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Friday, December 17, 2010 

Dan Slott screwed up on CBR

In response to a claim he was only doing his work on Spider-Man for a paycheck, he responded with the F-bomb to a user. (via Spider-Man Crawl Space). And with that, we discover someone who doesn't think that, "with great power, must come great responsibility", as Stan Lee so eloquently put it back in 1962, and clearly wasn't inspired by Lee's excellent point. So why is he associating himself with Marvel anyway, if he doesn't have faith in anything Lee tried to promote?

Following the reaction to his slip of the tongue, all Slott's been able to do since then is take out his anger against the SM Crawl Space. If that's all he can do, and not offer a genuine apology, then I don't see a far-reaching future for him in a comics career.

Update: as you'll notice, Slott has gone on the defensive by replying to my post as well. But, I'm afraid he's pretty weak here: he seems to be trying to divert attention away from his own mistake by claiming that the poster on CBR later apologized. Just how does that absolve Slott of the insultingly nasty attitude he's put on display? I may have allowed him to post a reply for now on this site (it first turned up in the spam folder when he wrote it), but frankly, I think that's the last time this very pretentious apologist for Marvel is going to be speaking here. He really knows how to insult people's intellects.

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If you are only getting this story through that site, then you are getting a skewed perspective.

If you read CBR's coverage of the event that took place AT CBR, you would see a different story.

The original poster said something that HE admitted was insulting. In the past I have NEVER told ANYONE online to GFY. NEVER. This is the 1st time I have ever done this. And I have said NUMEROUS times that using that level of vulgarity is something that I do regret-- NOT the sentiment-- but HOW I said it.

As what is ALSO very apparent in my original response is that at the time of my posting it I was on 4 days with very little sleep, VERY sick, and had just come from a BAD day at the doctor's office. Is that an excuse? No. But it is does provide context. I'm human. And in moments of weakness, human beings make mistakes. This was a mistake. (You cite Stan as an example-- and even Stan has had bad days. Ever see the photo of Stan flipping off a camera man? People should be allowed to be people.)

What you also don't mention-- or aren't aware of-- is that the original poster, after admitting that he said something that was very insulting, apologized to me in public AND in private. In private I responded to him, accepted his apology, and-- like grown ups-- we dealt with it very cordially and amicably.

In less than an hour than it had started, the posts were down, and both myself and the original poster were on GOOD TERMS with each other.

If not for ONE web site picking up the story-- AFTER everything was over and done with-- and making the matter a front page story, this would not have been the overblown issue it's become.

Is there anything in what I've just typed out that isn't true? No. So can you please try to look at this from both MY view-- AND the view of the original poster-- AND not the view of people who are trying to make more out of it than what it is/was?


To the contrary: I'd say he's ensuring his future by toadying up to Joey Q and the rest. Or at least as long as they last.

Let's face it: A majority of the readers who haven't already abandoned Marvel won't care about Slott's antics or attitude. (Hey, if you'll put up with the OMD/BND/OMIT debacle, you'll probably buy anything.) And there's a vocal minority of socially maladjusted fanboys who will probably praise Slott for this nonsense. And he probably gets a boost to his ego to boot.

In short, by doing something his boss and customers will approve of (or at least overlook) while attacking people who won't contribute to his paycheck, he's making a logical career move.

As I write this Dan, let me note that your reply, oddly enough, first turned up in the blog's spam folder. Feel fortunate that I'm willing to enable it to publish here. However, I'm going to note 2 things: most writers of yore have had their days at the doctors' office, and they didn't typically reply with such alarmingly nasty dialect. And if Spider-Man Crawl Space's webmasters think it should be given attention, you'd be advised to respect that.

And if you just contrived that claim that someone on Douglas' site said something offensive about you, which he and his staff didn't find so far, without even providing them with a clear link to the comment you found objectionable...well, that's hardly a good way to defend yourself.

Have a nice day!

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