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Friday, February 05, 2021 

DC's still sticking with the idea of Alan Scott being gay

DC editorial, and the assigned writers, here being James Tynion, simply refuse to come off their PC obsessions. Now, what James Robinson set up in his wretched Earth-2 series from the New52 lineup a decade ago (which ran barely 3 years, IIRC), is being kept in place, much like Marvel appears to be sticking with their embarrassing retcon to Iceman, as this post on leftist Bleeding Cool tells:
We've already told you about Shazadam at DC Comics; what's next? Well, original Green Lantern Alan Scott is next up. Bleeding Cool was the first place to report way back when in May 2012, that Alan Scott would now be portrayed as a gay man. At the time, the character was established in a parallel Earth 2 comic book series. This would remain the status of Alan Scott when he was returned to 1940s continuity in Green Lantern 80th Anniversary Special by James Tynion IV and Gary Frank, as a closeted gay man at a far more oppressive time.
Because once you start pushing that angle upon any particular character, dropping it is apparently not an option in PC social justice mentality. So while Jade and Obsidian appear to be restored and kept as his children, Alan's still going to be characterized as a closet case:
Well, Bleeding Cool gets the word as part of a series of Infinite Frontier-related scoops that, that this will all be addressed early on in the Infinite Frontier books. That Alan Scott will talk to them about hiding his true self, having married a number of women in his life, and having children. And now choosing to be out about who he is.
Does this mean Molly Mayne suddenly won't be the wife he settled down with later anymore? I don't know, but this is I do know: what they're doing today is getting boring as anything now, just as much as it's getting insulting to the intellect, and is as much an insult to the original creators (Martin Nodell and Bill Finger) as it is to Roy Thomas, who worked hard on these characters as well when he was writing for DC in the 80s. In this Newsarama item, it says:
The real wildcard of the special, however, is an Alan Scott: Green Lantern story by Tynion IV and Stephen Byrne, who appears on the cover of Infinite Crisis #0 with his daughter Jade and son Obsidian, the latter of whom also seems to be a player in the upcoming new The Swamp Thing limited series.

Tynion recently revealed the story builds off his Green Lantern 80th Anniversary Special story from 2020.
Some "wild card" alright. More like a PC card at work, and we can only guess how Todd Rice will continue to be portrayed in the Swamp Thing story. There's no chance they'd ever ask in-story whether such a lifestyle and way of thinking is a healthy one, and in the end, it'll just explain all the more why the time's come for DC to just fold out of business already, if that's what it takes to put an end to all this regrettable abuse of their properties and creations.

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