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Wednesday, July 11, 2012 

Florida Family Association speaks out against Northstar gay marriage

The Florida Family Association's published their own protest against Marvel's publicity stunt marriage of Northstar in Astonishing X-Men #51. They might be an even more influential source than One Million Moms, since they've got a pretty good record of campaign successes tucked under their belts.

If there's any leftist comics site that's launched a stealth assault on the FFA now, it's Comic Book Resources, possibly because the FFA has cited CBR owner Jonah Weiland as one of the people whom to protest to, since he also owns Boiling Point Productions. They call the FFA a "fundamentalist group" and claim founder David Caton is the only paid employee. As it so happens, I know at least one other guy working for them, lawyer John Stemberger. In any case, I think they should be careful about stooping to belittling tactics. They even claim that:
Caton appears preoccupied with the perceived dangers of homosexuality, pornography and Islam, spearheading efforts against high school gay-straight alliances and television shows like Degrassi High, Modern Family and All-American Muslim.
Oh, does the fool who wrote that know that their campaign against the latter TV program was a definite success? I suppose he also thinks this and this and this and even the threat Islam poses to gays and lesbians are merely "perceived"? I may have said this once before and I'll say it again: the faux-outrage of sites like CBR is just selective and if a Muslim group were the one to condemn stunts like what Marvel's pulling, they wouldn't even whisper about it.

That told, I think the FFA would make a better campaign of this if they asked people to lobby advertisers for Marvel and DC to withdraw advertisements if this is how they're going to conduct their writing. They needn't worry too much though: as told through this CBR forum thread, Marvel's had almost no external advertising in their recent books for about a year, if at all. It can suggest that thanks to their now very un-family friendly tactics, they've lost a lot of advertisers who disapprove of how they're running the asylum.

It's also very telling when Axel Alonso and company think a decent marriage between Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson is wrong yet a gay marriage is perfectly fine.

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Oh, this debate tactic again? Just call your opponent crazy, a religious fanatic or a racist and you automatically win in the eyes of the mindless internet lemmings.

And 'perceived' dangers of pornography? Are they that clueless?

It's probably a losing battle though. The media and internet propaganda is too pervasive and our standards of education and rational thinking are too low.

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