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Friday, June 17, 2011 

X-Men look to be fighting each other

As expected, the cancellation of Uncanny X-Men was just in order to replace it with not one, but two new series. And from the sounds of things, there's going to be 2 different groups at odds with each other:
In what the publisher is calling "X-Men Regenesis," two separate teams calling themselves the X-Men will take root this fall with the respective series - "Wolverine & The X-Men" due in October and "Uncanny X-Men" starting in November. They will feature a divided roster of former friends and colleagues under decidedly different leadership and boasting competing goals.

Nick Lowe, who has edited the current series and Marvel's X-Men related titles, said the logic of dividing the teams will become readily apparent as the divide between longtime leader Cyclops, aka Scott Summers, and his comrade but less than friend, Wolverine, aka Logan, see what's left of their tenuous partnership shatter in the upcoming mini-series "X-Men: Schism." It is being written by Jason Aaron.

"The best thing about this split is that the two books hit two very different chords. One is hardcore super hero action and the other is something else entirely that I can't go too deep into without spoiling 'Schism,'" Lowe said. "The best way I can describe it is a return to a structure that made the X-Men what it was."
Why do I get the sad feeling it'll be more like pointless pacifism, which wasn't what the X-Men was built on when it first began in 1963?
Though details of the story have been kept under wraps, Marvel has made no secret of the impact it will have on the X-Men and their friends.

"The events in 'Schism' will cause a huge rift in the X-Men, the ripple effects of which will be felt in Marvel Universe," Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso said. "In the course of this story, Cyclops and Logan will realize that there is no way for them to continue on the course they've been going - or, indeed, to even co-exist."

Gillen said that "there's no hope for a united team as long as they hold the beliefs they do. There's also the chance the schism will make the individuals involved (never) look each other in the eye again."
What's the use of this new pseudo-direction they're taking if the X-Men are going to be more at war with themselves than real supervillains and other criminals? Division does not help one bit when there's more important problems out there like the real supervillains and other crooks to deal with. And it won't do any good for Marvel to say that Spider-Man and the Avengers can handle it, because even the X-Men have a duty to protect the innocent public's safety, whether they're accepted by the wider public or not.

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My guess: Cyclops' side is going to believe that the X-Men should only help mutants, while Wolvie is going to say they should help everyone.

They are really going to name the book Wolverine and The X-Men?

Man, this makes me want to start reading X-Men so I can quit all over again.

Considering how the animated version has been cancelled for a year or so now, that's a nice punch in the gut, isn't it? Heh.

They'll fight, and then come to see the error of their ways and come back together with a renewed sense of mission and blah blah blah.

It wouldn't shock me if Marvel and DC were trying to figure out a way to bring "Dark Claw" back.

Here's a story that should be right up your alley:


Image Comics is going to publish a 9-11 Truther comic. USA Today tries to put a big smiley face on it, with lots of BS:

"Editor and cover artist Thomas Yeates came up with the idea of creating a comic about 9/11, and he and Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson asked Veitch and Erskine to come on board after being fans of their Vertigo Comics series Army@Love, which was part military satire, part critique on love in wartime."

Turns out that's not the "Truth"; instead a 9-11 Truther effectively commissioned the comic as discussed here:

See particularly the comments by Nor Cal Truth:

"So, I own Truth Be Told. I set up the site. I pay the artists. I write the contracts. (The absolute last thing I thought I would be doing if you asked me 5 months ago, really.)"

Pat from Silver Age Comics

Thanks for the links, Pat. I'll try to think of what to write about it tomorrow.

I've read this article in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser.

I really am cynical about this and I'm not even an X-Men fan.

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