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Friday, July 29, 2011 

Spider-Man movies may have been respun, but no telling if it'll work this time

The Canadian Daily Gleaner wrote about the reboot of the Spider-movies. It may have been mentioned before, and certainly is here, that this looks like it'll be a lot more bleak:
The Amazing Spider-Man is slated for release in the summer of 2012 and promises a grittier, character-driven look at Spider-Man's years as a late teen.
If that's what they're going for, then I'm not sure it'll work, or if they should even be keeping on with it. Christopher Nolan's 3rd Batman movie will be the last - by him anyway - because he doesn't want to drag things out. Even if this is to be a reboot, aren't they still making the mistake Nolan must want to avoid?
The new Spider-Man will be full of changes. Even Spidey-love Mary Jane Watson is gone, and replaced by Emma Stone as Parker's first comic-book love Gwen Stacy. British actor Rhys Ifans will play Dr. Curt Connors, who is transformed accidentally into The Lizard, one of Spider-Man's archenemies.
I'm not sure Gwen was the first - before her, there were Liz Allen and certainly Betty Brant. The omission of Mary Jane Watson might actually turn some people off, if they suspect this was influenced by the publishing arm's own omission of the marriage.
Marvel Studios CEO Avi Arad said the previous team behind the series felt they had taken their story arc as far as it could go. Marvel made a conscious decision to start from a blank slate.

"There wasn't enough newness," Arad said. "There was no new story to tell. As we started to discussing this movie ... we knew we needed to find stories that were not told before and we needed to find a director who had his own style and, through his style, the movie would totally feel different because directors tend to bring their own vision on the screen.
But if there's no new story to tell, why are they coming up with this one featuring the Lizard? As for the vision, if it's darker, that's the problem here. He even contradicts himself by saying they're searching for what wasn't told before if there wasn't anything new to tell.
Webb said shooting the film in 3-D allowed them to bring fans into the experience of using Spider-Man's powers.
Uh oh, they filmed it in 3D? After the catastrophe of Green Lantern, that might prove a problem: people could be turned off by the FX, and the whole gimmick's been wearing off even faster than the appeal of CGI. Judging from the reactions on this Big Hollywood topic, it doesn't sound like anybody's enthused anymore.

I think this could end up being another case of dragging things out, even as a reboot.

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Barring the epic fail of the third movie, the movie Spider-Man's character didn't click as well, at least to me, because he wasn't allowed to be his normally humorous self. And now, naturally, they're doubling down on EMO-whore Spidey, which is morbidly amusing in itself.

It didn't work in 1994 when Marvel did it in the books, and I doubt it will succeed on the big screen.

While Gwen probably was his first major love, Betty needs more love, as she was first. Maybe Liz, though, Betty was the first to return his feelings.

As for lack of good storytelling ideas, oh, there are some, but it's a matter of which villain would work best. Hell, could always try JMS' Totem idea, right? (It would fail miserably, but why not give it a shot?)

A mere ten years since the first Spidey flick ... and time for a reboot? WAY too soon. And the trailer blows. Saw it before Capt. America and my friends and I were like, "That sucked!"

For the love of all that is Holy, stop making origin movies~! They're all the same.

I concur with Hube, as a revamp is too soon, given the original's 10th anniversary, next year.

I also had extra ideas, like, Movie 4 could have been the Lizard's, since Curt Connors had a nice cameo in Movie 2. Or do a two parter with Kraven's Last Hunt, especially as Harry Potter made the two-parter movie popular. There are still lots of good ideas, or anything pre-Clone Saga, really.

Although, it does speak of the recent trend in media to go back to the origin or revamp, revamp, revamp. I wish I knew how this came to be.

I agree with both Killer Moth and Hube. This movie is going to suck, especially since they're adhering closely to the Ultimate comics, which even with Peter Parker as the webcrawler are still pretty bad. And I love how they want to make "dark and gritty..." that's such a major cliche now. it might've worked for the Batman franchise but it isn't gonna work for every single superhero movie.


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