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Monday, October 31, 2011 

Jason Aaron belittles Bruce Banner

USA Today spoke to Marvel's writer Jason Aaron about the way he's rendering the Hulk, in which he hints that Bruce Banner will become more monster than man, rather than his alter ego. But another thing that annoys me here is how he describes Bruce's career as a scientist:
One of Banner's major hang-ups is that Hulk is the only significant thing he has ever accomplished in his life — and even that was by accident. "All he ever did was build a gamma bomb and then happen to get caught in the explosion," Aaron says. "He becomes obsessed with continuing his work and takes that to extreme lengths and becomes a Marvel Universe version of Dr. Moreau."
Say what? He didn't make it through college, or even write up any good resumes on the art of nuclear science, for instance? If Bruce Banner didn't make any achievements, it was only after he became the Hulk and subsequently a fugitive, so he wouldn't have much time to research anything. Especially if a transformation followed by Hulk-smash mayhem was constantly around the corner, mostly caused by the arrival of some supervillain who was out to give him a hard time. Why belittle Stan Lee's classic creation by making him sound like a bummer even on that level? I don't think that's a good way to do things.
Another annoyance for him: Practically everyone Banner has ever known is now a Hulk except for him. His cousin Jennifer has long been She-Hulk after a blood transfusion from Banner to save her life. But also, his longtime nemesis Thunderbolt Ross is Red Hulk (the star of writer Jeff Parker's current Hulk series), Banner's ex-wife Betty Ross is Red She-Hulk (who shows up briefly in Aaron's second issue) and former sidekick Rick Jones— whom Banner saved back in the day during the accident that turned him green in the first place — is now the gamma-powered A-Bomb.
I think that if there was ever a case of overflow to the point of idiocy, this would be it. Jennifer Walters was enough; the whole gamma-powered concept has really been taken too far this time, and it's getting pointless.

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Is Aaron confusing Banner with Peter Parker? Because, yeah, web-spinning kinda puts in a cramp in big career plans. And the OMD reboot made that particularly clear about how it really stunted Peter's career in a larger sense.

Better not tell this to Chris Yost, as he is a big Banner fan. Silly things.

God forbid the fans like the alter ego characters, too, right?

This is getting to be like the Venom Babies nonsense.

The more I think about this, the stupider it sounds. Has Aaron ever read the old Silver/Bronze Age Hulk books? Banner was constantly being praised as one of the greatest minds on Earth. Other heroes were always bringing him in to help with some problem or another.

Banner would've been pretty darn near superhero status without gamma rays. So were Bill Foster and Hank Pym a couple morons who lucked out one time? Come on!

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