condoning their actions too, proving he's a hypocrite when it comes to minorities. Well, in that case, Lemire's one more "pro" whose books we needn't finance, and nobody need ask for his autograph at events. Besides, I figure his writing can't be all that good if this is how he's going to treat potential customers.

Hmm, I may have read a few of Jiminez's works in the past, and can't say I really cared for them either, so I won't be missing much else at this point if that's how he wants to act.

The really corrosive effect of this behavior we're seeing from anti-Comicsgate creators is that some of them have bordered on supporting violence, and all this mess could lead to more blacklisting of conservatives at conventions. Speaking of which, somebody stated in the comments:
Yeah and I read his Portuguese tweets about comicgate.He's entitled to his views but he outright misrepresented the creators.
Here's a question that ought to trouble Joe Quesada and his DC counterpart, is Deodato, Simone and others public pronouncement to boycott any comic con that features the Comic gate creators official DC/Marvel policy? Quesada's silence as well as his DC counterpart's silence would indicate to a reasonable person that it is.
So are Marvel and DC indirectly pressuring the comic cons to effectively ban the comicgate creators?
If so, to me, we're seeing a replay- albeit a smarter one- of Mark Waid's outright threat to Anarctica Press from publishing Jawbreakers.
Or worse, a slow motion deplatforming and unpersoning of the comicgate creators. Sorta like a trial run of the chicom's social credit
The most likely counterpart to Quesada at DC would be Dan DiDio, and the above provides what to think about, having noticed Quesada's been indirectly attacking Meyer on Twitter recently. I remember back in the early 2000s, Marvel under Bill Jemas attacked the now defunct Crossgen (which later came, ironically enough, under their management briefly in 2011), presumably because ex-chairman Mark Alessi criticized Marvel's already deteriorating conduct, but in any case, what matters is that they, and surely even DC, were damaging another business, the failure of Alessi to properly pay wages in the end notwithstanding. This sounds vaguely similar, and it's never a good thing, because what if other small publishers are targeted next over thoughtcrimes, as Alterna's been? Somebody's going to have to call on the upper managements at Disney/Time Warner to investigate and ensure they're not engaging in potentially illegal practices.

Since we're on the subject, Deodato and Simone even said they don't want to attend conventions where Comicsgate supporters are invited:

I think most conventions would be better off without them; their books aren't selling particularly well now anyway. Who knows, they might even be involved in the kind of organized movements that led to artist Donald DeLay's suspension on Twitter. The industry as we know it is so out of control now, it's no wonder the twilight of mainstream US comicdom is drawing ever nearer.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2018 

An animator on the My Little Pony show was imprisoned for child porn storage

This is news from several weeks ago that I almost missed, that a Welsh-born animator living in Canada who worked on the My Little Pony cartoons was arrested and sentenced to prison for storing a huge stash of child pornography:
An Ottawa artist who helped animate children’s TV shows has been sentenced to 28 months in prison for possessing more than 60,000 images of child pornography and sharing them online.

Tom Wysom, 55, has worked on TV productions such as My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Littlest Pet Shop
, according to the Internet Movie Database.

Wysom was sentenced earlier this month after pleading guilty to the charges in December, two months after police executed a search warrant at his home in Old Ottawa South.

Police found 60,165 pictures — many of them duplicates — along with 1,626 videos, some of which depicted adults engaging in sexual behaviours with children. In some of the images, young girls had their hands and feet bound.
What makes this disturbing is the possibility the scumbag could be a "brony", recalling there were these male followers of My Little Pony spoken about a number of years ago who came to be known as "bronies", and it suggests there could be perverts - and potential SJWs - infiltrating what I thought was a cartoon franchise aimed primarily at girls and soiling it with their grimy presence.

It's regrettable, however, to note that the man got a light sentence and the psychologist who checked him was letting him off the hook:
Dr. Gray told the court that Wysom was a low risk to re-offend or have sexual contact with children.

The judge said he had to sentence Wysom to a prison term — a sentence of two years or more — in order to sufficiently denounce his conduct and deter others from the same path.
It's much too lenient, which makes this even more angering. Anyone who commits the crime of storing videos that repulsive, where children were violated while bound, belongs in prison for far more time than what it sounds like the animator got, which only amounts to about 2 and a half years.

