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Monday, April 08, 2013 

Dan Slott flubs again, and so does Graeme McMillan

Doug Ernst wrote about issues 5-6 of "Superior" Spider-Man a few days ago, discussing how bad it is. And how did Dan Slott react? Very, very foolishly:
You are an IDIOT.

I’m not saying that BECAUSE you are a Conservative Blogger.

Everyone is entitled to their own political beliefs.

I’m saying that BECAUSE you, specifically– independent of the fact you’re a Conservative Blogger– ARE an idiot.

When someone’s beliefs/ideologies/presuppositions BLIND them to their own hypocrisies– WHEREVER those beliefs/ideologies/presuppositions lie– CONSERVATIVE, LIBERAL, or WHAT-HAVE-YOU– THOSE PEOPLE (like yourself) ARE COMPLETE AND UTTER IDIOTS.


You are NOT a rational, thinking human being. You’re an idiot who’s had their brain removed and filled with the pap/preconceived-notions/rhetoric/propaganda/talking-points of others.

There is no talking, conversing, or reasoning with you. Enjoy your idiocy by yourself and those stupid enough to endure it, you brain dead ideologue.
Slott really needs to look at himself in the mirror. Most smarter writers would avoid reading reviews at all if it's oh-so painful to them. But Slott, alas, appears incapable of following that advice.

He's not the only problem, however: Newsarama's Graeme McMillan, already questionable enough with his own approach to comics reporting, said in response to all this:
...by responding to him in such an overblown manner, Slott has given Ernst just what he wanted [...]
Excuse me?!? Just why would anyone literally want a comics writer/artist/editor to react so nastily? If I were a professional comics writer, I'd be a stupid fool if I resorted to that kind of mishmash, and I sure ain't happy when comics contributors, both freelance and interns, resort to such hostility. What McMillan's claiming smacks of a liberal argument that fans are opportunists hoping to lead the allegedly poor guy into a trap. Not so, and it's the writer who needs to maintain etiquette. And all this while, I have yet to hear of him admitting that the promo for issue 9 is trolling. It says:
The hottest comic in comics comes to a turning point that will get you angrier than you were after Spidey #700!
Why should Spider-fans want or have to be angry? Marvel's staff are the real trolls here.

And now, to make matters worse, McMillan must've banned Doug from commenting any further, for no good reason. Since when has McMillan and/or Newsarama become Slott's loyal lapdogs? No wonder comics news coverage from a lot of specialty sites is so terrible - they're simply not willing to be objective and recognize when the writer does something wrong when he's arguing with the audience.

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The drones are so in line that you're now being asked to apologize in the comments section, Avi.

Yes, even though I said "seemingly" banned (which allowed for them to correct the record if it was a "glitch"), I'm peddling a conspiracy.

Although I find it interesting that I could not post the same comment using multiple web browsers, and when I switched over I got an error screen that said "you already posted that." And it's funny how said "glitch" just so happened to occur while I was defending myself.

If it was an error they could have always gone in the system and retrieved the messages and posted them. Anyone who has a website knows how the back end works.

If it were a glitch, they'd have corrected it by now. They obviously banned you. That's why Newsarama is so pathetic, and so are the drones who populate the comments there.

Slott really needs to grow up. I've never seen such an immature man-child before in my life. Trolling blogs and websites to see what they've written about you and then launching into personal attacks like that is just pathetic.

And I wish the drones like those in the Newsarama comments would grow up, too. Seriously, these people give reasonable fans a bad name.

Sorry for the triple post, but If Slott had a real job, he'd be fired in an instant. Why? No real-world employer would tolerate his antics. This is the type of person that Marvel wants to represent them?

There's a part of me that will miss embarrassing Tenebrous. Alas, now he can make ridiculous claims (e.g., I'm now a moral relativist) with impunity.

Sadly, it escapes him that while I made an offhand remark about sales that almost everyone (including McMillen) knew was just a little jab, the sentence also allowed for hyper-sensitive writers and drones to go where they wanted with it because that's what they do. Not because I planned it, but because language is imperfect and petty people will use any opening to warp context to suit their own agenda.

Why would I want to harp on sales? That's what Dan Slott wants! You can argue statistics forever. That's what he did with "The Main Event" over an offhand comment as well, because it takes away from the bigger picture: Slott is turning people away from the book with his weird behavior.

