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Thursday, January 13, 2011 

Glenn Beck: liberal theater critics have bias against Spidey musical

The Hollywood Reporter tells of an interesting argument made by none other than one of FOX News' prominent hosts: that liberals have a problem with the message of the Spider-Man musical, Turn Off The Dark:
Liberal reviewers have been overly critical of early performances of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark because of partisan bias, says the show’s No. 1 fan: Glenn Beck.

On his radio show Wednesday, Beck used nearly 30 minutes of airtime to shower the much-maligned show with praise not only for its entertainment value but for its political messages as well.

Beck’s enthusiastic endorsement suggests that the $50 million production that has been plagued by accidents, injuries, budget overruns, cast departures and a poor reception from theater intelligentsia might, in the end, be a hit with conservatives — even if liberals aren’t thrilled with it.

“I can tell you why it’s getting bad reviews,” Beck said. It’s because “even Spider-Man has the answer.”

Beck said that, given the leftward political tilt of New York in general and Broadway in particular, he expected a few “teabagging jokes” to work their way into the play, but instead he was floored by the right-leaning sentiments.

Similar to conservative tea-partiers, the show disparages atheism, the idea of manmade global warming, overreaching government officials and a clueless and corrupt media, Beck said.

Beck describes one of the antagonists as “an atheist, god-like scientist whose in bed with a giant government that is using the global-warming scientist and all the global-warming hype for their own purposes.”

The press portrayed in the show, though, embraces the mad-man scientist and rejects the hero Spider-Man, a plot twist sure to resonate with a conservative audience prone to distrust the mainstream media.
Just like J. Jonah Jameson! And that's why I still wonder how and why some liberals could be fans of Spidey if they have a problem with JJJ's personality, or even that of Bethany Snow in the New Teen Titans (and Brother Blood was very much a god-like scientist too). Suddenly, now I see why some of the left-leaning comic book sites too, have been going out of their way to play up the theater play's misfortunes, and even giving it bad reviews, as Comic Book Resources has just done. Shame, shame, shame. They have really made fools of themselves this time.

For the same reasons, maybe this is why I haven't heard of any production problems with the movie rebooting. Because what if the next movie, by contrast, has too many left-leanings, and the lefty critics want to keep that secret?

I'm even guessing that the title of the play, Turn Off The Dark, was disliked by many liberals, who sadly embrace darkness today, including the blackening DC and Marvel have inflicted upon their mainstream books. And that makes them another obstacle we have to overcome to heal the damage done to the books.

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so sweet nice

Yep. Just like JJJ.

Bonus points for remember Bethany Snow and her connection with Brother Blood.

But it makes sense, Beck likes it, so you must hate it. Although, part of it might be, as Beck suggested, that comic book characters in themselves are beneath the elite or the sophisticated liberal critic.

Too bad Marvel didn't heed that message, in recent years. How good they got it with Spidey.

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