So now there's at least 4 known cases in the world of comics and animation, Justiniano, Gerard Jones, Nobuhiro Watsuki and now this Wysom creature, who've aided and abetted obscenities against humanity, yet didn't get enough jail time in their sentencing. When will the justice systems in any western country begin to understand that these creeps cannot be dealt with lightly? And now, a cartoon franchise is tainted with the fact that a slimebucket worked on the latest renditions of it. Those kind of people shouldn't be allowed to work in the animation industry.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018 

IDW's fortunes continue to take steep drops

IDW's sales are still plummeting, as this ICV2 report states, although there seems to be some awkward bias in the article, as they must be trying to downplay the seriousness:
IDW Media Holding’s publishing division posted another big loss in its fiscal third quarter ended July 31, helping to pull over-all results for the company negative in another down quarter. The publishing division showed a loss of $801,000 in the quarter, an improvement from the $1.1 million loss in the same quarter a year ago, according to the company’s quarterly report. This continues a string of bad quarters for the division (see "IDW Publishing Sales Continue Declines").
"An improvement"? I'm sorry, but that's putting it lightly. An $800,000-plus loss is still pretty close to what they'd lost before, and it's unlikely they'll recover. It doesn't look like Marvel's licensing deal for all-ages titles is availing either. If nobody's buying, the arrangement was pointless.
The publishing division did post a sales increase, the first in some time, with sales growing $175,000 from $5.42 million a year ago to $5.60 million this year. Breaking down the publishing division’s sales increase, games were up $166,000, while comic and graphic novel publishing was down $173,000, with changes in digital (down) and licensing (up) revenues due to timing issues making up the rest of the difference in sales. The decline in comics and graphic novel publishing continues to be attributed to “industry cyclical downward pressure driven by market leaders,” along with “timing of significant major brand titles.”
I don't know what their game division's offerings are like, but it's clear they didn't handle their comics well, and let's remember a lot of their offerings were based on licensed merchandise like GI Joe and Transformers, the latter which may have ceased publication at their company this month. And last year proved to be a very hard hitter as they were rocked with the Aubrey Sitterson scandal. So what does ICV2 mean by a sales increase, when it's only their games division that might've worked out? The comics certainly haven't.

Speaking of Sitterson, he hasn't changed, if the following says anything:

He still won't take accountability for alienating GI Joe fans, including army veterans, with his offensive comments about 9-11, and still wants to blame Comicsgate instead of his own conduct. (I'm sure he won't admit the SJW tactics he put into his catastrophous scripts that were published also sank the Joe series he wrote, but that's another story.) For all we know, he may have singlehandedly cost IDW much of their sales, but he still won't apologize, so he can't be surprised if nobody cares about his new wrestling history project.

It's too bad this all had to happen, of course, because, as I may have once noted, I did think there were some decent products they'd put out, but now, it looks like that's all changed in a fortnight, and the sudden swerve towards injecting SJW tactics in books like Jem & the Holograms also had a devastating effect on their receipts. So, if they're bound to go under soon, it's probably for the best. We have only to hope future companies that may deal in adapting licensed merchandise will learn from their mistakes, including the companies in charge of the licensing themselves.

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Frank Cho attacks the very campaign supporting him

It's very sad to discover an artist who'd taken an unfair share of attacks over his artwork is now suddenly coming out of left field - literally - and practically cursing the Comicsgate campaigners, as seen in this Facebook posting:
It has come to my attention from various sources that people are associating me with Comicgate, an alt-right hate group in the comic book field.

As a proud liberal Democrat, I'm against everything Comicgate stands for. I'm Pro-Equal Rights. Pro-Diversity. Pro-Comics. I always believed that everyone is welcomed at the comic table and no one group should try to force another to their idea of what is normal and not normal.

So let me be very clear where I stand - FUCK COMICGATE!
It makes little difference whether he's been pressured into opening his big mouth, what he's done is divisive to say nothing of needlessly profane, and that's never helpful. Here, this was the guy who'd been slapped in the face by Greg Rucka - who shouldn't even be defending Wonder Woman as a creation following the UN's denigration if that's his belief - and was attacked even before that by other SJWs over his satirical responses to their negative stance on Milo Manara's Spider-Woman cover, and now what does he do? Makes divisive statements that can leave everyone wondering if this is somebody worth supporting at all. I suppose the biggest hindering is identity politics, and that's compelling him to let down his biggest fans. But then, if memory serves, I may have once spotted him claiming rightists were responsible for getting his Facebook page suspended over some of his art, which means he either has no clear understanding the left's become today's puritan, or, he can't come to terms with reality. It's really too bad. Nor does he accept that there are liberals in Comicsgate fed up with all the political correctness and identity politics too. And here I once thought he realized the left was the problem.

I do know that, what'll really alienate his backers is if he caves, and starts dumbing down his character designs to suit the SJW agendas. And that's not bound to help one bit. For now, he'd do well to just let it go, which his far more leftist peers seem to have a hard time doing, even though it might help if they'd just stop driving away potential customers with their divisive politics.

Maybe the weirdest part of this is how Cho's post sounds reminiscent of a similar comment made by Larry Hama, who's also sadly capitulated to the political correctness and sold out, as seen in the screencap here. Naturally, it's a shame when a guy whose past writings proved remarkable doesn't show the courage he was advocating in his stories proper, and succumbs to the unfortunate politics he sadly lived on in years past. That's something everyone's got to ponder and take into account - liberalism can ultimately lead past masters to undo their talents today, and worse, reject the very fans who made their past products a success. If that's what a lot of scribes are raised upon, it may not be too alarming when they suddenly cave to SJW beliefs and throw away what made their tales work the first time round. And that's why we have to separate art from the artist.

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