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Monday, April 25, 2022 

A fluff-coated review of Kieron Gillen's take on the Eternals

Here's a weak review of an edition of the Eternals in the Valdosta Daily Times about the most recent takes on the Kirby creations, which, for starters, is willing to at least tell a little about what went wrong with the movie:
"Eternals" is arguably the most argued-about Marvel movie produced so far.

The Eternals are super-powered immortals who have lived secretly on Earth since the dawn of time. Their charge: Protect the planet and humanity from the Deviants.

The film features several previously unknown characters to movie audiences. Some people found the movie too convoluted, or provided too little time to properly introduce so many characters, or not enough action, or too disconnected from the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
How about the insufficient time reserved in the screenplay for the sex scene involving Sersi, which was quite a cheat? Not to mention an act of cowardice, by the kind of PC crowd that can't decide what kind of audience they want this film to be for - those of a more adult age, or even family audiences with sex-positive viewpoints who don't have a problem giving parental guidance on the subject of sex between consenting adults, along with male-female partnerships.
Others found these same characteristics as reasons to celebrate the movie. It is off-beat, different, even poetic.

So, is the current version of the "Eternals" comic book.
Oh? I wouldn't take this part at face value, if it's written by Kieron Gillen, the guy who removed Howard and Maria Stark as Iron Man's biological parents. If he was willing to do that, and Marvel editorial by extension, under Axel Alonso at the time, had nothing against it either, why should we trust he won't continue serving out more contempt for classic creations further down the road?
Jack Kirby created the Eternals several decades ago. Along with Stan Lee, Kirby is the co-creator of Fantastic Four, Hulk, Thor, the Avengers, etc. He is also a co-creator of Captain America. He created characters for DC Comics, too.

Even with the magic and track record of Kirby, "Eternals" never garnered a huge following which has allowed other creators a wide palette in reinterpreting the characters.

Neil Gaiman brought his perspective to the characters in a mini-series several years ago.

Writer Kieron Gillen, artist Esad Ribic and colorist Matthew Wilson give stunning life to the current run of "Eternals."
Wow, the same writer, again, who retconned Iron Man's parental background? Such scribes have done untold damage to Marvel, yet that's never brought up in historical discussion among these MSM columnists. I don't have faith in Gaiman either, and his Sandman series at DC was decidedly overrated. As I've said before, I didn't find his use of Fury and Silver Scarab appealing or respectful.
"Only Death is Eternal" is the first collection of their monthly run on "Eternals." It serves as a great introduction to anyone unfamiliar with the Eternals' eternal battle against the Deviants on Earth as well as a wonderful twist on the plot and characters for long-time fans.

Even fans of the movie may find this version of "Eternals" better than the film. Gillen, Ribic and Wilson breathe vitality, grandeur and power into "Eternals." They pit them against a massive Marvel bad guy by tossing in Thanos from the start of the run. And they engage readers with a mystery that comes to an initial resolution within this first story arc.

Eternals are back. Long may they reign.
Alas, not with overrated writers like Gillen - and even Gaiman - helming the stories Since the Eternals came up, I thought it'd also be interesting to note that, just like the movie adapted from Kirby's comic, even Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is being banned in Saudi Arabia, according to the Hollywood Reporter, because of a female character built on themes similar to those of 2 male characters in the previous film, and one who was only created several years ago:
While the film is yet to be released and also hasn’t yet been reviewed, the decision is once again said to be related to LGBTQ issues, according to Middle East sources, with the new sequel introducing the character America Chavez (played by Xochitl Gomez) who, as per her portrayal in the comics, is gay. With homosexuality officially illegal across the Gulf, films that feature any LGBTQ references or issues often fail to get past censors.

[...] The film follows on the heels of Chloé Zhao’s Eternals, which was banned across much of the Gulf in November following the inclusion of a same-gender couple in the film and the MCU’s first gay superhero. At the time, THR understood that censors had requested a series of edits to be made that Disney was not willing to make. An edited version did screen in the U.A.E., however.
Something tells me nobody at Disney's willing to complain about censorship of homosexuality in Islamic countries, even as they continue pandering to LGBT ideology back in the USA, which has now led to the removal of their tax exempt status in Florida. Which only proves the real reason they're going the path is for the purpose of destroying western values and society, sadly enough.

In the end, there's just nothing of value to find here, seeing that all they're recommending is a lot of brand new, modern PC junk that only turns the entire classic creations inside out, and strips it of all that made it work in the first place. Worst, they'll surely use the short-lived run of the original Eternals series from the 70s as an excuse for what they're doing now, and that's just as unacceptable.

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