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Monday, March 07, 2011 

Leftist propaganda in Ultimate Capt. America

A poster on the Dixonverse forum describes what the Ultimate take on Captain America has become:
So, I picked up the first issue of the New Ultimate Captain, where the 40's Cap runs into the Vietnam-era Cap. The issue ends with 40's Cap taken hostage by 60's Cap who is about to show him the true face of what America has become since WW 2. The latest issue #3, which, I did not buy has 60's Cap reading the 40's Cap about the 'crimes' done by America during the Cold War, quote 'Illegal Bombings by the most evil man ever Richard Nixon" the overthrow of the democratically-elected elected govt of Chile replaced by Pinochet, playing a US Backed Contras audio tape of torture and screams and ending with 60's Cap 'waterboarding' the 40's Cap as it's 'not torture?' I'll tell you what is torture the continuous rewriting of real history by far-left zealot writing in comics and media and the whitewashing of the greatest crminals since WW 2 Nazis, the Communists. I think I'll be adding the writer of this stuff to my do not buy Alex Ross list. Keep it up and the only people who'll be buying your books is Mickey Moore at a Wisconsin rally.
I'm guessing the people behind this series don't think Jimmy Carter, by contrast, was one of the worst presidents ever? They sure do like to live with their heads in the sand. I think it's high time the Ultimate line was put to bed. It was a very mixed bag when it began in 2000, though the biggest problem in its early days was that it was not the younger readers level concept they initially marketed it as. They probably will end it in time anyway, just like DC has been discontinuing a few of their own subsidiary brands as they no longer pay to keep publishing.

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Yet another reason to Not Make Mine Marvel.
Sad and pathetic, it is.

Carter is considered one of our worst presidents, although I think Barry O's closing in on him. I'm starting to believe the left's en masse view of Vietnam and most other historical events are distortions brought on by the massive amounts of LSD other illegal drugs thet have taken. Funny how they never acknowledge their responsibility for basically causing the killing fields to occur.
I suppose it's probably too much to ask for the lefties to stop their unholy obsession with the past.

Is anyone surprised? The line was created by two leftists, Bendis and Millar. Their views were bound to affect the Ultimate line. However, I'm glad the aforementioned reader in the Dixonverse forum is catching on, and hopefully others will join in.

As for Carter being the worst President, evah, well, yeah. Unfortunately, we forgot the lesson and elected Obama. Then again, he certainly helped recharged the Republican party and general opposition to the Left. At least, it may be worth it for the clarity between the Right and Left.

Yes, isn't it amusing how the Left is for the FUTURA, yet repeats philosophies and mindsets from the 1930's? "Progressive," indeed.

It's tempting to think that they can't really be going where they seem to be with the tale, because it's so cliched that it doesn't even work as storytelling. One real oddity; in the midst of all this awful stuff America has done, they throw in a mention of Darfur. WTF? I suppose America is responsible for causing or not preventing everything bad that happens in the world?

There's also a bit of BS about Kent State; the modern Cap claims that they were all shot in the back. This is untrue although two of the students who were killed were not involved in the protest action and were simply walking to class.

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