I remember when Newsarama used to have comments enabled on the official articles on the main site, powered by Infopop software. But then they dropped them, so quietly I almost didn't notice. To be sure, it's probably both because of the trolls cluttering their site and because they didn't want fans of the major companies with more respect for the properties than the people now in charge to protest the kind of damage Slott's doing to Spider-Man now.

Yeah, I think they switched their main comments over to their Facebook page. I know, because I've had conversations with drones over there in the past. I don't comment there anymore, but I wasn't banned. I just choose not to.

And Slott's behavior is pathetic. Does he have a Google Alert for his own name?

And the only reason I even follow Newsarama and CBR on Facebook is so I can read the stories and get ideas for various posts.

Impressive, Doug. Well, not the "Slott calling you an idiot part," but everything else was. XD

Maybe Slott and Newsarama are trying to turn into John Podhoretz, as the New York Post also got rid of its comment section recently. Hmm....

And then, sometimes, you got to:


Anyway, other than FCMM, I don't bother with any other comic blogs, as they're either Social Justice Sallies, take everything way too seriously or they whine about everything, as they atomize. I know some on the Left have been criticizing Avi for being too negative, lately. And yet, he isn't that, as I've following this blog for... how many years now? The rot is simply everywhere, and unfortunately, Avi, Carl, Hube and Doug and others have a lot to say on it, in different ways. Though, each of you also focus on the good, when there is some. And in turn, I try my best to read it all, as it keeps me going as a one-time comics fan.

(I still read them, except I have no expectations on Marvel or DC. I'm amazed how Newsarama and all the "mainstream fans" apparently still have them. Unfortunately, they buy into the hype, and Slott may be no better.)

Keep it up, guys, as you're all needed sanity as comics (and the sites that promote them) continue to become more insane. I hope the madness stops soon, as it's really tiring on the sane fans.

Thanks, Killer Moth. It was an interesting couple of days with these posts. I suppose Dan will say I'm again blogging for attention when I review SSM#9.

Funny thing is, he refers to me as a "liar" on Twitter. What kind of liar would invite him to discuss the "lies"? Most liars don't want a discussion because it would be rather easy to expose them.

There are apparently a few people on the Newsarama site who think I'm a liar off the bat because I identify as a conservative, but yet ... I've been shut down. So they want the right to impugn me, but they don't want to give me the opportunity to show that I am being as honest and forthright as possible.

I even complimented McMillen twice, so perhaps this is the first time for Newsarama they banned a guy who a.) gave the writer compliments and b.) treated everyone else in the thread with dignity that, quite frankly, some of them didn't deserve.

It's going to be weird reviewing 'Iron Man 3.' I having a feeling it's going to be an awesome movie, even though they went the route of making the bad guy a Western intelligence agent gone bad.

Thanks for the compliments, Killer Moth. I appreciate it. You bring up some really good points, with the hive mind-like mentality that sites like Newsarama and today's comics fanboys have. It bugs me. They worship creators as though they were gods, and any time you criticize them, there's hell to pay. I don't get it.

And yeah, it will be odd seeing Iron Man 3 next month. I plan on seeing it, in spite of the reservations I have about it, what with the Mandarin being an American intelligence agent gone bad.

I know how Slott works he started the same crap with me when I posted statistics showing that Superior is having a significant decline in sales (compared it with the decline of others showing that the decline was more severe). When I defended my post he went off, it went bad I got banned and some of my posts that proved my point were removed. Another person that I work with supported me and now he claims that is a "PUPPET" account. It seems that if Slott uses all caps he thinks that it makes it true. I then tried to keep it civil and offered to debate in a fair forum since the marvel forum deletes my posts that provided facts (from a very good source). Slott then continued to attack and has yet to accept the debate. I have also offered anyone to PM me so that I can show them some of the posts that were deleted (I have a video of most of the discussion). I am also willing to try to provide any proof that I can proving the other person was not me.
I know this is a shameless plug be we need to have our voices heard. Please feel free to go in the Spiderman thread/debate and tell Slott the truth!
You can also call 212-567-4000 to talk to a Marvel representative about the forums unfair moderation.
The more the better!


This is cool!

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